The Outer Worlds – Disguises How to Find?

Disguises How to Find? How to Find All 5 Disguise ID’s ? When it comes to […]

Disguises How to Find?

How to Find All 5 Disguise ID’s ?

When it comes to stealth in The Outer Worlds, The Holographic Shroud is arguably one of the most essential tools that all players should be utilizing to it’s full potential. Unfortunately though, due to the ID Cartridges often being hard to come by, many players have simply overlooked this rather powerful tool.

For this reason, we have listed below how to find the location of all 5 Disguise Cartridge ID’s that have been hidden across Halcyon.

How to Find the Boarst Factory ID Cartridge?

While not completely necessary, the Boarst Factory ID Cartridge is definitely worth obtaining as it will allow you to enter the restricted area within the Factory without being caught.

To obtain the card, you must first make your way to Duncan Elley, who can be located on Monarch at the Dry Goods and Sundry shop in Fallbrook.

Once you reach the shop, head inside and talk to Duncan. Here, you will explain that you are in need of an ID cartridge to enter the Factory. In order to obtain the card, you must have at least one skill above 70 in the Dialog category, otherwise you will need to enter the factory without one.

How to Find the Mardet ID Cartridge?

Used during the Worst Contact quest, the Mardet ID Cartridge is arguably one of the easiest ID Cartridges to obtain.

In order to find the Mardet ID Cartridge, simply make your way to the Medical Bay on the Ground Breaker. Head through the door that leads to the back room and walk towards the table that is located directly next to the Restricted Area door.

On this table, you will find the Mardet ID Cartridge. This card comes in handy when trying to avoid any unnecessary combat encounters during the Worst Contact quest as you attempt to find Jessie.

How to Find the UDL Identify Cartridge?

Located on Byzantium, you will find one of the UDL Identify cartridges inside The Ministry.

Although the UDL Cartridges are not crucial for the completion of The City and the Stars quest, they will come in handy when trying to navigate through the restricted areas within the quest.

The first Identification Cartridge can be found near The Ministry. In order to get to this card, you must first hack the computer in the right hand corner of the room on the lower floor to learn about Caroline’s problem with a coworker. From here, head to the lunch area on the upper floor and have a quick chat, and she’ll agree to let you into the lab.

Although you still do not have an ID, walk right past the door that Holte was guarding and you will find that it is locked; pick it and talk your way out of the resulting confrontation with the guard that will require 70 Intimidate or 100 Lie to get past.

Here, you will find an ID card in the middle locker that you can take – just make sure to close the door behind you!

How to Find the SubLight ID Cartridge?

To find the SubLight ID Cartridge, travel to Monarch and head to the Amber Heights area. From here, make your way to the bar that can be found towards the far end of the small town.

Enter the bar and climb up the nearby staircase until you reach the outside patio, here you will find a locked door that requires one of two things:

  • Bronson’s Key
  • 40 Lock Picking

Once the door has been opened, you will find the SubLight ID Cartridge on the shelf in the room.

Labyrinth Security Personnel ID Cartridge?

Found during the final mission, Brave New World, you can get your hands on the Labyrinth Security Personnel ID Cartridge when talking to the corporate guard upon arriving in Tartarus.

While speaking to the guard, you will have the option to take the guard’s biometric scan and create a guard ID should you have 78 points in a dialogue skill.

This particular card will allow you to sneak into the prison unnoticed, which is extremely handy for that would prefer to avoid any unnecessary combat encounters.

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