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Combat Tips Combat Tips and Tricks This section of the guide will provide to you tips […]

Combat Tips

Combat Tips and Tricks

This section of the guide will provide to you tips and tricks that you need to know when playing Temtem. Whether you’re someone who’s played every alpha of the game or someone jumping in for the first time, these tips and tricks will help you become a better Tamer.

Know Your Type Advantages and Disadvantages

Every Temtem has a type and because of that, it has type advantages and disadvantages. When you use a technique with a type advantage on an opposing Temtem, you will do double the damage. If you use a technique with a type disadvantage on an opposing Temtem,you will do half the damage.

You should try not to use techniques that will only do half damage as they aren’t as effective. This is why it’s important to learn the different types in Temtem and how each works against and with each other.

Pay Attention to All Temtem on the Field

Temtem allows Tamers to use two Temtem in each battle which adds an additional layer to combat for you to look out for.Your Temtem might be strong against one of the Temtems on the field, but it might be weak to another on the field. It’s important to look out for these kind of advantages and disadvantages on the field.

The best way to combat type disadvantages you might face on the field lies in your team composition. There are 12 types in the game and with a well-rounded team, you can have at least one Temtem that is capable of countering each of those types.

For example, if you’re using Crystle, you need to know that its Crystal-type moves do half damage against Earth and Fire-type Temtem. So, to combat that, you should teach Crystle techniques that do double damage to Earth and Fire-type Temtem or have a partner Temtem on the field with Crystle that knows a Water-type technique.

Keep Each Temtem’s Techniques Varied

There are 12 types of Temtem and techniques in the game and it’s important that your squad of Temtem are able to combat all of those types. This is where technique variance comes into play.

You should, of course, focus on varying the actual types of Temtem in your squad. If you have all Crystal-type Temtem, a good Fire-type technique could wipe your entire squad out easily. Instead of all Crystal-type Temtem on your team, consider additional types like Water and Nature.

This method of thinking applies directly to technique types. If your Crystal-type Temtem only knows Crystal-type moves, it will have a hard time against Earth and Fire-type Temtem as they take half damage from Crystal-type moves. But, if that same Temtem knows a Wind-type technique, it can take out that Earth-type Temtem that would otherwise give it problems.

We don’t recommend having a single Temtem learn more than two of the same type techniques.

Always Have Healing and Stamina Restoration Items

As you battle opposing Temtem, your Temtem squad will inevitably take some heavy blows. A surprise Fire-type technique might nearly wipe your Crystal-type Temtem. It’s important for Tamers to be prepared in situations like this. That’s where healing items like Balm come in.

Balm is an item that can be used on a single Temtem to restore 25 HP. An item like this can turn the tide of a Temtem battle, especially one in the wild where the opposing Temtem doesn’t have a Tamer to heal its HP.

Stamina, on that same note, is something to look out for and much like HP, its depletion can be remedied with a quick item use. Every time your Temtem uses a technique, its stamina will be depleted.

Stamina can be equated to the power or energy of your Temtem. It’s what allows a Temtem to use a technique. When Stamina is out, a Temtem is left powerless and can hurt itself if it tries to do additional damage. Fortunately, items like Ethers can remedy those situations.

Pay Attention to Stamina

Stamina is an important factor in Temtem battles. It’s represented by a bar on screen below the HP of your Temtem. When your Temtem uses a technique, the Temtem will exhaust a set amount of stamina. For a full list of all techniques in the game, including how much stamina they’ll use, check out our All Techniques (Moves) page.

It’s important to keep a watchful eye on stamina because if you run out of stamina, you won’t be able to use techniques. This leaves you open for damage and very vulnerable in a battle. It’s also smart to keep an eye on the stamina of opposing Temtem.

If a wild Temtem that you’re trying to catch runs out of stamina, the Temtem could start hurting itself by attempting to use a technique. This could be problematic because in situations where you’ve lowered a Temtem’s health by a large amount (to make it easier to catch), one wrong move by a Temtem out of stamina could cause it to faint.

Don’t Be Afraid to Run

This one’s pretty simple in concept, but sometimes the simplest things need acknowledgement: don’t be afraid to run from a battle. Now, you can’t run from a tamer battle, but if you’re in a battle with an untamed Temtem and it starts going south, choose to run away.

It might hurt to say goodbye to the creature you perhaps wanted to catch, but the pain is better than the cost of reviving a Temtem and the possible cost associated with that.

