Tactics Ogre Reborn Walkthrough Guide

One hundred percent complete Tactics ogre Reborn walkthrough guide.

Welcome to our Tactics Ogre Reborn Achievements & Walkthrough guide. This is meant to inform readers about which events trigger achievements.

Tactics Ogre Reborn Guide

Welcome to our Tactics Ogre Reborn achievements guide/walkthrough for! This is meant to inform readers about which events trigger achievements. I’ve added some of my own insight after playing through the game to help you plan for the longest achievement, Necromancer Scourge, and the eventual 100%.


How many routes are there?

Just like in the 2010 release, there are 3 routes—Chaos, Neutral, and Law.

How do I go on the Neutral route?

To enter Neutral, you have to go refuse Leonar in Balmamusa at the end of CH1—effectively entering CH2. At the end of CH2, you must then rejoin Leonar to enter CH3 Neutral.

Do I need to complete all the content to get 100% of the achievements?

You only need to complete up to Coda Episode 1: The Songstress.

Does it matter what route I start and end with?

In relation to achievements, it does not matter which one you start/end with. Thanks to the World Tarot (unlocked after completing CH4 for the first time), you can go back to all the relevant points in the story to redo events and unlock the achievements tied to them.

For the purpose of this guide, I will start with Neutral, then Chaos, and end with Law. I’m ending with the Law route in the event that you want to proceed with the rest of the Coda episodes for the sake of fluidity. You can do it in any order without any major consequences to your final run.

Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Going forward, I will roughly list the battles involved in each chapter. I will write larger notes about the more important battles that I think are valuable in relation to achievements and maybe other end-game content.

There is blood on my hands, how long till it lies on my heart?

Tynemouth Hill (Canopus joins) > Krysaro

If you save Donnalto in Krysaro, he joins you along with 2 other units (Sara and Voltare) that come with higher base stats than generic recruits. I personally kept Voltare trained up all the way to the end as a reliable knight. Donnalto is a great Cleric by virtue of being a unique character. He has high MND growth so if you feel good about your other cleric(s), later on you can turn him into a Wizard/Warlock to have a reliable unit for debuffs (MND helps with debuff success chance).

Golborza Plain > (choice 1 = must protect Cistina) The Arkhaiopolis of Rhime

  • You don’t have to protect Cistina, but she’s a great rotational unit. She and her sisters are all great Shaman candidates (each locked into an element) and at least one of them is required to complete the Shrine Battle achievements in chapter 4.

Phidoch Castle (cutscene) > Almorica Castle (cutscene)

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Hero of Golyat
Rescued Duke Ronwey from imprisonment in Almorica Castle.

Qadriga Fortress

  • Before entering this battle, head to the shop under the consumables section and buy 3-4 Grimoire Exorcisme. This lets you exorcise STILLED (downed) undead units that are within melee range of the item user to greatly reduce the exorcism pressure on your cleric(s).

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Corpse Dancer
Confronted the Necromancer Nybeth at Qadriga Fortress and put an end to his dark experiments.

Lake Bordu > Xeod Moors

  • Focus Ganpp, Berda, or Orbda to end the battle immediately. The battle ends when any of them reach low HP.


  • There are 2 battles in Balmamusa. The 2nd battle happens after you make a choice that propels you into a specific route.
  • Refuse to participate → CH2 Chaos

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Fallen Hero
Refused to participate in Duke Ronwey’s heartless plan to massacre the innocents of Balmamusa, for which you were then blamed and made a wanted man.

  • Participate → CH2 Law

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Butcher of Golyat
Carried out Duke Ronwey’s chilling plan to slay the five thousand innocents in Balmamusa.

Chapter 2 Chaos Walkthrough

This world can be put to rights.Port Asyton (Arycelle retreats at low HP) > Rhea Boum > Xeod Moors (keep Arycelle alive)

  • Another optional unit to keep alive to recruit later on. She’s the only Archer on my team and has her moments with a bow/crossbow depending on the terrain.

Lake Bordu (keep Arycelle alive) > Tynemouth Hill (keep Arycelle alive)

  • If she survives, the troublesome archer will finally join your team after the conclusion of this battle. Depending on which job you picked for Denam, equip Heal on him to keep Arycelle healthy.

