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Steelrising Quick Performance Tip

Welcome to our Steelrising Quick Performance Tip guide. In order to get the best performance open your settings. Json in your documents/steelrising folder and under graphic edit these settings.

Steelrising Quick Performance Tip

In order to get the best performance open your settings.Json in your documents/steelrising folder and under graphic edit these settings.

Performance Tip

Make a backup of the file before changing the values!

"graphic": {
"displayMode": "FULLSCREEN",
"resolutionX": 1920,
"resolutionY": 1080,
"refreshRate": 144.00100708007813,
"screenIndex": 0,
"vsync": 0,
"shadowQuality": "LOW",
"shadowCascadeDistanceQuality": "LOW",
"undergrowthDistanceQuality": "LOW",
"terrainUberTesselation": "DISABLE",
"lodDistanceQuality": "LOW",
"clothQuality": "LOW",
"ssaoQuality": "DISABLED",
"aaQuality": "TAA",
"particlesQuality": "LOW",
"refractionQuality": "LOW",
"texturesQuality": "LOW",
"anisotropicQuality": "LOW",
"gamma": 1.0,
"resolutionRatio": 1.0,
"fovMultiplier": 0.5,
"isHdr": false,
"reflectionQuality": "LOW",
"illuminationQuality": "LOW",
"raytracingEnabled": "DISABLE",
"upscaling": "FSR",
"foliageAnimation": "DISABLE",
"dlssMode": "AUTO",
"fsrMode": "ULTRA_QUALITY"

We get 90 – 150+ fps with these on a gtx1070 & i5-12600k

Other basic improvement tips unrelated to steelrising:

Nvidia Control Panel

  • Preferred refresh rate: highest available
  • Sharpening on if preferred: search for regedit fix if you want to add it back to programs and not just under global settings
  • Max frequency at 72 fps + vsync at half monitor refresh rate if you have a 144hz monitor and get between 80 and 144 frames.
  • Pre rendered frames at 1
  • Low latency: on

Windows & Software

  • Add the game in windows graphics settings: high performance
  • Use intelligent standby list cleaner if you have ram stutters. (please inform yourself before using it)

About Steelrising

King XVI. Louis’ madness and ruthless mechanical soldiers devastate Paris. The fate of the French Revolution rests in the hands of a cutting-edge Aegis designed by Engineer Vaucanson to protect the queen in this challenging action RPG.


All is fair in the face of the king’s mechanical soldiers. Combine your dodge, dodge, jump and devastating attack skills to fight in Paris. Your nerves and discipline will be tested, as mechanical bosses will test your patience and skills.


Set your style and improve your skills as you progress through the game. Become a ruthless warrior, fierce bodyguard, deadly dancer or master of basic martial arts. Create your own unique fighting style using various weapons and skills.


Use the wagons, hooks, secret passages, a detailed map, and other methods and tools you can find throughout your adventure as you explore this city in its darkest days. Explore Paris from different angles using the side hook. With your groundbreaking skills and side hook, you will discover all the secrets of the city again and again.

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