Team Fortress 2 – How to Be Better Spy?

Spy Knives Spy has a range of weapons designed to fit certain playstyles and first I […]

Spy Knives

Spy has a range of weapons designed to fit certain playstyles and first I will start with the knives.

Stock/butterfly knife/knife – my personal favorite since I have a fond liking of butterfly knives and that this knife has no upsides or downsides.

Your eternal reward/YER – on backstab, *instantly* disguise to look like your enemy. Makes no noise at all, either on the backstab, yourself or the person meaning no one at all will know you just killed someone. Also makes no notification in the killfeed. Drains cloak faster and takes a full cloak meter to disguise normally.

  • The big earner – on *kill*, gain a speed boost and + 30% cloak, max health is downed to 100.
  • Conniver’s Kunai – on backstab, steal the health of your victim. Max health downed to 70.
  • Spy-cicle – on backstab, turn your victims into ice statues. Knife melts when set aflame and needs to recharge but also grants the wearer fire immunity.

Spy Revolvers

  • Tock/revolver – reliable damage and minimal damage fall off at a distance.
  • Ambassador – crits on headshot, 15% damage penalty, 20% slower firing speed, after shot needs to cool down to headshot again, my personal favorite.
  • L’etranger – +40% cloak duration, add 15% cloak on hit. 20% damage penalty.
  • Diamondback – every backstab and building sapped adds 1 crit to the weapon and can be stacked, 15% damage penalty.
  • Enforcer – 20% slower firing speed, +20% damage bonus while disguised, attacks Pierce Shields and damage resistances (this attribute is bugged and doesn’t work).

Spy Basic Strategies

  • Stock – should be used when you miss a backstab or are fighting pyros or scouts. Great for people who don’t have good aim.
  • Ambassador – made for people with great aim. Best to time shots to get the most out of the weapon and takes practice to get good with.
  • Diamondback – please don’t use this.
  • Enforcer – this actually has no use since it’s piercing attribute is broken and the damage bonus is almost nothing.
  • L’etranger – great for staying cloaked longer and made mostly for knife spies.

Stock – its a knife that serves it purpose, get behind for a backstab and a 1 hit kill on anything*

  • YER – I can’t find or think of a good strategy for this other than picking off lonely targets.
  • Big earner – good for chainstabbing and getting away after a single stab.
  • Conniver’s Kunai – really great for killing groups of enemies and getting health after the first stab.
  • Spy-cicle – best used exclusively when the enemy team has alot of pyros or 1 pyro spychecking everything, otherwise people will recognize the ice statues and call you out.

Spy Hats

What hats to wear. It’s best to not wear unusuals, same goes for sniper since unusuals make you more noticeable to the naked eye than just a plain fedora. Also don’t color your hats bright colors or else the same result. Australium weapons are completely ok though.

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