The Outer Worlds SAM Guide (The Cleaning Machine)

The Outer Worlds SAM Companions The trickiest companion to earn in The Outer Worlds is undoubtedly […]

The Outer Worlds SAM Companions

The trickiest companion to earn in The Outer Worlds is undoubtedly SAM. This derelict robot is broken and useless, and you’ll find him very early in the game  once you power on the busted Unreliable and begin your journey into the stars. If you want to fix him, you’ll need to locate a hard-to-find item. Here, we’re going to explain how to complete his quest ‘The Cleaning Machine’.

SAM is a helpful cleaner robot that spews deadly globs of acid from his nozzle. He has a focus on Science, Hacking, and Intimidate skills so if you’re looking to improve your Science Weapon damage, he’s the best companion for the job. He’s also a big, burly robot and naturally resistant to most types of damage. Like a proper robot, SAM is incredibly friendly, and probably the weirdest of the six companions you can unlock. Learn exactly how to get him on your team below.

SAM is a robot and the only AI Companion in The Outer Worlds. SAM is generally oblivious to what is going on and makes a good “neutral” Companion, particularly if you enjoy a bit of humor.

How to Recruit SAM

SAM is a modified cleaning automechanic that is already aboard the Unreliable. Interact with it on the 2nd Floor to begin the quest The Cleaning Machine so it may join your crew.

SAM Skills & Perks

SAM has the Skills Intimidate, Hack and Science, which are all good to have. His Perks provide a flat increase to Intimidate, allow you to kill people without receiving as much Negative Reputation, and increase his personal damage to other automechanicals. These are all not bad to have, especially if you plan to do a fair amount of murdering in your playthrough. I suggest taking all of these Perks.

SAM Ability

SAM’s Ability Decontaminate jumps to his target and knocks it down, dealing acid damage that reduces the target’s Armor. Automechanicals take extra damage. This is a very good Skill and is effective against just about anyone.

How to Gear and Setup SAM

SAM’s equipment is fixed and cannot be changed, but you should set him up for Distance Medium, Long Range and Aggressive for some good old fashion destruction.

Should You Use SAM?

If you can get past SAM’s quirky personality and one liners, he actually has better stats and damage than Vicar Max. You cannot customize him with Armor and Weapons, so it’s really going to come down to which Companion you like better, SAM or Max.

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