The Coffin of Andy and Leyley Secret Scenes & Dialogues

Unlock hidden scenes and dialogues in The Coffin of Andy and Lesley's new episodes. Discover detailed insights in our Secret Scenes & Dialogues guide!

Some scenes and dialogues are hidden in two new episodes of The Coffin of Andy and Lesley. So do you want to know what’s going on with them? You can find detailed information about hidden scenes and dialogues in our The Coffin of Andy and Leyley Secret Scenes & Dialogues guide.

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The Coffin of Andy and Leyley Secret Scenes & Dialogues

It’s a compilation of well-kept scenes in both new parts of the game, we guess we’ll add more in the future. If you want to know that Ashley canonically calls Andrew “daddy”, then this The Coffin of Andy and Leyley Secret Scenes & Dialogues guide is for you.

First Chapter Scenes

  • At the very beginning of the game (before take the tomatoes can) if you interact with andrew while sleep, the game say “you can eat him”
  • Andrew can interact with some things after going to the neighbor’s apartment for the first time. An example is a dialogue where Andrew saw a drawing of leyley/ashley when was young and laughed at it, she said proudly it is the best draw she has made and he affirms it with words, she takes as a compliment. Another scene is if you interact with the shower ashley suggest to take a bath with andrew, of course he says mad “is not time”
  • If you steal the money from the neighbor’s jackets (next to the front door), the game gave you two options: keep it all or split with Andrew. If you choose the first he get mad and say that gonna steal some when his sister sleep, but if you choose split it he get satisfied and praise her, also saying “I’ll use some to treat you something someday”
  • If you don’t go for the plastic bags first and interact with Andrew you could see him chopping the neighbor. The conversation they have is ashley cheering up him while he’s swearing and regretting all his life, then he ask if she’s drooling and ashley answers its because shes hungry, then he laughs and gently tell her to get the bags already, and the fact hes worried of her mental health sometimes
  • If you don’t turn off the music Andrew get a little mad with you (ashley) and he turning off instead
  • After eat the neighbor if you interact with andrew (he’s stand next to the kitchen) he said “you need to get your head checked, just a thought” and gives you “good night, sweet dreams”
  • In the dream when they go out with nina, if you go up to the broken windows with the plank, you could see the leyley thoughts about convince nina to jump off through it for broke her something (a leg, the head, whatever)
  • When they are cleaning the disaster of the dead neighbor, if you interact with Andrew you could hear a negotiation talk between Andrew and the guard about exchanging his books for noodles soup. If you interact twice he tells you “why are you still here? go and do something”
  • If you interact with the lady’s apartment, in the bathroom, they have an awkward conversation about why andrew have to be checking the bathroom of a lady

Second Chapter Scenes : Occultism Interactions

  • Following the occultist guy, you could have a conversation with the cult guards. The game gives you two options and is “sorry, I got lost” and the other is “this is the sex demon party?”. Also later you can infiltrate it to the place hiding yourself in the catering cart
  • After being in the satanic club and explore the catering thing, the game show us the hitman arriving to the hotel and if we decide to not follow him, we could go back to the satanic cult to show her the things you saw (using Andrew), exploring the catering room and interacting with multiple objects and cafeteria.
  • In this part, interacting with the cafeteria of the place we get a conversation (or discussion) of them talking about drinking a cup of coffee, exactly Andrew thinking of doing some, Ashley suggests doing it himself and because it’s gonna be a long night. Doing a coffee for Andrew unlock a conversation where Andrew tell her this action (do coffee) will left footprints, and she answers that doesn’t care because any person could do it the same, then the conversation goes like “You are the kind of people who eat the other’s lunch” “I ate people actually” and he laughs at it. When Andrew thanks to her for the coffee he satirically says that was terrible, and she answers that she spat on it, he asks if is talking seriously but she don’t say nothing and just smile
  • After enjoying the catering things, they entered the cult, faking they were catering people who were looking for something they were missing. When they enter the cult, they help to summon something with fresh blood (exactly with the occultist blood) because the one that they used was from a butchery and Ashley confessed that if she was the demon she wouldn’t like rotten blood for the ritual. In this part they tried to offer the occultist soul but nothing happened. The guy shocked says “♥♥♥♥♥” to Ashley and Andrew became hostile about that
  • (Clarifying, this is before the summon things) if you go to the main entrance of the cult and dig in the jackets and clothes of the wardrobe, Ashley could find some bucks. The scene is about them discussing whether to share savings or not, then Andrew split the money with her and she thanks him with a “Thanks, daddy”. He get kinda uncomfortable and said that is not necessary say that just for have given her money

Second Chapter Scenes : Normal Interactions

  • Interacting with an advertisement in the parking unlocks a conversation where Ashley asks Andrew to buy the drink of the ad because looks delicious and is limited time, but he says no because is expensive and “is save the money or haven’t to eat for tomorrow”. If you buy it in the machine next to the hotel at night and gift it to Ashley later you get a conversation about Andrew saying “I was tempted, I had to bought it for you” and then Ashley answers with an “aww” and more tenderness expressions. Not less important she jokes with about what give him in return (her virginity) because if they were in a bar would be the “most logical” answer if a guy gives you a drink and, at the first time Andrew looks uncomfortable by her conclusions but later he follow the joke
  • If you don’t loot the hitman’s car keys they have a conversation about who of both is more stupid, Ashley basically saying “I’d be smart to loot the keys, but I’m dumb as a stone, what’s your excuse?” and Andrew answer “I’m at the mercy of thy whims, darling sister”
  • If you don’t talk with the demon in the dream and you keep interacting with the environment the game tease you answering that you’re a
  • If you climb through the window without the stick to open it, they have a conversation about ashley teasing him because “you’re looking for an excuse to touch my ass”, something he answers kinda annoying, saying “first of all, no, and second, like I’d need an excuse for that?” the last satisfied about it. They keep having that conversation and teasing each other like Andrew slapping her if she doesn’t find something to enter into the house, and she asks “my face or my ass?”

    He doesn’t need an excuse for touch her ass, he do it anyways when they are in the house’s kitchen

  • If you talk with Mrs Graves in the basement while she’s doing laundry, Ashley have a conversation with her about why she didn’t respond to her calls. All ends with Mrs Graves saying “cry about it”
  • If you interact (being Andrew) with Mrs Graves, she asks if both don’t ever get sick of each other and he said technically yes, then she says that the absence becomes the heart fonder. Andrew think that the last thing he need is grow with a fonder heart towards a nightmare of woman (Ashley)
  • You can get a… kinda questionable dialogue with leyley in a dream puzzle. If you are close to a dark place she tease you and the game gives you the option to kill her, thing that actually doesn’t happen but instead the girl annoys you (him) with the thing of nina saying “any person would be horrified to kill a child, but you’re used to do it, don’t you?”
  • If you interact with Julia in the dream while bringing leyley with you, you can unlock a dialogue of her being hostile with the fact of you talking to Julia
  • If you interact with the phone of Julia’s bedroom you could hear death and hostile threats from Ashley

    Thing that… is kinda curious being in Andrew’s dream, because how Andrew knows she did or does that?

  • After burying Nina’s corpse in the park, if you interact with Leyley you could have a conversation of Ashley asking him directly “what do you wanna eat today?” and Andy gets confused because he (apparently) could read other intentions of what eat. Leyley asks the same but re-formulating the question “what’s for dinner tonight?” and then he answers something more normal like “I think fry some fish sticks”
  • That scene imo was creepy and scary asf (and adding the background music too
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