The Outer Worlds Best Weapons How to get?

The Outer Worlds Best Weapon Locations

Weapons in The Outer Worlds help you kill enemies more effectively. Thanks to more powerful weapons, you will defeat enemies quicker. You will also be able to explore more challenging parts of the world. Read this page to learn how to quickly get a better weapon in The Outer Worlds. The following weapon options can be used by various character builds and gameplay styles.

The Outer Worlds Assault Rifle

  • Go to the place marked in red.

Assault Rifle is a great choice at the very beginning of the game – you will find it in the first region called Emerald Vale District. Even if you plan to use a different type of weapon, the Assault Rifle is well suited for weakening or killing opponents from a distance. The easiest way to get this weapon is to visit the place marked on the map above – it is located in Emerald Vale Community Center, near the town called Edgewater.

  • Look for a corpse surrounded by mines.

There, you have to find a corpse surrounded by mines. The safest way to disable the mines is to shoot them from a distance – the explosions won’t deal damage to your character. Examine the corpse – you will find an Assault Rifle and ammunition.

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