Open Warren Report > Talk > “Phorampa Open to Hunting”

  • Reading this Talk topic unlocks the repeatable dungeon—Phorampa Wildwood. I suggest visiting this place now to recruit a couple of Dragons (for tanking) and any number of Gryphon/Cockatrice for scaling walls in upcoming battles. Gryphons and Cockatrice are good nimble units that scale walls easily and can act as diversions to allow Canopus to revive/heal important AI guest units using the Beastmaster’s Lobber skill.
  • If you want to recruit Deneb and her unique Wicce class later, I suggest taming 1 of each Dragon now. Arc/Dark Dragons and Hydras can be found in later story battles and dungeons.

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Man of Proven Worth
Joined forces with Arycelle—one of the few who knew the truth of Balmamusa—and fought free of a trap laid by Vyce.

Krysaro > Qadriga > (agree to save) Ndamsa> Golyat > Boed Fortress (cutscene)

  • Keep Folcurt, Bayin, and Cistina alive for a chance to recruit them at Boed Fortress
  • I suggest having at least 1 Dragoon on standby for the Qadriga and Ndamsa battles.
  • At the Boed Fort cutscene, select “Come with us” for an achievement.
  • Folcurt is a great Knight/TK candidate & Bayin is stronger than your current Wizard

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Man Among Friends
Befriended members of the Liberation Front at Boed Fortress.

The Arkhaiopolis of Rhime

  • Denam and Catiua start off far from your main force. Thankfully, Catiua’s AI will make the wise choice of retreating. I suggest setting Denam as a melee job for survival reasons and creating 2 choke points with melee units at points A and B (marked below). Ensure that the B group at least has Rampart aura and/or Phalanx. Xapan’s own units will bodyblock the choke points by crowding the entry points.
  • Use Poison to debuff multiple enemies and keep enemy clerics busy. Utilize this window of opportunity and the stalemate to prepare Canopus/Beasts/Archers/Wizards with card buffs for a 1-round nuke on Xapan.
    Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)

Almorica Castle

  • The Gates of Almorica – Focus Ramidos
  • Almorica Passageway – There are a few ways you can approach this, but it’s typically good to debuff Vyce with Breach (Dynast-King’s Mead). Pick up buff cards when possible. On the same note, smack Vyce into a red debuff card or magic buff card (to overwrite his current buffs) when possible. Entering this fight as a Berserker with Sanguine Assault or a Knight with Rampart and Phalanx is recommended. There are other ways to win this fight, but these are my recommendations.
  • After defeating Vyce, you are presented with the option to rejoin the Resistance.
  • Rejoin → CH3 Neutral

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)The Hero Returned
Heeded Sir Leonar’s entreaty to return to the Resistance.

  • Refuse → CH3 Chaos

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Man of Principles
Refused Sir Leonar’s entreaty to return to the Resistance.


I will fear no reproach.Balmamusa > Xeod Moors > Rhea Boum Aqueduct > Port Asyton

  • Although the map is pretty narrow, plug a couple of entry points using Knights and their Rampart Aura. Focus any Octopus that enters your Rampart range. Although Josephine is weak, she’s nested in a very safe position so rushing her isn’t the best move or you risk getting your flank exposed to Octopi.
  • Port Asyton features 2 fights. The second fight is triggered when you try to move OUT of Port Asyton—triggering a fight with Arycelle.

Read all current Talk topics on your Warren Report > The Reisan Way

  • This is one of the easier ‘Save the AI’ battles. Ravness isn’t fragile and she’s at an acceptable distance from the enemy. Just move your squad up as normal to protect her.

Port Asyton (restock) > Qadriga Fortress

  • Employ a Lobber Canopus to buy time. Xapan starts is in a very dangerous position and can easily get overwhelmed if left unsupported.
  • If he survived, you’ll have the option to recruit Xapan after the battle.

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Piratebane
Saved Xapan the Mercenary from pirates at Qadriga Fortress.

Tynemouth Hill

  • Phorampa Wildwoods becomes available by reading the related Talk topic.

Golborza Plain > Phidoch Castle > The Arkhaiopolis of Rhime Rhime – Vyce and Arycelle spawn on the high ground directly in front of you. Just rush Vyce since he’s in an accessible position to end the battle swiftly. Use Magic and Crossbows to support your melee since you don’t want to clog up the only path leading to him with too many melee units. Ignore Arycelle so you can recruit her later. Almorica Castle > The Gates of Almorica > Almorica Passageway x2

  • Though the second battle in Almorica Passageway looks like a lopsided 4v1 going against Leonar’s favor, treat it like you would any 1v1 duel and employ the same strategy (Buffs/Debuffs) because Leonar will still hit hard.

