Slay the Princess How to Kiss the Princess

In “Slay the Princess,” there’s a princess you need to kill instead of believing her lies. So, are you going to kiss the princess and romance her, or will you be the one lying to her? How will you kiss the princess? You can find the answers to all these questions in our Slay the Princess How to Kiss the Princess guide!

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Slay the Princess How to Kiss the Princess

Are you a massive simp who wants to romance a potential world-ending entity? Or do you just want to troll the Narrator in the most hilarious way possible? Either way, here in this Slay the Princess How to Kiss the Princess guide how you get access to the best scene in the entire game.

How to do it

There’s only one route that lets you kiss the princess, and its kinda counter-intuitive, but if you follow this instruction you should get it.

CHAPTER 1: The Hero and the Princess

  • Enter the basement without picking up the knife.
  • Try to free the princess.
  • When the knife spawns in the basement, kill the Princess.

CHAPTER 2: The Witch

  • Pick up the knife and enter the basement.
  • Give the knife to the Princess.
  • Chose either the “You’re beautiful” or the “We’re both scared and both hurting” dialogue options. These will give you the Voice of the Smitten in the next chapter. The other dialogue options will give you Voice of the Cheated instead, which won’t allow you to kiss her.

CHAPTER 3: The Thorn

  • Enter the basement.
  • Convince the Princess to let you free her.
  • Free the princess.

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