Look at the Rings Around a Temtem in Battle

After selecting a technique for your Temtem to use, you’ll need to select the Temtem to hit. Under each of the Temtem, you’ll see a ring. If you haven’t caught a Temtem matching the type of the opposing Temtem, this ring will be white.

Now, if you have caught a Temtem matching the type of the opposing Temtem, the ring can still be white. If this is the case, it means the technique you’ve selected will do neutral damage (It’s just a standard attack — not double damage or half damage). If the ring is green, the selected technique will do double damage to the Temtem and if the ring is red, the selected technique will do half damage to the Temtem.

  • White: Neutral damage
  • Green: Double damage
  • Red: Half damage

Try to Achieve Technique Synergy

Each technique a Temtem uses has a type assigned to it. They can be Water, Fire, Earth or any of the other nine types in the game. Synergy happens when a techniques type has synergy with a partner Temtem’s type.

For example, if you use the Water-type technique, Aqua Stone, there is a possibility for synergy with a Fire-type Temtem. If a Fire-type partner Temtem is on the field beside your primary Temtem, Aqua Stone will receive a boosted effect known as Burnt Condition. In this instance, Aqua Stone damages the opposing Temtem as it usually would and also leaves the opposing Temtem burnt (as a result of the Synergy).

There are dozens and dozens of Technique Synergies to achieve in the game so try switching different Temtem in and out of primary and partner spots on the battlefield to see what happens. A move you love might have the possibility to be even more powerful with Synergy.

What You Need to Know About Techniques

Techniques are the moves your Temtem use in combat and while some battles will be as simple as a single Technique selection, many of your combat encounters will require you to take into account a number of factors important to the effectiveness of a particular Technique.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Technique Type: Similar to Temtems, each Technique has a Type that determines advantage and disadvantage against enemy Temtem when used.
  • Technique Category: The Category of a Technique determines which of the Temtem’s stats will be used to calculate damage.
  • Technique Damage: This number indicates the Damage output of a Technique.
  • Technique Stamina Cost: This number indicates the amount of Stamina needed to use the Technique.
  • Technique Hold: The Hold number tells you how many combat turns must pass for you to use a specific Technique.
  • Technique Priority: The Priority of a Technique determines at which point in the turn it will be used. The higher the Priority, the sooner the Technique will be used in a turn.
  • Technique Synergy: When a Technique is in Synergy with another Temtem on your team that’s on the combat field, the Technique will receive a boost to its effect. This could result in additional damage or additional stat changes.

Technique Category

The Category is a Technique determines which of the Temtem’s stats will be used to calculate damage.

There are three Categories in Temtem and each Technique will be assigned to one of these three Categories.

  • Status: A Technique in the Status Category will not inflict damage and will instead inflict a status condition or change a Temtem’s stats.
  • Physical: A Technique in the Physical Category will inflict damage determined by a calculation that pits the user’s Attack against the enemy’s Defense.
  • Special: A Technique in the Special Category will inflict damage determined by a calculation that pits the user’s Special Attack against the enemy’s Special Defense.

How Technique Damage is Calculated

Every Technique that inflicts damage inflicts said damage determined by a formula. That formula determines how much health the enemy will lose after a Technique hits. The formula is as follow:

(7 + Level/200 x Technique Damage x Attack/Defense) x Modifier = Damage
This formula will spit out a number that determines how much health the target Temtem loses. Of course, this formula happens nearly instantaneously and behind the scenes so you’ll never have to worry about the math.

Similar to Pokemon, STAB bonus is applied to a Technique’s damage when applicable. STAB stands for Same Type Attack Bonus. The STAB bonus is applied when a Technique’s Type matches the Type of the Temtem using the Technique. For example: A Water-type Temtem will receive a STAB bonus when it uses a Water-type Technique.

How To Get New Techniques

Techniques can be acquired in three main ways: breeding, courses and leveling. When you capture a Temtem, it will already know at least one Technique.

Additional Techniques can be learned using any of the three methods mentioned above. We’ll break down how each method words below:

Breeding: Certain Techniques can only be learned by a Temtem bred specifically to learn special Techniques. Often, the Techniques learned through Breeding are Techniques the Temtem would not have learned otherwise.
Courses: A Course is an item that can be used to teach a Temtem a new Technique. Each Course carries with it a specific Technique. The Course can be used on a Temtem that is able to learn the Technique.
Leveling: This is the standard way for a Temtem to learn a new Technique. When a Temtem levels up, it will sometimes try to learn a new Technique. If you choose to allow it, the Temtem will learn the Technique.

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