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Leader of Men
Struck down Sir Leonar after he slew Duke Ronwey, becoming the leader of the Resistance.

Enter → CH3 Law

War Chest

At the start of Chapter 3, you will have access to the Ranged Weapons II recipe from the shop. This recipe allows you to craft Baldur Blowguns by simply buying the ingredients from the shop directly. It costs a total of 2,450 Goth to craft and sells for 6,400 Goth—almost tripling your investment. By using this recipe, you can earn unlimited Goth and focus solely on your battles. If this method doesn’t sit right with you, Phorampa Wildwoods can be farmed for Oberyths instead.

Anyway, use the money earned to stock up on HP consumables (to craft up to stronger versions), consumable buffs and debuffs such as Plumes and Dynast-King’s Mead, and craft Fruits of the Adept for light MP restoration.

Chapter 3 Neutral

There will be sacrifices.By selecting this route, Arycelle’s loyalty will plummet meaning she may leave your squad if left unattended. To remedy this, go do a few training battles to raise her proficiency with another weapon. Gaining a few weapon levels will quickly restore her loyalty.

Almorica Castle (automatic battle w/ Hektor) > Boed Fortress

  • You’ll have to save Cerya to earn the achievement. This is one of those times when you should send up Canopus as a temporary beastmaster with Lobber to heal Cerya. Her AI will gradually retreat down to your squad.
  • Along with Canopus, it’s a good idea to field a few of the Gryphons and Cockatrice you should have recruited from Phorampa in CH2. Their inability to equip armor will spread out the enemy units’ attention evenly among your flying units and make healing Cerya a little more manageable.

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Dark Knight Slayer
Slew the Dark Knight Oz at Boed Fortress and rescued Cerya.

Tynemouth Hill

  • Don’t kill any of Ganpp’s beasts or else it will trigger disadvantageous conditions for your team. Aside from the usual breach/weaken strat, you can also charm some of the reptiles before focusing down Ganpp.

Read all Talk topics in your Warren Report > Krysaro (cutscene) > Qadriga Fortress

  • You can try to save all 3 of your incapacitated allies here, but it will be tough. Achievement-wise there is no major consequence in failing to save them. I personally only managed to save Phaesta and Tamuz and I was still able to get the achievement by rescuing Leonar at the end of this battle.

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Miracle Worker
Rescued Sir Leonar from imprisonment in Qadriga Fortress.

  • You’ll also have the chance to recruit Hobyrim afterward (no achievement in Nuetral)

Port Asyton

  • Undead level – bring Grimoire Exorcisme and Cleric(s) with Exorcism
  • Revive Oelias and protect both allies to recruit them after the battle.
  • If you recruit Dievold and Oelias and do the subsequent battles below, you will have the option in CH4 to pursue Nybeth in the Palace of the Dead.

Mount Hedon > Hagia Banhamuda > Ndamsa Fortress

  • NOTE: Field Oelias AND Dievold in the Ndamsa Fortress battle if you want to fight Nybeth in PotD CH4. You can always fight him in other routes so don’t worry too much about it.
  • Before fighting Nybeth in Ndamsa Fortress, I suggest performing a gear check and crafting +1 rings granting elemental resistances. I remember Nybeth having extremely high INT compared to my ~100 resistances and it’s somewhat of a painful fight. Don’t clump up your units because all the enemy casters have access to AoE spells.
  • This is another battle where fielding Gryphons and Cockatrice along with any winged units can be beneficial to avoid clumping at the main entry point leading up to the fortress. Knock Nybeth off the ledge if the opportunity presents itself.
    Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)

Almorica Castle (custcene) > Coritanae Keep

  • Gates of Coritanae – use Dragoon(s) to create an early advantage
  • Coritanae Ward – Use Knights (or any unit) with Rampart Aura to clog up the middle path. Push Xaebos into a red card if the opportunity presents itself (shield bash or tremendous shot). Additionally, I recommend lobbing a Rood Upright consumable debuff on Xaebos to inflict Enfeeble (-magic resist). As an armored-type boss, he’s very resistant to arrows and regular melee attacks. Debuffing him with enfeeble and using Ninjutsu/Magic will definitely get the job done.

