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Best Perks Unlock The Outer Worlds features a total of 42 different perks that are spread […]

Best Perks Unlock

The Outer Worlds features a total of 42 different perks that are spread across three different tier levels. What makes perks so special, is the fact that they hold unique benefits that both players and companions can utilize to their advantage by purchasing the likes of skills, can be purchase to help increase skills or receive a buff.

Players will receive one perk point every 2 levels and given that the level cap is set to 30, you will only being able to unlock a total of 15 perks through this method. If you happen to be looking for additional points, you can receive one perk point for every Flaw that you except.

While it is entirely based upon your playing style, we have listed below some of our favorite perks that we believe to be the best in each of the different perk tiers.

The Best Tier One Perks to Unlock

Listed below are some of the best Tier 1 Perks that you should consider unlocking.


While the default sprinting speed is quite fast, you would be surprised at just how much of a difference a boost of +20 Sprinting Speed can make to your overall gameplay choices.

Despite making those long initial treks to new towns much faster, the boost is especially handy in short range combat situations. Being able to dodge enemies faster and close gap faster between you and the enemy can be the deciding factor between life and death.

Pack Mule

This perk is pretty straight forward and is a must have for anyone that loves to pick up and hoard items. With an additional 50kg carrying capacity, you’ll have plenty of space to pick up items and before having to rush off to your nearest vendor machine.


This one is pretty much a given, as the enemies in The Outer Worlds can hit pretty darn hard, especially if you are playing on difficulties above Normal. With a 50% increase in your Base Health, I highly recommend that this perk is one of the first that you unlock in Tier One.


There is nothing worse than being encumbered, especially when you are in the middle of no where with no vendors or vending machines in sight.

If you’re like me and dread the thought of parting ways with items you “may need, but probably will never use”, having the ability to fast travel to your nearest storage container or vending machine is life changing.

The Best Tier Two Perks to Unlock

Listed below are some of the best Tier 2 Perks that you should consider unlocking.

The Collector

Particularly helpful for those playing on Supernova difficulty, where finding items is extremely important, The Collector perk will allow you to never miss another an item again.

With the Interactable Highlighting Range increased by 5 meters, those hard to find storage boxes will never go un-looted again.

Pack of Pack Mules

As a collector, you can never have too much space. When stacked with the Pack Mule perk in Tier One, you will find that with the additional 40kg Carrying Capacity bonus from your Companions will allow you to never have to drop items again or rush to your nearest vending machine to make space.


If you’re a player that tends to leave your Companions in the ship, the Soliloquy perk is extremely useful as it will increase your Dialog Skills by 10 levels. This may allow you the chance to spend those 10 skill points elsewhere.

Weird Science

Science Weapons are already quite deadly on their own but when combined with the Weird Science Perk, they will then receive an additional 50% damage increase.

As you can imagine, with this kind of damage increase, the science weapons will absolute melt your enemies.

The Reaper

The TTD mechanic is arguably one of my favorite features that I used all throughout my playthrough. However, as I am sure you are aware, it doesn’t last all that long and takes quite a bit of time restore.

This is where The Reaper Perk is extremely useful to have unlocked, as it allows 25% of your TTD to restore after each successful kill that you make. This particular perk, in my opinion, is one of the first perks that you should unlock in Tier 2.


Much like the Toughness Perk, the Harvester is among one of the must have perks in Tier 2. For those that are playing on a higher difficulty, this perk can be the difference between life and death as the ability to restore 15% of your health every kill that you make can change how you engage in combat.

The Best Tier Three Perks to Unlock

Wild Science

Stacking with the Weird Science Perk in Tier 1, Wild Science manages to further increase the damage dealt by Science Weapons.

Should you manage to master the unique abilities of the Science Weapons, both the Weird Science and Wild Science Perks are a must have.

Penetrating Shots

If you’re looking to melt your opponents, the Penetrating Shots Perk is a must have as it allows you to reduce your enemies armor by 1 point for every 10 seconds that you are shooting them. If wasn’t already enough, this perk can be stacked up to 10 times.

When paired with the likes of a fire firing weapon such as an Assault Rifle, this Perk will allow you to absolutely melt any enemies that get in your way.

Armor Master

The Armor Master is truly the best of both worlds, as it allows you to not only increase your armor defense by 10%, but you will also receive a 100% skill increase for any skills that are attached to this armor.

Who can say no to this?

Don’t Go Dyin’ On Me

The Companion AI in The Outer Worlds isn’t particularly great, as I often found that my Companions – despite having powerful weapons and strong armor – would die during combat encounters. This was rather frustrating, especially during the more challenging battles that you encounter.

This is why I would highly recommend unlocking the Don’t Go Dyin’ On Me Perk, as it will allow you to revive any downed Companions to 25% health upon using your inhaler.

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