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Fobia St Dinfna Hotel Walkthrough Guide

The survival horror game Fobia: St. Past, present and future collide at Dinfna Hotel. Explore a […]

The survival horror game Fobia: St. Past, present and future collide at Dinfna Hotel. Explore a run-down hotel in different time periods, uncovering the dark history and role of a fanatical cult. All the information you need on this adventure, walkthrough and more are in our Fobia St Dinfna Hotel Walkthrough guide. Check it out without wasting time!

Fobia St Dinfna Hotel Walkthrough

Welcome to our Fobia St Dinfna Hotel Walkthrough Guide. This guide is barebones. It’s intended to allow self-exploration, but prevent FOMO by allowing players to check what they might have missed in different areas of the game, as well as provide solutions or remove doubts on which puzzle or locked door should be done next.

As for gameplay type, the guide is intended for completionists (Want to collect all collectibles and resources), but I provide two ways of playing following the guide.

  1. Vanilla: You follow the dev’s intended game path and only solve the puzzles when you should
  2. Speedrun: You “magically know” some codes and get hold of items you shouldn’t be getting so soon in the game

Prologue Walkthrough


  • Grab Metal Key
  • Read note
  • Exit cell


  • Go to desk
  • Grab Key IV & Diary
  • Read 2 notes
  • Open cell IV
  • Cell IV
  • Place diary on bricks
  • Exit cell


  • Press lever next to gate


  • Cutscene, run, turn right, cutscene

The Hotel Walkthrough


  • Press bell, cutscene
  • Grab Room 610 Key
  • Open doors down the hallway to the right
  • At the right of the doors, table, read 5 notes
  • Elevator, cutscene

Room 610

  • Desk, grab Inventory Expansion (1/13), Gauze
  • Small desk, read note, read laptop
  • Grab Pocket Watch, Metal Object
  • Inspect Metal Object, numbers = combination of suitcase on floor
  • Open suitcase on floor, grab Bathroom Key
  • Read bulletin board
  • Grab Jonisvaldo (Paper) lower right corner
  • Open bathroom, grab Camera Lens from shelve
  • Open suitcase on floor, read note
  • Wardrobe, open safe with 37251, grab Camera Body
  • Open inventory, combine Camera Lens + Camera Body
  • Equip camera, interact with writing above bed
  • Enter bathroom, cutscene
  • Equip camera, desk, interact with photo
  • Interact with box on chair
  • Chest at foot of bed, grab Adhesive Plaster
  • Open inventory, combine Adhesive Plaster + Gauze = Bandage
  • Exit room

6th floor left wing corridor

  • Cabinet, grab Inventory Expansion (2/13)
  • Read note

Room 611

  • Equip camera, go to bathroom
  • Exit to corridor through hole

6th floor left wing corridor

  • Room 608, grab Key of a drawer
  • Go back, girl will spawn, DO NOT GET CLOSE, wait for de-spawn
  • Return to cabinet on corridor
  • Open locked drawer, grab Room 608 Key

Room 608

  • Equip camera
  • Open safe with 6749, grab Inventory Expansion (3/13), Bandage

Room 606

  • Open safe (no code), grab Room 606 key

6th floor center

  • Open gate, read note

6th floor right wing corridor

  • Mid-way “lounge”, right side, grab Gauze
  • End of corridor cabinet, grab Inventory Expansion (4/13), Adhesive Plaster

6th floor center

  • Go down the stairs, pick Gauze from small table, cutscene

5th floor center

  • Open gate, drawers to the left, read 4 notes
  • Speedrun: Counting from bottom left to top right, open drawers A4, A10, B2, D3, E1
  • Speedrun: Leave Metal Gear in the drawer, for now
  • Go through hole, left, open box, grab Red Card, read note
  • Go back, pick up phone, cutscene

6th floor center

  • Use Red Card + 67352
  • Vanilla: Equip camera, look at picture at the right = Solution of 5th floor drawers
  • Down the corridor, right gate, downstairs
  • Lockers, grab Flashlight, read note
  • Open box with 164 871, grab Blue Corridor Bathroom Key, Pistol Bullets
  • Go downstairs, grab Upgrade Item (1/52), Inventory Expansion (5/13)
  • Speedrun: Go upstairs twice (back to 6th floor center), use Red Card + 775492, grab Upgrade Item (13/52). Discard Red Card

