Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom – All Socks Locations

The 3 sections of this hub level have been given unique names in this guide primarily based on the show: the first region is Lower Conch Street, available from the start. The 2d Upper Conch Street, which requires 15 Golden Spatulas to unlock. The 1/3 and final region is Bottom Feeder Lane, unlocked with forty Golden Spatulas.

Bikini Bottom Lost Sock 1

Location: SpongeBob’s Pineapple

The very first Lost Sock of the sport is found inside the attic of SpongeBob’s Pineapple. You can get to it via going through the door in the front of Gary into SpongeBob’s Bedroom, then across and through every other door to the attic.

On the right-hand aspect of the room is a Ceiling Button beneath a tall structure. Bubble-Bash into it to drop a massive seaside ball into the room. Direct it into the divot to the left of the entry door so it remains in place.

One it is in position, bounce on top of the seaside ball and hit the Button up right here to drop in a Springboard life ring, and increase some timber systems up on the walls. You’ll have 26 seconds to Bounce off the Springboard and soar across the wood structures and clutch your first Sock!

Bikini Bottom Lost Sock 2

Location: Lower Conch Street

This Lost Sock is straightforward to get also also very clean to miss! Once outside of SpongeBob’s Pineapple, head proper down the street and speak to Patrick out of doors of his house. He’ll provide an explanation for what Lost Socks are for and provide you with a Lost Sock. Pick it up as soon as the communication ends.

Bikini Bottom Lost Sock 3

Location: Lower Conch Street

The 0.33 Lost Sock can be accumulated in Squidward’s Tiki in Lower Conch Street. All you have to do is ransack the location: damage all of his furniture, artwork and Tikis, and the Sock will appear on the window next to Squidward.

You also can hit his large self-portrait to offer it a moustache!

Bikini Bottom Lost Sock 4

Location: The fourth Lost Sock is positioned in Patrick’s Rock. Enter it, then destroy his sand sofa to have the Sock seem above it for easy pickings.

Bikini Bottom Lost Sock 5

Location: Upper Conch Street

This Lost Sock is deceptively hidden in Upper Conch Street. Outside the Shady Shoals Rest Home will be a fountain with a golden statue. Whack the fountain, and the Sock will seem above it!

Bikini Bottom Lost Sock 6

Location: Upper Conch Street

The 6th Lost Sock can be observed within the Shady Shoals Rest Home in Upper Conch Street. On the right aspect of the room is Mermaid Man watching the TV. Hit the TV to trade the channel, and the Lost Sock will appear at the opposite facet of the room, above the table near Barnacle Boy.

Bikini Bottom Lost Sock 7

Location: Bottom Feeder Lane

This Lost Sock can be observed behind the Krusty Krab on Bottom Feeder Lane. At the returned of the restaurant is a dumpster: hit it, and the Lost Sock will appear above it.

Bikini Bottom Lost Sock 8

Location: Bottom Feeder Lane

The eighth and final Lost Sock is found inside the Krusty Krab itself. After destroying the D1000 in here and destroying all the Robots, ransack the vicinity by way of destroying all of the seats, Tikis, boxes, tin cans, barrels and sacks of flour. You’ll also need to break the bottle of ketchup and mustard on the Condiment Island stall.

Once you’ve got destroyed everything, the Lost Sock will appear within the crows nest above the left-hand rafter beam.

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