THE LONGING – Achievements & Map

Achievements & Map Map Waypoints Cliff / Cave… wait for moss to grow to jump down […]

Achievements & Map



  1. Cliff / Cave… wait for moss to grow to jump down (Pickaxe visible). ~2 weeks
    Don’t pick up moss at the bottom if you want to return to this cave!
  2. Wait for stalagtite to fall down. ~1 week
  3. Library door, blocked from the right
  4. Part of musical instrument
  5. 20x Moss, 20x Coal, 5x Dissappointment for answers
  6. Use pickaxe
  7. Cave with boulder, push to let water flow to your home
  8. Drops filling hole to climb up. ~1 month. Path to Library (14 books).
  9. Two hours to open door
  10. Pickaxe
  11. Move bolder to climb ledge
  12. Spider. “Visit friend” from above to push spider down
  13. It takes ~1 day for the web to be ready to climb. You can’t take mushrooms down here!!
  14. Cave with big mushrooms
  15. Stand above cracked column for a few minutes to fall down to get axe
  16. Examine and wait for map to zoom out for achievment
  17. 5 pieces of coal in ~10 minutes
  18. Grow mushrooms. Glowing as near as possible to the ledge, green as near as possible
    to the left of the glowing one
  19. Pickaxe
  20. Angst. If you get too close he will come for you and you will wake up at home. Idle
    until you are able to close your eyes walk past him.
  21. Hidden staircase. Bring glowing mushrooms to see it.
  22. Walk to the left for app. 10 minutes.
  23. Well – Take Bucket up for ending. I still need to check who is coming to the well above
    (like in the dreams) and in what intervall
  24. There is apparently two ways to reach the Secret Tower. One is to light a sulphur fire
    in your home and Shadow will walk there. Not quite sure though if you need to prepare
    his way, i.e. boulder at 11 should be moved, spider web at 13 is ready to climb and you
    grew a big mushroom at 18.
    You can actually walk to the Secret Tower as well.
    Go past Angst at 20 and continue to the left for several minutes until you hear your
    footsteps change to a muffled sound like you are walking on soil.
    Immediately move to the upper right and shortly after you should get to an illuminated
    part of the cave again.
    After you read “The Secret Garden” you can find Shadows comment at the end:
    “I wonder if there is a secret place in these caves? Well, I better watch
    the sound of my steps…”
  25. “Singing” crystal


There are 25 achievments in The Longing.

  • “My Favorite Painting”
    Draw a lice five times.
  • “The Halls of Eternity”
    Reach the Halls of Eternity. See map.
  • “Running Water”
    Go to point 7 in the map and push boulder aside to let water get to your home.
  • “The Map”
    Go to maproom and inspect the map until it has fully zoomed out.
  • “Disappointing Achievement”
    Be dissappointed five times. You will be dissappointed whenever you reach a point where you cannot move further on. E.G. a gap, a narrow dead end, granite wall, a door you can’t unlock, etc.
  • “Head of a Horse”
    Walk the Halls of Eternity until you find the head.
  • “Mattock”
    Find a pickaxe (see point 10 and 19 on map)
  • “Colorful Stones”
    Get the four stones to draw with. Unfortunately I did not wrote down the locations from the beginning.
    White->Chalk (?), Red->? (?), Yellow->Sulphur (17), Blue->Lapis Lazuli (?)
  • “A Face”
    Let the face answer your questions. Costs 20x moss, 20 coals and 5 dissappointment.
  • “Wah Wah Wah Waaah”
    Play the instrument in your home. Click on parts of your room to play.
  • “Dream”
    Eat three glowing mushrooms until you dream (there are at least two dreams). Or sleep in bed.
  • “Home Improvement”
    Use the pickaxe to expand your home.
  • “Becoming darkness”
    Not quite sure when or where this started. I remember idling around until Shadow sat down and a
    dialogue option popped up. Answer the questions, there should be one with “become darkness”. Once you got the achievment you will be able to close your eyes in certain areas.
  • “Home Sweet Home”
    Equip you home with items. Carpets, paintings, head of horse, crystals, books, bed, etc.
    Once a certain “level” has been reached (amount of in game seconds per second?) light the fire (coal) and you will get the achievment.
  • “Crystal Glory”
    Get five different crystals (white, black, pink, red and blue. See map).
  • “The End of Longing”
    Choose one of the four endings. Suicide (jump off cliff), Good ending (let the old blind man pull
    you up the well), Death (let the young troll pull you up the well) or wake up the king after 400 days.
  • “Leaving Darkness”
    Get out of the darkness at 22.
  • “The Library”
    Enter the Library.
  • “Secret Tower”
    See description on waypoint 24
  • “Avid Reader”
  • “Bed”
    Needs 20 moss and 10 wood to build a bed in your home (after you expanded your home).
  • “The Cave”
    Explore the cave. I finished this achievment after reaching the area below the Secret Tower.
  • “Mushroom Gardener”
  • “Neverending Notebook”
    Found in the Secret Tower.
    Tbh.. I had to look the rest up. Quit the game and search for *notebook* in your local The Longing game folder and add some random text to the notebook.txt file. Since I didn’t know how much to add I pushed the txt-file to 10MB. Restart and read until the second page and you get the achievment.
  • “Birthday”

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  1. The extra books are not in the library, but found in what I call one of the reading rooms. (Pink, two floors). One of these is the Neverending one, the Shade says so.

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