SIGNALIS Endings Guide

Welcome to our SIGNALIS Endings Guide. What worked for me to unlock the different endings we […]

Welcome to our SIGNALIS Endings Guide. What worked for me to unlock the different endings we discovered! We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the SIGNALIS game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our SIGNALIS guide.

SIGNALIS Endings Guide

What worked for me to unlock the different endings we discovered!

Mild Spoilers Maybe

I’ll try not to actually give away any plot points but be warned. Obviously if you’re reading a guide on how to get different endings you should be prepared for this but just in case.

The endings appear to be based on your “Psyche Evaluation”, which is a point plotted on an X/Y axis you can see if you go up from your main menu. It will be displayed on the right.

On the X-axis you have “Overclustered” and “Fragmented” as two opposites. Overclustered seems to be gained in the largest amount by having a full inventory and trying to pick up more stuff. Generally carrying around a lot of stuff at once all the time seems to keep it at a decent level. “Fragmented” is the opposite and seems to come from being undersupplied; having few items in your inventory, walking around hurt, and dry firing an empty gun.

On the Y-axis you have “Hypersensitive” and “Catatonic” as opposing forces. Hypersensitive seems to come from dodging enemies and sneaking by them without alerting them. Catatonic seems to come from alerting them as well as running into their attacks and eating hits.

Note, these aren’t 100% certainties but things I seemed to notice nudging the points on the graph around as I played and did different (sometimes accidentally stupid) things. I’m the least certain about what exactly it takes to get “Fragmented” up.


This is probably the worst ending. It’s appropriately cowardly, for players who avoid combat as much as possible…but not in a skillful way. Alert monsters, take hits, run away. I received this while having a consistently high “Catatonic” score, and generally just trying to horde as much ammo and resources as possible. I do believe taking some hits is necessary. Play “panicked” and “afraid”. Possibly a combination of Catatonic/Fragmented?

“Memory” SIGNALIS Endings

This ending is…well it’s not the worst! It’s still not very “good” either.

This is the ending most players who are experienced with survival horror games and good at balancing combat and avoidance seem to get. Play “smartly” by avoiding monsters, but also burning up corpses. Always be running. My “Overclustered” and “Hypersensitive” were consistently high when I got this ending. I’ve seen other players get this ending while leaning Hypersensitive/Fragmented though, so maybe it’s the Hypersensitive that’s the most important part?


There’s a trend with these endings not being very good. I guess it’s up for debate which is the “best”, but this ending seems to be the one most players have the hardest time getting.

I haven’t personally received this one yet but based on the content and the other endings I have gotten, this appears to be the ending for players who aggressively seek out combat and kill as much as they can. I would assume a high “Fragmented” score plays into this. Don’t horde that ammo; use it.

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