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Telling Lies – Achievement Guide

A short guide to describe how to get all achievements in this game.


All of these below are built-in achievements, meaning the only way to miss them is by either not playing for long enough or a bug.


Make it past 1am – make it through 1am in the game, achievement automatically unlocks itself.

All work and no play

Make it past 2am – make it through 2am in the game, achievement automatically unlocks itself.

Nocturnal animals

Make it past 3am – make it through 3am in the game, achievement automatically unlocks itself.

You’re a vampire

Make it past 4am – make it through 4am in the game, achievement automatically unlocks itself.

Time is running out

Make it past 5am – make it through 5am in the game, achievement automatically unlocks itself.

In any case of a bug not receiving one of these built-in achievements, you can always start it over once completing the story, and see if it resolves the issue.

Hidden Achievements

Animal Logic

Cats can’t type – shortly after 3am, the agent’s cat jumps up on the desk and runs through the keyboard which will leave some random characters in your search bar. To get this achievement, just press the ‘Search’ button to see results.


Headed out onto the roof – achievement earned automatically upon uploading files.


You like bookmarking – bookmark 20 videos throughout your gameplay.


You like tagging things – keep tagging videos at least 10 times.

Pointless Game

It’s the taking part that counts – as the description implies, keep playing the card game called Solitaire (upper-left corner) within the game.

You will eventually notice that one king is missing – hence it’s referred to as a pointless game – but you’ll just need to start over and play it a few times until the achievement pops.

Full Upload

Uploaded the entire data set – you’ll need to go through all 170 videos in the database.

It’s important to note, you’ll only ever see 169 videos altogether within the database, then after uploading your findings the first time, you will watch one of the alternative ending clips which will make it to 170 in total. If it’s your second time uploading, this number if you’ve got everything will already show 170. In both cases you can unlock the achievement.

Here you’ll find all clips that you need in order to unlock this achievement as well as watch all alternative endings if you’re interested:

steam/steamapps/common/Telling Lies/TellingLies_Data/StreamingAssets/Videos

It doesn’t mean you have to watch through every second of every video, you can simply just open the video folder on your computer and go through all clips from 1-96 by looking for keywords and checking within the game whether each one has already been viewed by you before .

Decided to leave some tips for keywords for certain clips where there is hardly any talking or words are too inaudible/distorted to hear what the characters exactly say:

  • 63_A (convo between Ava & Alba) – baddie
  • 80_A (David in suit swearing) – asshole
  • 92_A (David singing in bed) – spell

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