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Spurned Progeny Boss Fight Guide in Lords of the Fallen

Everything you need to do when fighting the terrifying Spurned Progeny in Lords of the Fallen is right here!

Get ready to face Calrath’s foolish-faced yet terrifying boss! We’ve explained what you need to pay attention to when fighting Spurned Progeny and the boss stages. The article also covers Spurned’s attacks and what you need to do against them. Let’s defeat this fearsome monster!

Spurned Progeny Boss Fight Guide

In Lords of the Fallen, facing colossal bosses like Spurned Progeny is a daunting but rewarding challenge. This guide will help you take down this formidable foe and claim the valuable rewards that await. Spurned Progeny is a mandatory boss in the game, so mastering its fight is crucial for your progression.

Spurned Progeny in Lords of the Fallen

Spurned Progeny Location

Spurned Progeny awaits you in the Upper Calrath plaza. As you venture into this area, prepare for an intense battle with this colossal adversary.

Fight Strategy

Here’s a comprehensive strategy to take on Spurned Progeny:

Phase 1: In the initial phase, Spurned Progeny will unleash basic attacks, including clawing and slamming. Stay behind its back legs to avoid most of these attacks. Watch out for its ground slam, which can be deadly if it lands. To avoid this, position yourself on the side of its hind legs. This phase is all about managing its standard attacks.

Phase 2: After depleting about 1/3 of its health, the battle transitions to the second level. As magma fills the lower level, you must head to higher ground. Keep your focus on attacking its arms after each of its attacks. The boss will start using slow-moving claw attacks from the second level. You can block some basic attacks but beware of the larger AoE fire attack.

During this phase, Spurned Progeny will also employ Inferno Sorceries. When you see a third arm, take cover to avoid its fiery shockwave. At around half health, it will unleash attacks raining magma balls. This phase will cover the second-floor area in lava, forcing you to relocate. Avoid its attacks and stay out of its line of sight during this phase.

Once the lower level clears from magma, you can resume focusing on attacking its ankles. Keep an eye on its attacks and avoid taking additional damage.

Attacks & Counters

Spurned Progeny’s attacks and counters list:

Ground SlamThe Spurned Progeny slams its hind end on the groundAnticipate when it stands upright.
Fist SlamA double-fist slam ahead on the groundStay close to its back legs to avoid damage.
ClawThe Spurned Progeny claws the area aheadAvoid the area directly in front of the boss.
Claw SweepIt sweeps its claw across a large areaBack away as it draws its hand back.
Ignite AoE SlamThe Spurned Progeny produces a third arm from its mouthDistance yourself when the third arm appears.
Bubbling MagmaIt produces magma that slowly builds up and explodes, raining large magma ballsTake cover further away when it begins.
Magma RainSpews balls of magma raining across a wide areaMove to the far corners of the second floor.
Ignite BurstA direct ignite attack with a glowing ground followed by an explosionKeep running to avoid each explosion.
Third Arm ReachThe Spurned Progeny reaches out with a third arm from its mouthRun to the side when it leans down.
Fire OrbThe Spurned Progeny grows a large fire orb, which turns into a massive ball before exploding into a blinding lightWhen you see it beginning, run for cover.

This table provides a clear overview of Spurned Progeny’s attacks and how to counter them during the battle in Lords of the Fallen.

Spurned Progeny Boss Rewards

Defeating Spurned Progeny will grant you the following rewards:

  • x1 Vestige Seed
  • x8 Umbral Scouring
  • x1 Spurned Progeny Flesh
  • x1 Giant Eyeball

With this guide, you’re better equipped to take on Spurned Progeny, secure valuable rewards, and advance your journey in Lords of the Fallen. Remember, adapt your strategy as needed, and best of luck in your battle against Spurned Progeny!

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