(the) Gnorp Apologue Y2K Achievement Guide

You can find all the tips and information you need to achieve the Y2K achievement and unlock all the free abilities in our guide.

This is the guide Earlio it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Y2K Achievement (6 Talent Points, 0 Compression, 1 Hour)

This guide will help you unlock all the free talents. You only need 6 skill points for this.

Talents to Pick

Y2K Achievement Guide (6 Talent points, 0 compression, 1 hour)
  • The most important is “Bigger pile” to keep compression from happening by accident
  • The rest are just to speed things up a little


For gnorps by the end you will have:

  • 10 slammers
  • 1 bomber
  • the 20 drones for the achievement
  • the rest will be runners


Your main thought should be to always have equal or more collection that you do damage. Don’t over do it on slammers early on without having upped your runners.

  • Manually collect enough shards to build the express, slam club, and house of shards
  • Collect enough to build the Gnorp Propulsion Lab
  • Collect enough to build Robotics
  • Collect enough to build the Rock Analysis lab and research Zybellium Connection
  • Spend your one free Zybellium on teleportation (it helps keep the piles all low)
  • Upgrade your runners’ speed and capacity when you can, ignore the rest of their upgrades
  • Upgrades your Slammers’ warm-up and combo chance when your collection can handle the increased load without worry. Meditation will help early on when runners don’t have teleportation yet
  • At a certain point your runners should be keep the pile pretty low, so you can research weakspot discovery and then turn on bomber+weakspot power.

Keeping things to just slammers keeps the pile pretty wide. I intentionally didn’t do things like fire (concentrates shards into a narrow but tall pile) or ice (a burst of shards that might overwhelm).


  • Buy your drones when you can afford it, they help with collection anyways, but will be outpaced by runners easily by the end.
  • Buy more housing and runners to keep up with/outpace damage

When you have your 20 Drones

Research “Break Time” at the express and you’ll get your achievement in a few seconds!

Written by Earlio

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