The Panel DC Achievements Guide

The Panel DC is a puzzle game where you will turn valves, pull levers and push buttons. Start interacting with the panel elements and found the combinations to make it work. Then you can make it out of the room you get locked in. In this guide, we will show you how to collect all achievements for The Panel DC.

The Panel DC Achievements Guide

Welcome to our The Panel DC Achievements Guide. In this guide, we will show you how to collect all achievements for The Panel DC.

A Quick Run & A Very Quick Run

As previously mentioned, these are the speedrun achievements.
You need to finish the game in under 6 minutes (A Quick Run) and 5 minutes (A Very Quick Run).
If you follow the optimized steps below, the achievements shouldn’t be very difficult.

A very important note: The in-game timer is misleading. Don’t pay any attention to it.

  • I unlocked both achievements in a run when my timer was far above 5:00.
  • Instead, the achievements are based on real time.

If you are having trouble, here are some general tips:

  • Always finish your run, even if you think that you will fail.
  • Follow the steps on a second monitor/your phone.
  • As a last resort, try editing/reordering the steps in a way that makes sense to you.

Speedrun: Reset 0

  • Turn wheel fully, then back one. Take the tube in the bottom right.
  • Reset with hourglass.

Speedrun: Reset 1

  • Turn wheel once. Power and turn on top/right light.
  • Punch grandma repeatedly. Resets automatically.

Speedrun: Reset 2


  • Turn wheel four times. Power white meter only and wait until it breaks.
  • Power lights and KPA. Turn on both lights.
  • Open the box and put tube in. Press button.
  • While waiting, take and use pliers on painting screw. Take and use valve 1 and 2.
  • Use pliers on battery. Click note on floor.

Symbol Sequences

Hint: The sequences always change. To go faster, memorize and enter 2-3 symbols at a time.

  • Power numpad.
  • Go past nine and enter symbol sequence. Take button.
  • Enter roman numerals from top right panel (7825) and unlock. Take valve 3.
  • Use flashlight to take screwdriver from bottom left. Then, enter sequence from top right.
  • Enter sequence from each page of clipboard.
  • Hint: Remember that is aligned like a keyboard numpad. 123 is bottom row.
  • Enter sequence from back of clipboard.
  • Take all buttons. Open top right panel with screwdriver. Use valve 3 and all buttons.
  • Power and play Simon Says.
  • Hint: Follow along with your mouse to help you remember.
  • Take mug. Reset with hourglass.

Speedrun: Resets 3-12

  • Turn wheel then reset day 9 times.
  • On counter 10, turn wheel four times instead. Power lights and numpad. Turn on both lights.
  • Take beer and combine beer with mug. Give it to grandma.
  • Enter the clock time in the numpad (0645) and unlock. Take wrench.
  • Use wrench on top panel. Power this panel and the lever.
  • Flip lever. Use frying pan on electricity.
  • Use wrench on middle panel. Press red button.

Finished! See tips at the beginning if you don’t get the achievements.

The Panel DC Secret Achievements

The secret achievement is called The Schattenjager.

  • Load completed game. Turn wheel twice.
  • Power white meter only and wait until it breaks.
  • Repeatedly click battery until warning text zooms in.
  • This is the secret screen (image here). This is an easter egg for Gabriel Knight 2.
  • Program will close. Reopen and load game. Turn wheel four times.
  • Power numpad. Enter release date for easter egg (1995) and unlock.
  • Take item (GK2 Easter Egg).

Can’t Touch Me

  • Start new game. Turn wheel fully. Do not turn wheel back.
  • Instead, mouse over the right arrow and keep following it to the end.
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