Streets of Rogue – Big Quests How to Easily Do?

Big Quests How to Easily Do? Big Quests can still be completed with most of the […]

Big Quests How to Easily Do?

Big Quests can still be completed with most of the mutators. This will help make many completions cakewalks.

  • The mutators that will be used for most or all of the characters Big Quests

Starting Mutators

  • Neutral Cannibals
  • Money Rewards
  • No Cowards
  • No Disasters

Remove Levels

  • Industrial
  • Park
  • Downtown
  • Uptown


The Zombie

The character that is fun to play for the first three districts by decimating the human population though becomes a pain in the to use for the last two districts where the cops decimate you.

To easily get its Big Quest, only 3 additional mutators need to be added to make a HUGE difference:

  • Zombies Ate My Game Balance (Removes No Disasters)
  • No Melee Weapons
  • No Guns

What is really abusive about this combo is that

1. The zombies from Zombies Ate My Game Balance count towards your Big Quest
2. This means that the Big Quest is automatically completed.
3. Since there are no weapons and guns the zombies just rapidly infect the level and do the dirty work for you

There is nothing to really say here, it is just pure destruction and chaos.

Investment Banker

The Investment Banker

Nobody uses him. Besides Madguy in videos, occasionally, though of course he is the most experienced person in the game as he literally MADE it! What I am trying to say is that it is considered the hardest character to play. Anyway of course I have to put it here as the following mutators make it EASIER than the Zombie.

  • No Melee Weapons
  • No Guns
  • Disasters Every Level

And then the Remove – (Name of Disaster) Mutator for all of the disasters EXCEPT for the Shifting Status Effects Disaster

What happens is that the status effects WORK for the Addict trait. This will prevent you from going through withdrawal as you will get a new effect every 10 seconds. This will reset the Feeling All Right effect (Except for Dizzy which you can get from the disaster). Having no guns and melee weapons just makes your play through safer. I can assure you that you will get Euphoria in more than one way.

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