How to Recruit Units in Tactics Ogre Reborn

We explained How to Recruit Units in Tactics Ogre Reborn.

Welcome to our Tactics Ogre Reborn How to Recruit Units guide. A simple explanation on the basics of how to go about recruiting units in battle.

How to Recruit Units

This guide is just intended to cover the basics. But we figured this would be handy for quick reference.


  1. A few key points to know.
  2. First, you CANNOT recruit during training missions.
  3. Second, there are some units that CANNOT be recruited (like the two Griffons that show up with the Beast Tamer early in chapter 2).
  4. Third, you can use the Chariot Tarot to rewind and try again, HOWEVER, you must do something to change the RNG before trying again (as doing the exact same thing will result in the same outcome). So if you tried to recruit and failed, rewind, then try moving to the other side of the unit and recruiting.
  5. Fourth, you want the unit’s health to be as low as possible, and you want to stand next to them for the best chances.

Skills Required

To recruit units, you need the skills tied to their race.

  • Recruit: Human & Winged
  • Coax: Lizardman & Lamia
  • Subdue: Beast (Griffon, Octopus, etc)
  • Tame: Dragon
  • Control Golems: Golem & Pumpkin
  • Master Undead: Skeleton & Ghost
  • Demon’s Pact: Orc, Imp & Zombie (though Zombies are technically Undead, they don’t count as them for recruiting)
  • Fey Pact: Fairy
  • Seraph’s Pact: Divine

The classes that get access to each skill are:

  • Recruit: Cleric, Knight, Paladin, Princess, Ranger, Songstress, Princess
  • Coax: Buccaneer, Patriarch/Matriarch, Wizard
  • Subdue: Beast Tamer
  • Tame: Beast Tamer
  • Control Golems: Warlock/Witch, Wicce
  • Master Undead: Necromancer
  • Demon’s Pact: Lich
  • Fey Pact: Rogue, Shaman, Vartan
  • Seraph’s Pact: Cleric, Divine Knight, Priest, Princess

Unit Loyalty

Every unit has a loyalty (which changes based on various things). You can check a unit’s general loyalty by bringing up the help option and highlighting their name. It will give you a line, which will show what their loyalty range is, based on alignment. The lower a unit’s loyalty, the easier they are to recruit.

(The following info is taken from a reference post on the GameFAQs board for the PSP version)


  • Lawful: This unit supports you in all things—a loyal ally to the end.
  • Neutral: This unit backs your every decision.
  • Chaotic: In the eyes of this unit, you are a worthy leader who can do no wrong.
  • Creature: This beast purrs like a kitten when you draw near.


  • Lawful: This unit often speaks on your behalf to win others to your side.
  • Neutral: This unit looks favourably on your decisions and shares an understanding with you.
  • Chaotic: This unit is prepared to put aside its own interests in service of your cause.
  • Creature: The beast has taken to you, a loyal companion that will fight at your side.


  • Lawful: More often that not, this unit speaks in support of your decisions.
  • Neutral: Though not openly discontent, this unit will not speak against those who are.
  • Chaotic: Though not openly discontent, this unit makes no effort to keep counsel with you.
  • Creature: Though still wary of you, this beast is content enough so long as it’s fed.


  • Lawful: Though not openly discontent, this unit is often at odds with your decisions.
  • Neutral: This unit averts its eyes when spoken to and often refuses to reply to even simple questions.
  • Chaotic: This unit often speaks openly of its distaste for your decisions.
  • Creature: This beast cowers at your approach.


  • Lawful: Of late, this unit has grown more vocal in criticising your decisions.
  • Neutral: This unit regards you with eyes cold and distant.
  • Chaotic: This unit does not open its mouth but to complain.
  • Creature: Same as above.


  • Lawful: Its not uncommon to find this unit defying you openly in front of others.
  • Neutral: Often you’ve noticed this unit staring at you with thinly veiled hatred.
  • Chaotic: Not only does this unit disagree with your decisions, it seems to openly revile you.
  • Creature: This beast crouches as though it might spring on you at any moment.


  • Warning: At this point the unit is fed up, and sending it into battle may randomly cause your unit to desert your army PERMANENTLY.
  • Lawful: This unit has lost all faith in you and can scarce look you in the eyes while talking.
  • Neutral: This unit regards you with violence in its eyes.
  • Chaotic: This unit regards you with violence in its eyes.
  • Creature: Same as above.

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