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Slayer of the Dying
Defeated Sir Xaebos, commander of the Galgastani army remnants, at Coritanae Keep.

Mount Weobry > The Arkhaiopolis of Rhime > Almorica Castle (custcene)

  • Mirdyn joins you after the cutscene.

Phidoch Castle

  • I typically prefer the right path (South Curtain Wall) because, at this point in the game, Dragons are easier to deal with compared to Golems thanks to Dragoons.
  • Phidoch South Curtain Wall – Use Dragoons and snipe down from the walls with winged units.
  • Phidoch Great Hall – Slowly move your squad to the eastern wall as the enemies descend from the western staircase. As Ozma makes it down the stairs, you can use Canopus and any winged beasts to take her original position and attack from a higher vantage point. Additionally, employ debuff tactics based on your party’s unit composition (Breach for Physical and Enfeeble for Magic). She’s strong in both Magic and Range, but she’s not as defensive as prior bosses. Just don’t clump up, distract or kill the enemy clerics, and focus her down in 1 round.

    Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)(PGH)

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Southron Liberator
Drove the Dark Knights from Phidoch Castle and wrested control of the south of Valeria.

Enter → CH4

Chapter 3 Chaos

Ambition and greed rule, while dogs and swine serve.Port Asyton > Xeod Moors > Coritanae Keep > The Reisan Way > Bahanna Highlands

  • Coritanae Ward – The same strategy applies in this Xaebos fight as the one in CH3 Neutral.
  • The Reisan Way – Cassandra is pretty squishy for a boss. You can either rush her or safely exorcise stilled undead along the way.
  • Bahanna Highlands – Hektor is a robust boss by virtue of being a Knight. Units like him are typically more susceptible to crushing and magic damage. Focus your attention on the rest of his squad whenever he activates Phalanx. As always, debuff him (Breach/Enfeeble) and take out his supporting Clerics.

Brigantys Castle

  • Brigantys South Curtain Wall is the infinitely easier path to take because the boss, Kakrinoros, is a Wizard and therefore very easy to burst down in 1 round.
  • Brigantys Great Hall – You should have gotten Warlock classmarks after your first encounter with Xaebos in Coritanae Ward. Upgrade your Wizards into Warlocks before the fight so you can use the auto-skill Golemsbane. Employ various debuffs using high MND characters to keep the enemy Clerics busy. I suggest charming Terror Knights whenever they pre-emptively use Fearful Impact. This gives you a free chance to inflict Fear while also diverting enemy Clerics from healing.

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Untarnished Hero
Defeated Sir Xaebos, commander of the remnants of the Galgastani army, at Brigantys Castle.

Bahanna Highlands

  • Just like with all the previous battles to save AI teammates, employ the Lobber strategy to keep Hobyrim healthy until you can reach him with your squad.
  • If this is your second route after utilizing the World Tarot feature, this battle will be MUCH easier. Before the battle, equip Hobyrim with good gear (even if gets hit with level sync), a ranged weapon (blowgun), and change his AI settings to Distant Striker. This will make this second version of Hobyrim play more safely as AI. Just make sure you don’t deploy him in the battle so you don’t get 2 Hobyrims. The AI Hobyrim will have default gear if you do this.
  • After the battle, you’ll have the chance to recruit him to get the achievement.

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)The Unflinching
Saved the blind swordsman Hobyrim from the Resistance on the Bahanna Highlands.

Coritanae Keep

  • Gates of Coritanae – Utilize Dragoon(s). Marino will slowly push towards you so you can focus down his Clerics and finish him off when he enters your kill range.
  • Coritanae Ward – I recommend picking the duel option with Leonar. He might seem tough, but just employ the same strategy as the Vyce duel on CH2 Chaos. Charge your MP and self-buff before he reaches you. Debuff when he’s in range, and take any opportunity to overwrite/erase his card buffs. If you are using a Knight to duel him, ending your turn sideways with Rampart Aura can stop him from beelining you and can waste his turn. Alternatively, you can kite him with more mobile jobs that have higher tile movement and lower RT.

