The Elephant Collection Complete Level 1

Welcome to this fun world where you will fight, strengthen your elephant and help your elephant friends in fun side missions. So how do you complete level 1 in this world? In this The Elephant Collection Complete Level 1 guide, we explained how to complete it in detail.

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The Elephant Collection Complete Level 1

How to complete each stage in this One Level 1? This The Elephant Collection Complete Level 1 guide will show you the details!

  • Move the elephant with the Arrow Keys, and jump with the Up Key.
  • Step on the button in the middle of the screen to open the gate, and then enter the pipe.
  • Spikes will kill you. The Panic button will kill your elephant, but reset the level.

Stages 1-10

Stage 1 – Arrow Keys Required

Jump on the button to open the gate and the enter pipe.

Stage 2 – Not always straight forward

The horizontal arrow keys are swapped. Press left to go right, and press right to go left. Solve like normal.

Stage 3 – Think before doing

Don’t press the button, the door is already open.

Stage 4 – Alternate control scheme

Click and drag the elephant.

Stage 5 – Freefloating

The stage has low gravity. Solve like normal.

Stage 6 – A bit bouncy here

The elephant repeatedly bounces. Solve like normal.

Stage 7 – Dull appearances

You can’t jump, but the spikes are bouncy. Solve like normal.

Stage 8 – Candy stripes of doom

Only touch one color of the stripes. Solve like normal.

Stage 9 – Arrow Control

Move your mouse to control the elephant. Click to jump. Solve like normal.

Stage 10 – Heavy headwind, here

Hold down right to not get swept up by the wind. Solve like normal.

Stages 11-20

Stage 11 – No returns, no refunds

The left arrow key is deactivated. You can only move forward and jump. Solve like normal.

Stage 12 – Stay low

You can’t jump. Hold down the Right Arrow and walk into the pipe.

Stage 13 – Left Right March

Tap left and right in rapid succession and the elephant will solve the stage itself.

Stage 14 – One Leap of Faith

You can only jump once. Solve like normal.

Stage 15 – Feeling HOMEsick

Return to the Elephant House and then enter the stage again from the hub world.

Stage 16 – Keep hitting it

Press the button 5 times to open the gate.

Stage 17 – Worried about nothing

No gimmick. Solve like normal.

Stage 18 – Collapse

The stage blocks fall out from under you. The button does nothing, stand on the blocks above the pipe (without touching the spikes) and fall in.

Stage 19 – Stuttering

The elephant moves slowly. Solve like normal.

Stage 20 – Do you remember?

The map is identical to how it usually is. Solve like normal, just remember where to jump.

Stages 21-30

Stage 21 – Inbetween gravitii

Every other column of the stage reverses you gravity. Solve like normal.

Stage 22 – Mime’s folly

There’s an invisible wall in front of the button. Jump onto the higher platform to go past it. Solve like normal.

Stage 23 – Center keyboarder

Move left and right with F and H. Jump with T. Solve like normal.

Stage 24 – UPPERCASE

Hold down the Caps Lock key to open the gate.

Stage 25 – When it feels like it

Wait for the gate to open by itself.

Stage 26 – Or is it

The gate is fake. Walk right through.

Stage 27 – Credit page

Press the Menu button in the bottom left corner. Click on the Credits page on the Main Menu. Press the button at the bottom. Return to the game.

Stage 28 – Elephants don’t have paws

Press the Pause button at the bottom of the screen to open the gate.

Stage 29 – Closing shop

The gate will close after you open it. Solve like normal, but move quickly.

Stage 30 – No sweat.

The stage will get darker as you move to the right. Solve like normal.

Congrats, you beat this part of the game. You now have the Steam Achievements The Pipe, The Button, and The Cursor.

Written by Gogopri

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