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Perks All Character Perks The Outer Worlds features a total of 42 different perks that are […]


All Character Perks

The Outer Worlds features a total of 42 different perks that are spread across three different tier levels. What makes perks so special, is the fact that they hold unique benefits that both players and companions can utilize to their advantage by purchasing the likes of skills, can be purchase to help increase skills or receive a buff.

Players will receive one perk point every 2 levels and given that the level cap is set to 30, you will only being able to unlock a total of 15 perks through this method. If you happen to be looking for additional points, you can receive one perk point for every Flaw that you except.

Listed below is the complete list of all character perks in The Outer Worlds.

Tier 1 Perks

Tier 1 Perks are unlocked after reaching level 2.


  • You’ve grown healthier in your time outside of stasis.
  • +50% Base Health

Slow the World

  • Tactical Time Dilation last longer. Surely this is normal.
  • +25% Tactical Time Dilation Meter Max.

Lone Wolf

  • Sometimes you are the only person you can trust, and that’s okay.
  • You deal increased damage when adventuring alone. +25% Damage when alone in a party.


  • Years of Adrena-Time use have left a permanent pep in your step.
  • +25% Walk Speed.


  • They’re not slow, you’re just fast.
  • +20% Sprint Speed.

High Maintenance

  • You take better care of your weapons and armor than most people.
  • -25% Weapon / Armor Durability Loss.


  • After some unsanctioned adjustments, the Workbench’s sight alignment tool is much more accurate.
  • +15% Companion Crit Chance.

The Negotiator

  • Being a shrewd negotiator may cost you some friends, but you make up for in in Bits.
  • -20% Vendor Prices.

Deadly Demonstrations

  • Your Companions have a lot to teach you about killing.
  • +50% XP from Companion kills.


  • You’ve become very efficient at transporting goods. Maybe you should been born as a cargo hauler.
  • Unlock the ability to Fast Travel when Encumbered.

Quick and the Dead

  • Your Tactical Time Dilation meter recharges much faster.
  • +50% Tactical Time Dilation Recharge Rate

Pack Mule

  • Increase your maximum Carrying Capacity.
  • +50kg Carrying Capacity.

A Few Bits More

  • Vendors and Vending Machines have additional Ammo, Consumables, and General items available. This effect will happen the next time a Vendor or Vending Machine Restocks.
  • +100% Additional Ammo stock on Vendors. ^100% Additional Consumable and General stock on Vendors.


  • You have a base Armor Rating which adds to any armor you wear.
  • +5 Base Armor Rating.

Tier 2 Perks

Tier 2 Perks are unlocked after acquiring a total of 5 perks.

Run and Gun

  • Reduce the penalties to Accuracy when moving.
  • -65% Movement Penalty to Accuracy.

The Reaper

  • Gain some tactical Time Dilation meter when you kill an enemy.
  • +25% TTD Restored per Kill.

Weird Science

  • Increases damage dealt by Science Weapons.
  • +50% Science Weapon Damage.

Speed Demon

  • Increase your movement and action speed when Tactical Time Dilation is active.
  • +25% Movement Speed during TTD.


  • When using Tactical Time Dilation, you deal increased Weak Spot damage.
  • +20% Bonus to Extra Headshot / Weakspot Damage.

The Collector

  • Increase the range at which all interactable objects are you highlight without requiring you to look directly at them.
  • +5m Interactable Highlight Range.

Snake Oil Salesman

  • You have a way of convincing Vendors to pay you more Bits than they should.
  • +20% Vendor Buying Prices.

We Band of Brothers

  • When you critically hit a target, you have a chance of immediately resetting the cooldown of a Companion Ability.
  • +25% Chance to reset a Companion Ability cooldown on each Critical Hit.

Tag Team

  • Using a Companion Ability has a chance to reset the other Companion’s Ability cooldown.
  • +25% Chance to reset a Companion Ability cooldown when using the other Companion’s Ability.

Rolling Thunder

  • Killing an enemy reduces the remaining cooldown time of Companion Abilities.
  • -20% Companion Ability Cooldowns for each of your kills.


  • Restore some Health whenever you kill an enemy.
  • +15% Health Restored per Kill.


  • Significantly reduces the Weight of Consumables.
  • -50% Consumable Weight.

Pack of Pack Mules

  • Increase the Carrying Capacity bonus from your Companions.
  • +40kg Carrying Capacity Bonus from Companions.


  • Bonus to Dialog Skills when you have no Companions in your party.
  • +10 Dialog Skills.

Tier 3 Perks

Wild Science

  • Further increase the damage dealt by Science weapons (stacks with Weird Science).
  • +50% Science Weapon Damage.

Steady Hand

  • After killing an enemy, your Weapon Sway and Accuracy penalties while moving are reduced to zero for a short time.
  • -100% Range Weapon Sway.
  • -100% Movement Penalty to Accuracy.


  • There’s something about blood and violence that helps you focus. That’s not disturbing at all.
  • Your next attack after killing an enemy is a guaranteed Critical Hit.

Armor Master

  • Increase the Armor Rating and Skill bonuses for any armor you wear.
  • +10% Armor Rating Bonus. 100% Skill Bonus.

Super Pack Mule

  • Further increase your maximum Carrying Capacity.
  • +100kg Carrying Capacity.

Tactical Master

  • When you activate Tactical Time Dilation, you can continue to move at normal speed for a short time. This effect only occurs when your TTD meter is full at time of activation.
  • +70% Movement Speed during TTD for 5s.


  • Whenever you are affected by a harmful Combat Effect, you deal increased Damage.
  • +20% Damage.

Last Stand

  • When you are at low Health, you deal increased damage.
  • +30% Damage while under 25% Health.

Boom, Headshot!

  • Headshot kills explode, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Headshot kills deal 25% of their damage to enemies within 2.5m

Don’t Go Dyin’ On Me

  • When you use the Inhaler, any downed Companions are revived with a small amount of Health.
  • Revive Companions to 25% Health. Cooldown: 15mins.

Penetrating Shots

  • Your Ranged attacks reduce the target’s Armor Rating by 1 point per hit. This effect lasts a short time, and can stack multiple times.
  • Ranged Attacks inflict -1 Armor Ratings for 10s, and can stack up to -10

Thick Skin

  • All Area of Effect and Plasma damage dealt to you is reduced.
  • -15% Area of Effect Damage Received. v15% Plasma Damage Received.

Tit for Tat

  • A small amount of Melee Damage you deal is returned as healing.
  • +15% Melee Damage returned as Health.

Solo Sneaker

  • Reduce the detection radius of enemies when you have no Companions in your party.
  • -33% Detection Radius of Enemies.

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