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Solune Puzzle Solutions, Weapons & Achievements

Immerse in Solune, a magical world filled with puzzles and achievements. Learn how to solve puzzles, find weapons, and progress with our guide!

Enter Solune, a world of fantasy and magic! In addition to saving the world, challenge yourself with 50 puzzles! There are achievements to help you progress in this adventurous world, weapons to protect yourself with, and puzzles to solve! Check our Solune Puzzle Solutions, Weapons & Achievements guide for detailed information!

This is the guide Firefly130984 it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Solune Puzzle Solutions, Weapons & Achievements

Right at the beginning your can rename of the first character Rheyn. For the Solune Puzzle Solutions, Weapons & Achievements guide we will keep the default names. You can skip the opening scene (intro).

Rheyn’s House

Items: 500 G, Healing Herb

You can rest for free in your bed.
The book on the table has the most common game controls for Keyboard, Mouse and Controller.
Note that the TAB-Key on the keyboard is the only means to fast forward texts.

Check out the remaining inventory before you open the door.

Main Quest: Smollel Flowers for Marsha


Items (village): Healing Potion, Revival Herb,
Items (Lister Inn): Antidote
Items (Vaster’s House): 200 G
Items (Marsha’s House): Healing Potion
Items (Villager’s House): Small Bomb
Items (Training Hall): Ointment
Items (Lister Shop): Antidote

Vaster joins the party.
Your destination is the Southern Forest, but best explore the village first.

In the Lister Inn you can buy temporary stat boosts or rest for 10 G (remember that you can rest for free at home or Vaster’s House).
Play the piano to find an Attack Up!

In the Training Hall you can learn about weapons, guarding (halve damage, no death when guarding, 30 TP), the effects of the stats and status effects.

In the Lister Puzzle House, read the left book (“If your name”) and talk to the Puzzle Master.
Return to him after you have solved 4 Puzzles.

In the Lister Shop, buy each weapon type (each type has other skills).

Lister Forest

Mobs: Bat (Healing Herb), Hornet

TP will reset after each battle and start with 0.
To the SE is a pond where you can recover your health.
The path to the south is blocked, so head east when you feel strong enough an pick the Smollel Flowers.
To the NE is the Puzzle #1.


Return to the village to finish the first main quest.
Reward: Smollel Power and Healing Herb x10

Main Quest: Deliver Smollel Powder to Tenton


Upgrade your equipment and leave to the north.

World Map

Mobs: Bat, Hornet, Spider (Antidote)

You cannot travel to Remburton yet, but you can visit the Capital of Kandaria or the Clayn Mountains.

Royal Capital of Kandaria

You cannot enter yet.

Clayn Mountains (East) – OPTIONAL

Items (Cave 1): Rusty Shield, Rusty Sword, Rusty Helmet, Rusty Armor
Items (Cave 3): Rage Potion, Healing Dust
Items (Mountain Peak): Rusty Dagger, Healing Powder, Burn Guard (vine)
Mobs: Rat (Healing Herb), Spider

You cannot opend the not solid wall near the entrance yet.
In Cave 1 you can only get the first two treasures.
Cave 2 contains the Riddle #4.

Reach the Mountain Peak.
In Cave 4 you can see the vine to reach the remaining treasures of Cave 1 as well as the short cut back down.
In Cave 5 is another strange wall.
Head down and step onto the red button.

Boss Thug (optional, but necessary for a side quest and achievement): best have one character wear a staff and be level 10 to learn the first AoE Healing Spell. The boss has a high crit chance (see all Dagger Skills). Debuffs don’t stack. Drops 500 EXP and 2000 G.


Items (outside): Ointment, 300G
Items (houses): Revival Potion, Healing Potion, Healing Dust, Small Explosive

In the inn you can still buy stat boosts and rest for 10G.
Play the Piano and find a Defense Up!

The Puzzle House is not available yet, but you can find another clue (“you will enter Puzzle Mode”).

You cannot open Draeg’s chest yet.

Enter the Tenton Shop to deliver the Smollel Powder.
The weapon shop has only the stone equipment.

Now you have a bit free time but you cannot enter the Clayn Mountain anymore.
So return home.

Main Quest: More Smollel Flowers


Your next destination is the Lister Forest again.
But you can still do the optional stuff at Clayn Mountains.

Lister Forest

Pick the Smollel Flowers (same place).

Boss Shadow Wolf: Attack until it flees.

Follow it to the south.

Mobs: Rat, Spider

The 2nd map is a little maze behind the stone tablet.
White flowers will lead to treasures, blue flowers to healing ponds and pink flowers will lead you to your destination.

At the first intersection you can only go south (the eastern white flowers is blocked by a log).
At the 2nd intersection find a Healing Potion to the east, Poison Guard and Revival Herb to the west.
You will reach the 3rd intersection going further south or following the west path to the end.
Going east (blue flowers) will lead to a healing pond.
At the 4th intersection head west for Puzzle #2.

Boss Shadow Wolf (2nd battle): this time it will buff itself, so a healer is recommended. Drops 700 EXP.

You enter the dark lab.
Collect Notes x 3 to obtain the Age of Darkness (Key Item).
Investigate the blinking tile to obtain the Mysterious Scale.

Once the light is on, you can enter the other room and solve Puzzle #3.
Leave the lab and the stone tablets will restore your health and teleport you back.