5th floor center

  • Open WC Door

5th floor right wing corridor

  • Read note on elevator

5th floor service room

  • Dump Metal Object, Red Card, Metal Gear, take Pistol Bullets in the Item Box
  • Equip camera, open box, grab Room 603 Key, Electronic Circuit
  • Save game

5th floor right wing corridor

  • After ducking under cabinet, girl will spawn, wait for de-spawn
  • Left, drawer, grab Adhesive Plaster
  • End of corridor, cabinet, read note

Room 603

  • Open box on bed, take Cassette Recorder, Cassette Tape
  • Open inventory, combine the above, listen
  • Bedside table, grab Gauze, Pistol Bullets
  • Desk, open box with 30 Right, 10 Left, 5 Right, take Allen Key

5th floor center

  • Use Allen Key on elevator panel, solve puzzle
  • Enter elevator, take 7th Floor Button, install on elevator

7th floor center

  • Interact with door to the right
  • Go down the stairs, grab Upgrade Item (2/52)
  • Drawers, grab Pistol Bullets

9th floor

  • Open box, read note, grab Pistol Bullets, grab 1911 .45 Pistol
  • Shoot 1 Claw monster
  • Read note, go to right side, grab Mezzanine 1 Key
  • Go to left side, grab Upgrade Item (3/52), grab White Queen Chess Piece

7th floor center

  • Place chess piece on the board
  • Move E2 to E4, then F1 to C4, then D1 to F3, then F3 to F7
  • Grab Pistol Bullets, 6th Floor Service Room Key
  • Leave Metal Gear, for now

5th floor left wing

  • Shoot/be attacked by 4 Mutant bugs
  • Grab Gauze at the left, read note
  • Go through hole

Room 508

  • Grab Upgrade Item (4/52)
  • Right bedside table, grab Inventory Expansion (6/13), Pistol Bullets
  • Left beside table, grab MEMORY (1/20) The Origin of spaces

6th floor center

  • I recommend you save on 5th floor before this section
  • Kill 2 Claw Mutants

6th floor service room

  • Equip camera, open box, grab Pistol Bullets
  • Drawers, grab Pistol Bullets, Upgrade Item (5/52)
  • Suitcase, grab Simple Bandage, Pistol Bullets
  • Grab 1st Floor Button from panel
  • Exit, cutscene
  • Stand by the left side of corridor, so that Aquiles walks along left side. Shoot him until he flinches/kneels and run past him OR run directly, be grabbed and then you can run downstairs, enter elevator, apply 1st Floor Button and finish this section

The House in the Woods Walkthrough


  • Read note
  • Wardrobe, grab MEMORY (2/20) Pocket Watch
  • Go downstairs

Living room

  • Right of stairs, read note


  • Grab Kitchen Door Key


  • Grab Office Key
  • Go upstairs


  • Open box, grab 4 items, combine (by numerical order) in inventory
  • Read notebook
  • Go downstairs

Living room

  • Open gun cabinet, grab Metal Piece 4
  • Combine Modular Key + Metal Piece 4
  • Go upstairs


  • Open box, grab Sphere
  • Go downstairs, save your game
  • Exit house through door next to Bathroom

The Great Hall Walkthrough

1st Floor left wing

  • Go left, desk after blocked stairs, grab Adhesive Plaster, Gauze
  • Keep walking forward, 3rd desk, grab Pistol Bullets, Inventory Expansion (7/13)
  • NOTICE THE PRAYING NUN PAINTING TO THE LEFT OF THIS DESK. Interact with it. You DON’T need to pick the Encrypted Document yet.
  • Move down the corridor to the other side
  • Shoot 1 Claw Mutant
  • NOTICE THE GEARS PAINTING, grab Metal Gear from bottom left corner
  • Table in the middle, grab Pistol Bullets
  • Second table, read note, grab Pistol Bullets, Small Alcohol
  • You can combine Simple Bandage + Small Alcohol = Strong Bandage

Ground Floor

  • To the right of stairs, grab Adhesive Plaster, Pistol Bullets from tables near pillars
  • Directly ahead of stairs, grab Upgrade Item (6/52), examine the items on the table
  • To the left of stairs, read note, grab Pistol Bullets near Save Clock
  • Go to ringing phone, grab Library Key, answer phone, cutscene

