Telling Lies – Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks Just to preface, this was a phenomenal game with an amazing story line. […]

Tips and Tricks

Just to preface, this was a phenomenal game with an amazing story line. If you’ve played “Her Story” the mechanics will be very familiar to you. “Telling Lies” is followed in the exact same manner as the creator’s previous game– you watch the initial five videos and listen for key words, which you’ll search to reveal more videos. This guide advises strategies, as well as key terms to search during early, mid, and late-game.

It is highly advised that you explore the game yourself and only use this guide if you are stuck. The game is much more rewarding if you do the detective work yourself. Having said that, if you are only interested in watching the full story in chronological order, I’ve provided instructions for that at the end of this guide as well. Just remember, there is no winning this game… Just exploring a story! So take your time.

In my initial play-through, my report said I had watched over 2/3 of the videos.

I did this by:

  • Listening for key/emphasized/thematic words
  • Writing any interesting words down
  • Going through all written down words and searching them
  • Utilizing the provided notebook (in game) to piece the story together as I received the information

Early-game search terms:

>real name
>Snow White

Mid-game search terms:

>Black Kite
>Jane Dean
>Simon McMillan
>Green Storm
>Organizing Group


>mine’s bigger
>little mermaid
>she’s my
>broke up

After ending the game at the point to where I was satisfied I’d viewed all of the pertinent videos, I watched all of them in sequential order.

You can do this by Steam/ Steamapps/ Common/ Telling Lies/ TellingLies_data/ StreamingAssets/ Videos.

I don’t know if this was helpful to anyone, but hopefully it’ll give you some ideas.

2 thoughts on “Telling Lies – Tips and Tricks”

  1. Jason Amminson

    I’ve only found 168 videos and searched all the keywords for ps4, the key words ” broke up” doesnt show any videos how do I get the last 2 is there any other keywords in the broke up video I could search?

    1. same happens to me, i search for “broke up” and it says “0 records matched”. ive been trying to achive the platinum but i have one video left and i can’t find the keyword to find it.

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