Terra Invicta Alien Threat Level Guide

Welcome to our Terra Invicta Alien Threat Level Guide. This guide is meant to give a […]

Welcome to our Terra Invicta Alien Threat Level Guide. This guide is meant to give a quick overview on the alien threat level, its meant to be used as early game tips and help those struggling with the aliens when they unintentionally aggro them too early. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Terra Invicta game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Terra Invicta guide.

Terra Invicta Alien Threat Level Guide

A quick overview of the alien threat level, early game tips, and tackling aliens when they unintentionally attack too soon!

The Intel Page

Your friend, your best friend when it comes to the aliens, is the Intel page. The button for it can be found right next to the Research page.

Alien threat level

When you click on it you will be greeted with the factions page and several buttons. I’ll only cover the Aliens tab of the Intel page here, the very first button on the Intel page.

Terra Invicta Alien Threat Level Guide
Terra Invicta Alien Threat Level Guide

Alien Threat

The Alien threat is marked by 5 colored dots on the top left of the Alien tab in the Intel page and is named “Estimated Alien Threat Level”

Terra Invicta Alien Threat Level Guide
Terra Invicta Alien Threat Level Guide

In the picture 4 of the 5 are colored, originally these dots are not colored but when you attract their attention each dot will color up to signify the threat level.

There is 1 sure fire way to trigger an alien response and it is an artificial cap for your Mission Control. The more you expand the more you will need to increase your Mission Control, however, the issue arrives if you reach 90 mission control. This is the base value at which the Aliens will start moving against you.

I say base value because you will be able to unlock research that allows you to increase the cap as shown in the picture below:

Alien Threat Level Guide
Alien Threat Level Guide

Before unlocking and researching this technology (and the ones after it) if you reach 90 Mission Control the threat level will increase to max and the aliens will attack you.

But apart from the artificial cap there is 2 more ways that can result in an alien response:

  • Constant actions against the Servants
  • Direct attacks against the Alien ships

1) Constant actions against the Servants

Actions against the Servants will piss off the aliens. This, to my experience, does not include Councilor missions such as Detaining, Tech stealing, Tech Sabotage and Org stealing.

Cracking down on their control points will slightly anger the aliens, by how much I’m afraid I am not sure. The first 4-5 years of the game doesn’t seem to affect it too much so it might be a really slow increase.

The same goes with Purging control points. Early game it doesn’t seem to have that much of an effect, but the closer you get to mid game (2030s) the more it seems to anger them. Its best to make sure that the Servants don’t have any Major Nation under their control by that year.

Constant Assassinations will increase the chances of a response but direct (military) actions against CPs they control will increase the threat level by a lot. The more you declare war on territories they hold and flip them over to your control through military actions the more you will attract the Aliens attention.

The game will notify you about this through a councilor in a short message in the left side of the screen but its very easy to miss. Just know that the more military action you take against their CPs the closer you get to increasing the threat level and bringing the aliens on you.

2) Direct attacks against the Alien ships

This is self explanatory. Early to mid game you do not want to fight them, this means not sending fleets directly to engage theirs nor building your ships in Earth orbit where the aliens might “accidentally” fly into yours and start combat. In fact, from what I recently learned, all they need to do is start and engagement, evade or leave combat after that, and your threat level increased by 2 or more points.

From what others have said on the forums and what I found as well, the best solution is to build your Shipyard station in a Lagrange point.

Alien threat level

Not only do you not run the risk of other Factions trying to flip over your station to their side but you won’t have any “accidental” encounters with the alien fleets there.

Updated to reflect new information that was corroborated by other players in the past day (3-4 Oct)

Councilor Missions

There are 2 story missions that you will need to do, 1 will require you kill an alien agent and the other to detain one. These agents usually spawn next to alien encounters and you need to use the “Investigate Councilor” task to uncover the agent.

From this point on you will be able to mess with alien agents but I advise against it unless a story mission requires you to do so. From what I’ve personally noticed messing with their agents too much can trigger a response even if you haven’t reached the artificial cap. Check out our Terra Invicta Councilor Starting Attributes & Missions guide for details!

Alien Aggro Terra Invicta Alien Threat Level Guide

If you’ve aggroed the aliens too soon the only thing you can do is nothing.

Just wait it out, let them destroy your stuff, let the threat level drop and then rebuild. It sucks, but that’s your best solution. They out-tech you too much to fight them, its a losing battle to try so early game.


Always keep an eye on the threat level.

Do not go crazy and expand beyond the stated Mission Cap, plan where you want to expand and how big your initial fleet should be without going over the cap to trigger a response. And finally, do not attack the alien fleet early game, that’s just a death sentence.

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