The Outlast Trials: All Syringe in Toy Factory

Detailed guide about all syringge in toy factory.

There are many syringes you need to obtain in the toy factory in The Outlast Trials. You can find the locations of all syringes in this guide.

This guide was created by Leland Coyle’s Therapist.

Syringes in Toy Factory

2 MK challenge and 1 main trial. Syringe spot.

1.Incinerate The Sex Toys

At the first start, you will spawn at either left/right side.

The right side. right at the beginning.

The left side. right next to the gate of the beginning

Final Exit Area.

2.Crush The Sex Toys

First start, around the Red Box main area.

Area E. Close to the door

Area C. Close to the door

3.Pervert The Futterman

All big map has a secret room that also contain Extra Syringe. But let’s just focus on the original spot.

First Start. Just left side of the shuttle.

At the garage, at the red box bright room area.

After get in the building. Section A stairs.

Production B area.

Outside the Office Area.

Section D, where the spot you need to crank after finish all A,B,C’s section.

The last one, where you need to follow the pipe. Just right next to the lift door.

That’s all, because this map is in ultra and it is still new.

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