Terraria How to Kill Blue Slime

In this guide, we will tell you how to kill Terraria Blue Slime. If you follow our instructions step by step, you can easily kill blue slime.

Updated on: 02.5.2023

Terraria Killing Blue Slime Guide

  1. Get platinum hammer or amazon yoyo.
  2. Only use yoyo because it is ranged.
  3. When you find a blu slime proceed with caution because it can do mega whopper damage.
  4. Use the yoyo at the slime so it can just about hit the slime.
  5. Keep in mind that the yoyo follows your cursor.
  6. If you died repeat this guide.

Since people liked my green slime guide and someone did request another one. So here is the blue slime one. If this blue slime one also does gud time i will make one about sand slime.

Aswell this guide can also be used for Umbrella slime

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