Subnautica – How to Located Lifepod 5?

How to Locate The Crashed Lifepods Lifepod 5 is the only survived lifepod, where you start […]

How to Locate The Crashed Lifepods

  • Lifepod 5 is the only survived lifepod, where you start the game, after the crash.
  • Lifepod coordinates are commonly self-explanatory on your GPS after you check out the radio message. You can simply follow the sign to locate them.
  • Most of the time, a PDA can be found inside or near a lifepod, additionally, there will be data boxes or fragments to collect.
  • Except the pod 4, all the rest destroyed lifepods sank into the water.

Lifepod 2

Lifepod can be the last to find by the radio message, and it also lies the deepest (-500m).

Blood Kelp Zone -490, -500, 1333

Data Box – Cyclops Depth Module MK1
PAD – Lifepod 2 Chief Technical Officer Yu’s Voicelog

Lifepod 3

Lifepod 3 locates at the Kelp Forest near your Lifepod 5

Kelp Forest -25, -20, 403

PDA – Lifepod 3 Crew Log
Data Box – Compass
Fragment – Seaglide

Lifepod 4

Lifepod 4 is floating near the Aurora in Crash Zone.

Crash Zone 705, -4, 161

PDA – Lifepod 4 Crew Log
Data Box – Creature Decoy

Lifepod 6

Lifepod 6 is in Grassy Plateaus -109m below sea level.

Grassy Plateaus 362, -109, 305

PDA – Lifepod 6 Crew Log 1&2
Data Box – Ultra Glide Fins

Lifepod 7

Approx -180m in the Crag Field

Crag Field -64, -179, -1048

PDA – Lifepod 7 Crew Log

Lifepod 12

Lifepod 12 is located in Bulb Zone, -270m.

Bulb Zone -1109, -271, -556

PDA – Lifepod 12 Medical Officer Danby’s Crew Log
Data Box – Repulsion Cannon

Lifepod 13

Lifepod 13 sank in NW side of Mushroom Forest, -179m

Mushroom Forest -919, -179, 502

PDA – Lifepod 13 Emissary’s Voicelog
Data Box – Ultra Glide Fins

Lifepod 17

Same as lifepod 6, it’s located in Grassy Plateaus, -95m.

Grassy Plateaus -513, -95, -43

PDA – Lifepod 17 Crew Log
Fragment – Seamoth

Lifepod 19

Lifepod 19 is the second deepest pod located in Deep Sparse Reef, -295m.

Deep Sparse Reef -820, -295, -875

PDA – Lifepod 19 Officer Keen’s Voicelog and Keen’s Crew Log
Data Box – Ultra High Capacity Tank

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