Mount Weobry > The Arkhaiopolis of Rhime > Almorica Castle (cutscene)

  • Mirdyn and Gildas join you after the cutscene.
  • In CH3 Neutral, only Mirdyn joins you for story reasons.

Boed Fortress

  • Unlike in Neutral, you don’t have to dive into the Templar Knights to save Cerya. This should be a simpler battle, but don’t relax too much since Oz is strong with both Magic and Physical attacks. Even though all the Templars look the same, inspect each unit to identify the healers and magic casters so you can adjust your priorities.
  • Cerya will join you after the battle.

Phidoch Castle

  • Essentially the same as Neutral except for the final battle.
  • Phidoch South Curtain Wall – Use Dragoons and snipe down from the walls.
  • Phidoch Great Hall – This fight is similar to Neutral, but this time Oz is deployed on the lower level in front of Denam who is also deployed away and in front of your squad. Have Denam while you simultaneously and slowly move your squad against the eastern wall to create distance from the western threat. Charge up your MP and just before you are ready to burst down Oz, use your mages to debuff the main cluster of enemy units near the western staircase. Burst down Oz and repeat the same strategy for Ozma. There are more eloquent strategies for this fight, but this is how I personally approached it. Feel free to leave a comment if you want to share your strategy!
  • If this is your first route taken, you’ll get the Southron Liberator achievement.

    CTRL+F (PGH) for the map layout.

Enter → CH4

Chapter 3 Law

Deceiver and the deceived.Madura Drift

  • Hektor is the same as any hardy boss/Knight. Don’t waste MP damaging him on any turn he has Phalanx activated.

Brigantys Castle

  • Brigantys South Curtain Wall – Just like in the other routes, I prefer fighting the Wizard because it’s much easier to get the job done since they haveterrible defensive stats.
  • Brigantys Great Hall – Essentially the same concepts as the Madura Drift battle. I suggest focusing the Terror Knights first by casting poison on the largest cluster of units you can find and then bursting them down as the Clerics waste a turn curing poison. The Terror Knights create a bottleneck preventing you from making any meaningful push toward Hektor. Thankfully, enemy TKs typically have slightly lower defenses compared to enemy Knights by nature of their weapon choice and job stats. Target other units as needed, but I suggest prioritizing TK → Cleric → Closest available threat → Hektor.
  • You’ll have a chance to recruit Jeunan after the battle. Pick the reasonable option “How could they be?” to get him to join you. Even though he’s optional, I strongly suggest recruiting him because he’s necessary to recruit Ravness and Ocionne in CH4.

Bahanna Highlands

  • If you want to recruit Ravness, deploy Jeunan, lower Roberval’s HP to about half, and wait until all of the dialogue between Denam and Jeunan is exhausted. Once Denam says “What?!” you are free to finish off Roberval and end the battle.

The Reisan Way > Coritanae Castle (Gates > Ward) > Bahanna Highlands

  • Coritanae Ward – Use the Hektor strat on Apollinaire. She has the same Knight shenanigans (primarily Phalanx) going for her.

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)The Conqueror
Took Coritanae Keep and brought Hierophant Balbatos to justice.

  • Bahanna Highlands – Unlike the previous battle to protect Ravness, this one may require Lobber support if this is your first route taken. World Tarot users can probably get away with +5 Spell Range healing. Just to be safe, strip Canopus and get Lobbing!
  • Ravness will join your party if she survives this battle.

The Psonji Weald / Lake Bordu

  • The choice between these 2 location boils down to 2 things: Which kind of boss do you want to fight? And which unit do you prefer at center stage?
  • The Psonji Weald has a Sorcerer boss and Dragoon(s) will have a larger impact due to the enemy unit composition.
  • Lake Bordu has a Necromancer boss and will require the usual Exorcism options.
  • I chose The Psonji Weald because Dragoon(s) can cull the battlefield faster than Clerics with a lot less preparation. If you like fighting undead, choose Lake Bordu.

Tynemouth Hill

  • This battle is exactly the same as the one on Neutral. Don’t kill Ganpp’s beasts to avoid enraging him and triggering buffs and debuffs to make things harder.

Almorica Castle

  • The Gates of Almorica – Deploy Dragoon(s)
  • Almorica Passageway – Just like in all the other routes, Xaebos has crazy defensive stats. I typically use Hammers and Magic to whittle him down after applying the appropriate debuffs (Breach+Enfeeble). Weaken him with consumables as well if your frontline units are having trouble tanking his heavy attacks.
  • Vyce and Arycelle join your party after the battle.