You finish your quest…

Main Quest: Attack on Tenton


This is the earliest you can talk to the Puzzle Master in Lister’s Puzzle House.
Try to leave Lister to the World Map.

Royal Capital of Kandaria

There is still a (shorter) line…


  • Items:
  • Mobs: Fire Spirit (Ointment)

In case you missed some treasures earlier, you will find them in front of those houses (no, not the treasure from Draeg).

The boss is near the former pond.

  • Boss Monster (Draeg?): Protection against Burns and a Healer is recommended. Guard when he collects Mana (or you die).
  • Rheyn learn magic spells and casts Absorb automatically (or you will die for real).
  • Once the boss falls asleep you have nearly survived and both will revert back.
  • Drops 900 EXP.

Follow Draeg to his “house” and then leave Tenton.
Rheyn will learn Welcoming Presence and Fearsome Presence

Main Quest: Report to the King

Lister (optional)

The villagers and survivors have new dialogues and Draeg is not here.

Royal Capital of Kandaria

Items (Merchant District): Energy Potion,

The service in the inn is the same as Lister, so play the piano to find a M. Attack Up!

In the Puzzle House find another clue (“is Puzzle”) and note you need to solve 9 puzzles to proceed.

Buy Rusty equipment and accessories.
Enter the train to proceed.

  • Items (Castle Courtyard): Revival Herb, Bronze Shield
  • Items (Castle 1F): Big Rage Potion (kitchen), Eye Drops (dining room)
  • Items (Castle 2F): Bronze Spear (barracks), Bronze Armor (barrracks),

Note the log in the courtyard as well as the treasure in the pond.
Enter the castle.

In the dungeon next to the kitchen you can find the brother of the Thug from Clayn Mountains (but cannot fight him yet).

Reach the throne room.
Once you are prepared, meet the councellor in the library and enter the catacombs.

  • Items (Castle Catacombs 1): Blind Guard, Bronze Claws, Bow (Bronze Arrows), Bronze Helmet
  • Mobs: Lost Spirit, Slime (Eye Drops), Gazer

Slime and Gazer can multiply and blind and are a nice grinding partner.
Note another weird wall.
To the south is Puzzle #6.

Heal (and activate) at the teleporter before you investigate the statue.

Boss Gargoyle: Transform and cast Darkness to shatter. Dispel Shock (or have the correspondending accessory) or guard. You can even gamble with Absorb. Drops 1700 EXP.

Heal at the teleporter before you proceed into the Ancient Laboratorium.

Collect 3x Notes to obtain the Age of Dragons (Key Item) and read the remaining note.
In the room solve Puzzle #7.

Character: Rheyn

As you can rename him from the beginning, Rheyn is the default name.
Note that you will learn multiple skills when levelling up, but you will only see those for which you wear the correspondending weapon.

Scale Skills

Fight against Monster (Draeg?) in TentonShadowAbsorb, Darkness, Revert
Leave Tenton after talking to DraegShadowWelcoming Presence, Fearsome Presence
Level 12ShadowDispel

Character: Vaster

Vaster is the best friend of Rheyn and joins you for the first Main Quest.

Weapon Skills

You will only see the skill in combination with the weapon type.

Weapon Skills

LevelSpear SkillAxe SkillSword SkillFist SkillDagger SkillBow SkillRod SkillStaff Skill
1Double ThrustCrushing SwingDisarming SliceBludgeonCritical StabAimed ShotDraining StrikeDisorienting Blow
5RampageWhirlwindWide ArcEarth ShatterWhirling BladesRain of ArrowsVoodooPrayer
10Piercing ThrustHeavy SwingWeighted SliceWitch HuntLucky StabSwift ShotImbued StrikeInfused Blow


You will only get rewards during the main story mode.

Puzzle #1

Location: Lister Forest, NE of the healing pond.
Reward: Ring of Strength

Solune - Full Guide

Puzzle #2

Location: Lister Forest, southern path, 4th intersection to the west
Reward: Ring of Defense
First move the light boulder like shown on the screenshot.

Solune - Full Guide

Puzzle #3

Location: Lister Forest, Ancient Laboratorium (light on)
Reward: 1000G
Solution see screenshot.

Solune - Full Guide

Puzzle #4

Location: Clayn Mountains (East), Cave 2
Reward: Ring of Speed
First move the heavy boulders as shown on the screenshot.
Then push the light boulders into the remaining holes.

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Puzzle #5

Location: Lister Puzzle House
Condition: Solve 4 puzzles
Solution: Red, Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Red, Blue
Reward: Membership Card (Beginner), Berserker Brace (from the Puzzle Master)
Solune - Full Guide

Next Rank is in Kandaria.

Puzzle #6

Location: Royal Capital of Kandaria, Castle Catacombs
Reward: Ring of Health
Solution: Follow the path on the screenshot and don’t forget to pull the lever!

Solune - Full Guide

There is no other treasure in the pit.

Secret Puzzle Mode


  1. Lister Puzzle House: “If your name”
  2. Kandarian Puzzle House: “is Puzzle”
  3. Tenton Puzzle House (only until you have found the Ancient Laboratory in Lister Forest): “you will enter Puzzle Mode”


Start a new game and enter Puzzle as Rheyn’s name.
You can solve all puzzles but won’t get any treasures as rewards.
Therefore you will enter a teleporter to the next puzzle.

There seems to be something else missing, so don’t try it yet.

Written by Firefly130984

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