The Outer Worlds Ellie Guide

The Outer Worlds Ellie Guide Ellie is a young woman who is brash and impulsive, but […]

The Outer Worlds Ellie Guide

Ellie is a young woman who is brash and impulsive, but also kind of a bad ass. If you are looking for a “Chaotic Neutral” type companion, she is definitely that, as she doesn’t care for many more people than herself.

How to Recruit Ellie

You can recruit Ellie on the Groundbreaker by completing the quest Worst Contact. This is the second location you’ll go to, so is still relatively early on in the game.

Ellie Skills & Perks

Ellie’s Skills are Lie, Medical and Engineering. This makes her one of the worst Companions in the game from a Skill standpoint because neither Medical or Engineering are particularly good. Her Perks increase Medical by a flat 10, increase your healing from your Inhaler, and prevents you from dying once every 5 minutes if damage would kill you. Of the 3 this last one is the best for obvious reasons, and I’d recommend only taking this one if you’re using Ellie.

Ellie Ability

Ellie’s Ability is called Quick Draw which fires off a series of bullets from her pistol setting Bleeding and Disarming the target. Since automechanicals cannot be disarmed or bleed and many creatures can’t be Disarmed, this is one of the worst Abilities for any of the Companions.

How to Gear and Setup Ellie

Because Ellie uses a Pistol for her Ability outfitting her with Heavy Armor and a Pistol are ideal. Additionally, set her Behaviors to Distance Close, Weapon Ranged and Mode Aggressive.

Should You Use Ellie?

Again personality aside, you are better off using Nyoka than Ellie if you are planning to utilize Sneak in any way. Additionally, Ellie has a shit Ability that isn’t very good, and even though Nyoka’s is not great, it’s still better. I think these are the weakest two characters in the game in terms of the Skills they provide, mostly because Medical is not that good, but if you have to pick one, choose Nyoka.

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