Universe Treasure Weapon List

Welcome to our Universe Treasure Weapon List guide. That’s what we’ve unlocked with easy mode so far, playing with normal mode isn’t really worth it, like it’s too hard for my standard and we don’t have much time to grind.

Universe Treasure Weapon List

Here is our weapon guide!

Weapon List

Below is weapon list I’ve unlocked so far… (not yet complete)

Weapon list

Weapon list (WIP)

So far the essential weapon must-have is

1) Defensive Ray + Armor = Light Thorn.

Clear small creep fast and easy in early stage, later on evolve will have life-leech property which is quite handy. Downside is only can kill 1 creep at a time.

2) Machine gun (turret) + Growth = Gatling

Gatling clear quite a lot of creep at later stage… downside is too slow and 1 creep at a time.

3) Photon Saber + Cooldown = Unsheathe

Early a little weak and quite short range too, but later on level 6-7 (before evolve) it got quite big AOE, later evolve almost can cover 3/4 screen, also the passive also benefit other weapons too.

4) Machine Gun +Strength = Slaughter

Newbie weapon, all rounder? one creep at a time, require aim a little.

5) Personal i think quite useful weapon is Time Bomb… AOE okay-ish and I use it to zone out creep by standing there when my blade is CD or my defensive ray is doing other things…

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