Space Haven – Oxygen


I’m including this section because I have died to asphyxiation. And it changed into a process to get it solved.

First make certain you’ve got water stored somewhere you could get admission to it.

Then ensure there may be oxygen in the generator. This sounds overly simple, but it is able to keep you.

If you now not have water, get ice as soon as possible.

Here you may see I haven’t any ship oxygen.

But I simply traveled to this new area for the ice asteroid.

I sent out my miners to get the ice and convey it back. Here is the ice in storage.

I make certain the water cleaner is about to continuous. And a person brings ice.

And sooner or later water is made and introduced to the oxygen generator, which begins to output oxygen.

We will live any other day!

Use air vents for extra efficient air flow. This is useful if you have a lot of humans in a single small room the use of the oxygen quicker than which it can come in.

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