1st Floor left wing

  • Open Library doors on both sides, discard the key


  • Starting from the side with the Praying Nun painting
  • Bookcase to the right, grab Small Alcohol
  • Read note on table
  • Speedrun: Equip camera, open safe with 012345679, grab 3 Metal Keys
  • Speedrun: Left of our Item Box, open locked drawer with 25 Right, 15 Left, 20 Right, grab Key to a Safe, interact with picture
  • On the other side of the room, on the desk, grab Pistol Bullets
  • On cabinet, grab Shotgun Shells
  • Open floor safe with 32 Right, 16 Left, 4 Right
  • Read note, grab Handle, Metal Cube
  • Speedrun: Open locked door on safe with Key to a Safe, grab MEMORY (11/20) – Earring, read note
  • Open inventory, press use on Metal Cube
  • Start with inner-most circle, rotate until upright, then outer-most circle
  • Combine Handle + Metal Cube
  • Flip switch number 3, 6 and 9
  • Combine Ornate Key with the Metal Pieces
  • Open box on table, grab Meeting Room 2 Key
  • Equip camera, look at bookshelve and grab The 3 Musketeers Book
  • Drop in Items Box the 3 Musketeers Book, Metal Gear, Cassette Recorder
  • I recommend a save

1st Floor right wing

  • Run to area at the right of the elevator (when exiting elevator)
  • When entering, drawer to the right, grab Pistol bullets
  • Foward, blue table, grab Pistol Bullets
  • Move down the corridor, shoot/get attacked by 3 Mutant Bugs
  • Shoot 1 Claw Mutant
  • Girl will spawn, wait for despawn
  • Behind where girl spawned, desk, grab Pistol Bullets

Meeting Room 2

  • Grab Upgrade Item (7/52), Pistol Bullets, Cassette Tape, 3rd Floor Button

1st Floor right wing

  • Go back, shoot 1 Claw Mutant on infested area
  • Shoot 2 Claw Mutants in front of elevator

3rd Floor center

  • Grab Pistol Bullets twice
  • Equip camera, grab Adhesive Plaster
  • Go upstairs, grab Upgrade Item (8/52), Shotgun Shells
  • Enter gated room, cutscene
  • Grab Shotgun, Inventory Expansion (8/13), Conference Room Key, MEMORY (3/20) – Military ID (Dog Tags), Pistol Bullets, Simple Bandage, Shotgun Shells
  • Equip camera, grab Pistol Bullets twice

1st Floor right wing

  • SAVE GAME, boss fight incoming

Conference Room

  • Left of box in floor, grab Pistol Bullets
  • Open box, grab Pistol Bullets, Screen, read note
  • Use Metal Cube in your inventory
  • Press buttons on this order: Top left corner, bottom right corner, top right corner, middle in the bottom, middle in the left, bottom left corner
  • Combine Modular Key + Metal Piece 3
  • Exit room, cutscene
  • BOSS FIGHT, do not run to other side of corridor else Claw Mutants will spawn. You can find Shotgun Shells (x1?) and Pistol Bullets (x3?) on the area in front of Conference Room door

7th Floor right wing corridor

  • Mid-way, table, read note
  • Drawer, grab Strong Bandage, Pistol Bullets
  • Interact with plaque above drawer
  • Interact with pictures by this order 1, 5, 3, 2, 4
  • End of corridor, grab Upgrade Item (9/52), Pistol Bullets, Cassette Tape

7th Floor left wing corridor

  • Mid-way, drawer, grab Machine Gun Bullets
  • Interact with plaque above drawer
  • Interact with pictures by this order 3, 4, 2, 5, 1
  • Equip camera, end of corridor, grab Crowbar, Shotgun Shells, Upgrade Item (10/52)

Room 711

  • Closet, grab Upgrade Item (11/52), Pistol Bullets, MEMORY (4/20) – Ring

7th Floor center

  • Open previously hidden door
  • Desk, read note, open box, grab Blue Card, grab Shotgun Shells from drawers
  • Read computer
  • Bookcase, grab Upgrade Item (12/52), Inventory Expansion (9/13)
  • Exit room, go to Chess Board in front of Elevator, Grab Metal Gear
  • Go to elevator, stop in 6th floor, use Crowbar and discard it