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Destroyer of Galgastan
Defeated Sir Xaebos, commander of the Galgastani army remnants, at Almorica Castle.

Mount Weobry

  • Lots of dragons in this battle! Tame or slay them all. I strongly suggest picking up an Arc Dragon and a Dark Dragon if you want Deneb (Wicce) later on.

The Arkhaiopolis of Rhime

  • This is the toughest Hobyrim ‘Save the AI’ timeline because of how lethal Ozma can be. A Lobber is nearly mandatory unless you’ve used the World Tarot already and used the same advice I gave in the CH3 Chaos route. Hobyrim’s positioning will be awkward. Initially, he’s close to Ozma’s striking zone and his flank is open to danger. On top of the Lobber for heals, push your entire squad with reckless disregard to envelop Hobyrim and support his flank.
  • He will offer to join after the battle if he survives. He’s necessary for the achievement and to recruit Ozma later in CH4 when entering from the Law route.

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)He Who Walks In Darkness
Defeated the Bakram forces under the command of the Dark Knight Ozma and rescued the blind swordsman Hobyrim at the Arkhaiopolis of Rhime.

Phidoch Castle

  • As always, the South Curtain Wall is the easier battle because the boss is a Wizard. If you want to fight/recruit golems, pick the other path.
  • Phidoch South Curtain Wall – 1 Dragoon and a Crossbow hit squad should be plenty.
    Phidoch Great Hall – Utilize the same strategy as the one employed in the fight against Ozma and Oz in the Chaos route. Retreat with Denam, stick to the eastern wall, divert/kill the enemy Clerics, and then focus Oz. Repeat the strategy against Balxephon. NEVER face them both at the same time. Use buffs and debuff consumables as necessary.
  • If this is your first route taken, you’ll get the Southron Liberator achievement.

    CTRL+F (PGH) for the map layout.

Enter → CH4

Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Let us cling together. Warren Report > Read ALL the initial Talk topics > Bahanna Highlands

  • If entering the chapter from CH3 Chaos and you want to fight Nybeth in PotD (F100) for the achievement on this run, you should complete The Balmamusa Dead and recruit Cressida to ensure the conditions to do so are met.
  • If entering the chapter from CH3 Law, pay attention to the conditions to recruit Ozma.
  • You can technically start the process to recruit Azelstan right now, but he is optional and it’s a lot less of a hassle to start his time-sensitive questline once you have the World Tarot feature. I recommend recruiting him after completing the game for the first time and under the Chaos/Law versions of chapter 4. You can then complete his sidequest to get a timesaving shortcut when completing Coda Episode 1: The Songstress.

Brigantys Castle

  • Take the right path and deploy Denam alone without equipment.

Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Man of Peace
Journeyed to Brigantys Castle, alone and unarmed, to parley with the Order of Philaha.

  • Olivya will join your party after a few cutscenes.
  • CHAOS: Now is a good time to recruit Cressida. CTRL+F “The Balmamusa Dead”

Almorica Castle (cutscene) > Mount Hedon

  • LAW: Cutscene will trigger if you read “A Rift in the Dark Knights” at the start of CH4.

Hagia Banhamuba

  • Don’t kill Sherri to recruit her later. She will retreat at low HP if you don’t deal a killing blow.
  • Bow/Magic attacks with Engulf should reach Sherri if you just push slightly in front of your spawn. The map is relatively small so it’s easy to hold a defensive line down the stairs. Avoid edges since getting knocked in results in permadeath.
    Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)

LAW: Phidoch Castle (cutscene) > Krysaro

  • Deploy Hobyrim so you can recruit Ozma after.
  • As with any Dark Knight boss battle, it’s suicidal to try and tackle both at the same time due to their disgusting amounts of magic and physical damage. Utilize the narrow path and Ozma’s horrible positioning to shield bash her into the eastern lake as she pushes further. This will buy you time to deal with the rest of the enemy force. Spread your units behind the southwestern corner of the map, utilizing the subtle high ground, behind the cover of some Dragon(s) and Knight(s) with Rampart aura. Additionally, you can plug Ozma’s path back to you if you need more time. Eliminate Balxephon when the opportunity arises and send Ozma into critical HP so she gives up and you get a chance to recruit her.
    Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)

