Team Fortress 2 – Pootis Bird

This is a guide to help you get a lot of kills during the official pootis […]

This is a guide to help you get a lot of kills during the official pootis bird hunting season. It will show you the weapons to getting the most kills, how to find lots of pootis birds, how to get away with killing them, and more.

Pootis Bird Hunting

Pootis bird hunting season is an old tradition among tf2 tryhards. During this event, we kill a lot of pootis birds and celebrate their death. The official pootis bird hunting season lasts the whole winter, December 1st to March 20th. If you mass kill pootis birds after the season ends it is a crime and you will be fined 1 key for every pootis bird you kill.

What You Need?

There are a lot of things you need to hunt pootis birds. Here is a list of the items you need to hunt Pootis Birds for sniper (the standard pootis bird hunting class).

  • A good sniper rifle (any except sydney sleeper).
  • Jarate
  • Strange Part: Heavies killed (to keep track how many pootis birds you killed in each season).
  • A good place to hide.


  • Hide when hunting the pootis bird because they have bad vision and can’t see you if you are hidden.
  • If attacked, throw jarate at them because they will get confused and stunned for a few seconds.
  • Make sure to not go near them because they might pull out a minigun, which does a lot of damage when close to them.
  • Try to go for fully charged headshots because they sometimes get overhealed by medics.

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