Substory 52: Surviving Paradise in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Steps on how to complete Surviving Paradise, which has 52 sub-stories in the game.

You get trophies when you complete sub-stories in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth. One of the sub-stories that requires the most effort in the game is the last sub-story of the game, Surviving Paradise. We’ve explained how to complete it in this guide.

52nd and Final Substory: Surviving Paradise

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth features numerous trophies tied to substories, making their completion crucial. Surviving Paradise serves as substory 52 in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, marking it as the last substory in the game, demanding considerable effort to finish. Below is a guide detailing how players can complete substory 52 in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Surviving Paradise Walkthrough

To initiate this substory, players must meet specific requirements. Surviving Paradise mandates players to complete five distinct substories:

  1. Certifiable Lover (Substory 47)
  2. The Ultimate Alo-Happy (Substory 48)
  3. She Never Misses (Substory 49)
  4. Together, Forever (Substory 50)
  5. Experimental Procedures (Substory 51)

Most of these substories involve engaging in minigames, and they must be completed before proceeding to the next phase.

  • Certifiable Lover: Complete all Ounabara exams and provide Maeda with the ABC Store Gift Set, Hawaiian Cosmetics, Hibiscus Bouquet, and Plumeria Bouquet.
  • The Ultimate Alo-Happy: Finish all activities at Alo-Happy Tours and present Elizabeth with Matsumoto Shave Ice, Tobacco Assortment, and Postcard Assortment.
  • She Never Misses: Conclude all Miss Match dates and deliver the ALOHABEER set, Assorted Dim Sum, and Tobacco Assortment to Machiko.
  • Together, Forever: Achieve silver rank in Poundmates, then offer Chitose a Hibiscus Bouquet, Matsumoto Shave Ice, and Hawaiian Cosmetics.
  • Experimental Procedures: Invest in Julie’s Gearworks and raise the facility to maximum rank. Subsequently, gift Julie with a Hibiscus Bouquet, Plumeria Bouquet, and Hawaiian Cosmetics.

To trigger substory 52, visit Revolve and converse with the bartender. As events unfold, Kasuga receives a message on his phone, prompting him to make a swift decision to defend himself. All three choices yield the same outcome, offering players the freedom to select any option. This sequence leads to further cutscenes. Ultimately, Kasuga discovers that the message was an advertisement. Upon substory completion, Kasuga’s defense stat receives a permanent boost.

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