  • After the battle, pick “As I owe you for my father” to recruit Ozma.
    Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)

Chapter 4 Sidequests

The following sidequests are directly/indirectly connected to achievements:

Mysterious Blast on Exeter

  • Read the Talk topic on the Warren Report entitled “Mysterious Blast on Exeter”

Madura Drift > Belmorose Highwinds > Vasque

  • Madura Drift – Bring Dragoons
  • Vasque – Bring Exorcism for Undead

Lhazan Fortress / Bortegun Fens

  • Lhazan Fortress Battle 1 – Bring Exorcism for Undead
  • Lhazan Fortress Battle 2 – If doing this battle after entering from the Law route, deploy Jeunan in this battle if you want to recruit Ocionne and her Arc Dragon. Keep Reymos alive until Denam says “Yes, but his remorse is sincere”. After the battle, you can recruit her.
  • Bortegun Fens – Focus the Matriarch due to her strong magic. Deploy at least one Dragoon.

This sidequest is indirectly related to the Necromancer Scourge achievement because you need to complete it to open the way through Vasque and into the Palace of the Dead.

Rhamsen Wreck

  • Read the Talk topic on the Warren Report entitled “Rhamsen Wreck”

Lupha Coast > Grimsby

  • Lupha Coast – Deploy Dragoon(s)
  • Grimsby – Deploy the usual Lobber (or a healer if you have +5 range wands). Lindl is pretty strong compared to the typical AI you need to save, but keep his HP topped up nonetheless (to recruit him after). Focus Martym who is not too far off from Lindl’s spawn.

Completing both sidequests above allows you to complete all the Shrine Battles below by opening the path to Lhazan Fortress and Gecho Fortress.

Apocrypha (Shrine Battles)After defeating (and preferably recruiting) Sherri and completing the Barnicia Castle battles, you can complete 6 shrine dungeons to obtain powerful elemental magic called the Apocrypha.

  • Read the Talk topic entitled “The Ancient Temples”
  • After completing the Rhamsen Wreck sidequest, read “Fortresses Under Siege”
  • Complete the initial battles in each of the 6 fortresses. They’re not too hard and they all share the same uphill layout like the Nybeth fight from before.
Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)
  • Once you complete the initial battles, go to Coritanae Keep to chat with Mreuva about the Apocrypha. Tell him you can handle it and this unlocks the shrines for you to revisit and explore.
Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)
Tactics Ogre Reborn Achievements & Walkthrough
Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)
Tactics Ogre Reborn Achievements & Walkthrough
  • Just like the initial battles, the shrine dungeons (and their guardians) aren’t tough. Each shrine consists of 7 floors you can clear (including the one behind the entry point). Try to do all of the optional objectives along the way to get the many stat charms rewarded.
  • The bosses at the end are just stronger versions of the dragons/beasts they resemble. The only difference is they are equipped with their respective Apocrypha so avoid bunching units to avoid getting hit with a juiced AoE. The guardians are all susceptible to magic.

    Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Slayer of the Wind Watch
    Defeated the guardian Vainateya.

    Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Slayer of the Earth Watch
    Defeated the guardian Nathalork.

    Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Slayer of the Lightning Watch
    Defeated the guardian Xolotl.

    Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Slayer of the Water Watch
    Defeated the guardian Tlaloc.

    Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Slayer of the Fire Watch
    Defeated the guardian Ifrit.

    Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)Slayer of the Ice Watch
    Defeated the guardian Lygenstzel.

  • Once you clear all the shrine dungeons the first time, you can reclear them for a chance to obtain Tier II Apocrypha and some special equipment. I recommend getting Vainateya’s Talons (a fist weapon) because it grants the strong summon spell Sylphide II as an Item Effect. I recommend reclearing them at Union Level 40 so the drops are activated. Feel free to save before the boss room/utilize chariot so you can have a higher chance at getting the rare equipment and Tier II Apocrypha.
Achievement Walkthrough (WIP)

Optional Sidequest

Deneb Recruitment

  • Go to Warren Report and read the Talk topic “Deneb’s Emporium”
  • Auction 1 of each type of dragon or beast (1 for each element + Hydra) so that you can unlock their associated orbs to buy later. Auctioning at any shop is fine.
  • The Bandits of Neimrahava

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