Terra Invicta Councilor Starting Attributes & Missions

Welcome to our Terra Invicta Councilor Starting Attributes & Missions guide. Each councilor profession has a […]

Welcome to our Terra Invicta Councilor Starting Attributes & Missions guide. Each councilor profession has a set of potential starting values ​​for each qualification, along with starting task abilities. This guide will show you! We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Terra Invicta game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Terra Invicta guide.

Terra Invicta Councilor Starting Attributes & Missions

Various info charts about councilor starting attributes and missions to aid in hiring/retention decisions!

Tables in Spreadsheet Format

We quickly pulled data from the wiki and placed it in spreadsheet charts to help me decide how a candidate assesses their potential for their profession, how each profession fits my current councilors for optimal coverage, and which councilors to invest in. for the campaign.

Tables in Images

Profession Attributes Summarized

Condensed Tables of Councilor Starting Data from Wiki

Profession Attributes Max Starting Potential

Condensed Tables of Councilor Starting Data from Wiki

Profession Attributes Average Starting Potential

Condensed Tables of Councilor Starting Data from Wiki

Profession Starting Mission Capability

Condensed Tables of Councilor Starting Data from Wiki

Suggested Usage/Gameplay Information

Data is for usage as you see fit; however, if you’re newer to the game, here’s some suggestions:

Basic Gameplay Information on Councilors (if you’re new)

  • Councilors have a range of starting attributes that differ by their profession. The max and average tables list these values for each profession.
  • Attributes affect probability of success of certain mission types that are related to an attribute. The missions chart lists the relevant attribute at the top.
  • You can increase attribute values by augmenting from xp (leveling up) or by equipping organizations (more effective). Thus, while starting attributes are important for early game, it is not a sole factor in determining recruitment of candidates. It can determine how easy it is to reach a cap value for an attribute, though.
  • Starting mission capability is important for early game as this determines your councilors’ capabilities for missions. Orgs add mission capabilities, so this may become less important. This does require an org slot, however, to get this added artificial capability. If you’re smart about your councilors’ mission coverage based on their starting mission capability, you’ll likely never lack the missions you need.
  • The Administrative attribute adds organization slots to your councilor and is arguably the most important attribute as orgs more effectively add attributes/bonuses than augmentation.

How I Use This Data

  • At the start of a game, I check the starting councilors and compare their stats to the max potential chart. If they don’t measure up well to their potential, I consider them for dismissal at first opportunity I can reliably replace them.
  • If I’m retaining any of the starting councilors long-term, then I consider the professions mission coverage and look at the mission chart to determine what other professions would pair well with my existing councilors. I aim to build a core team (at least the first 3-4 councilors) with every essential mission type I need.
  • The average attribute chart is useful for when I’m planning on acquiring professions that currently are not a possible recruits. It gives me an idea of some probability of what to expect in their attributes when they hopefully do become candidates. I’ve summarized in shorthand, though, the likely strengths and possible strengths of each profession that I may quickly reference instead.

Guesses on Strategy

  • Ensure I have 1-2 persuasion heavy councilors with relevant control nation/public support missions for starting land grabs.
  • Ensure I get access to purge/crackdown missions before long for contested territory.
  • When I’ve met those criteria and I am moving slightly forward in the game, I then seek a councilor (1 of the 4 professions capable) with Hostile Takeover and a good administrative value. Ideally, I can pair this with another councilor that is capable of investigate/detain councilors with a good investigate value.
  • This becomes my adversary hunter team that seeks to find adversary councilors, detain them as needed, and use hostile takeover to take orgs — ideally +admin orgs that allows me to more quickly buff my councilors with orgs by increasing their org cap. Ultimately I try to maintain a heavy org dominance over adversaries to unlock those higher mission successes with relevant attributes in the 20s.

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