Sky Fortress Odyssey Tier List – Best Adventurers

Get ahead in Sky Fortress Odyssey with our tier list. Pick the strongest character for you andd save time!

Stay one step ahead of your rivals with our Sky Fortress Odyssey tier list. Even though the game is quite new, some adventurers are much stronger than others. Choose the most powerful character that suits you from this tier list and don’t waste your time!

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Sky Fortress: Odyssey Tier List

Sky Fortress Tier List has been meticulously crafted, taking into account a wide ranhe of factors to help players optimize their in game strategy.

S Tier: Elite Champions

  • Corvus
    • Role: Adventurer, Offensive Hero
    • Weapon: Intervenor
    • Notable Quote: “The creation of greatness is not without its necessary sacrifices.”
    • Ambition: “I shall tear open the sealed skies with my own hands.”
    • Background: President of the D.A Foundation, Corvus is a mysterious figure whose influence permeates the game’s crises.
  • Brynhild
    • Role: Soldier, Defensive Hero
    • Weapon: Aurora
    • Passions: Culinary arts and fitness
    • Philosophy: “War, I once believed, was a necessary medium for dialogue.”
    • Profile: Director of Defense at the Military Research Institute and a symbol of bravery in the Holy Federation.
  • Sekhmet
    • Curiosity: “What mysteries lie beyond the pyramid? Perhaps creatures of endearing charm?”
    • Overview: Guardian of the Pyramid and Saintess of the Safarr Tribe, Sekhmet is a timeless figure, bound to the pyramid’s ancient rituals.

A Tier: Strong Adventurers

  • Qian Sui
    • Role: Soldier, Offensive Hero
    • Weapon: Archaic Chalice
    • Interests: Wine, poetry, and moonlit reflection
    • Bold Claim: “I am Qian Sui, a legend that spans a millennium.”
    • Identity: A formidable presence from Emeraldia, challenging even for Tricia.
  • Nimo
    • Role: Soldier, Defensive Hero
    • Weapon: Helix
    • Hobbies: Deep-sea fishing, stargazing
    • Belief: “In the calm eye of a storm, one finds more tranquility than under a cloudless sky.”
    • Battle Cry: “Succumb to the might of the ocean!”
    • Background: Captain of the Nautilus, dedicated to ocean protection.

B Tier: Reliable Choices

  • Ethan
    • Skills: Voice mimicry expert
    • Interests: Sketching and drawing
    • Quirk: Often caught in ‘Murphy’s Law’ situations
    • Journey: Quest to understand his lineage, sparked by clues to Elysium found among his grandfather’s belongings.
  • Wiyanna
    • Role: Adventurer, Defensive Hero
    • Weapon: Kuizalku
    • Hobbies: Literature and nature walks
    • Concern: “I no longer sense the Feathered Serpent’s presence. Has our land been forsaken, or have the gods always been indifferent?”
    • Position: High Priestess of the Mokiksar Tribe, bearing the weight of spiritual leadership.

C Tier: Last Hope

  • Newton
    • Accolade: Youngest President of the Scholar Association
    • Achievements: Creator of history-altering inventions
    • Intellect: Recognized for her prodigious mind and innovative thinking.

This tier list aims to guide players in assembling a formidable team, with each character bringing unique strengths to the table. Whether you’re strategizing for battles or planning long-term gameplay, these insights will prove invaluable in yuor Sky Fortress Odyssey journey.

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