6th Floor center

  • Shoot 1 Claw Mutant at the left just after going through the gate you unlocked with Red Card a while ago
  • Vanilla: Use Red Card + 775492 on locked door. You can discard Red Card now. Grab Upgrade Item (13/52)
  • Speedrun: Unlock box with 3 Metal Keys, grab Upgrade Item (36/52)

5th Floor center

  • Grab Metal Gear from the drawers in the central room
  • Grab Metal Gear, The 3 Musketeers Book from Item Box
  • Vanilla: Grab Red Card from Item Box
  • Save your game, why not
  • Go to center, equip camera, duck under things to reach gate
  • Use Blue Card + 645820. Discard Blue Card
  • At your right, picture on wall, interact with it
  • Plaque on wall, place the 3 Metal Gears
  • Interact with left gear, point arrow to T
  • Interact with middle gear, point arrow to F
  • Interact with right gear, point arrow to M
  • Black cabinet, unlock safe with 19 Right, 17 Left, 24 Right
  • Grab from safe Inventory Expansion (10/13), Upgrade Item (14/52), Pistol Bullets, Shotgun Shells
  • Table behind you, grab Pistol Bullets
  • Desk, grab Pistol Bullets, equip camera, grab Shotgun Shells
  • Equip camera, new bookshelve, place The 3 Musketeers Book
  • Rearrange books on this order: 1, 2, Triangle, 3, 5, 6, 7
  • Hidden room, grab Upgrade item (15/52)
  • If screen says TFM, interact with plaque as described above
  • If screen says FOBIA, interact with it and write YHUBT
  • Exit to backrooms, go upstairs

6th Floor backrooms

  • Shoot 3 Mutant Bugs
  • Grab Pistol Bullets, Metal Gate of 6th Floor Key, Upgrade Item (16/52)
  • Open gate with new key
  • Go downstairs, I recommend a save now

4th Floor backrooms

  • Shoot 1 Claw Mutant on the hallway
  • Grab Shotgun Shells, Pistol Bullets
  • Shoot 1 Claw Mutant on the mid-section of the 4th Floor
  • Grab Pistol Bullets on desk next to doorway leading to 4th Floor center
  • Exit to 4th Floor center, cutscene

4th Floor center

  • Go upstairs, grab Upgrade Item (17/52), Shotgun Shells
  • Go down the ramp on the left wing

Room 210 & 208

  • Item Box to your left, if you need
  • Equip camera, go through hole in bathroom
  • Look into bathtub, grab Upgrade Item (18/52)
  • Grab Machine Gun Bullets

2nd Floor center

  • Shoot 2 Claw Mutants

2nd Floor right wing

  • Shoot 2 Mutant Bugs

Room 300

  • Closet, grab MEMORY (5/20) – Pendant
  • Bathroom, grab Upgrade Item (19/52)

Room 302

  • Grab Pistol Bullets, Upgrade Item (20/52), Machine Gun MP-28

Room 303

  • Bed, grab Shotgun Shells, Machine Gun Bullets
  • Desk, grab Pistol Bullets x2
  • Closet, read plaque, unlock box with SIMAO
  • Grab Weird Piece of Metal, Room 404 Key
  • Bathroom, grab Machine Gun Bullets, Upgrade Item (21/52) inside toilet
  • Exit room, look to your right, shoot 1 Claw Mutant
  • Running sequence incoming!

2nd/3rd Floor

  • Running sequence incoming! Read before proceeding!
  • Cutscene, Aquiles will spawn, run towards the center, another cutscene
  • The game wants you to go to 1st Floor, but I have better plans
  • You will instead shoot Aquiles so he flinches/kneels, shoot Claw Mutant behind him and run through Room 208/210 with your camera
  • Aquiles cannot follow you through camera-only passages
  • Game will still be playing running music, but you can chill

Room 404

  • Grab Upgrade Item (22/52), Pliers, MEMORY (6/20) – Magic Cube
  • Go back through room 208/210

2nd Floor center

  • Shoot 1 Claw Mutant (If you didn’t kill it on running sequence)

1st Floor center

  • Shoot 1 Claw Mutant in front of elevator
  • Two more Claw Mutants (maybe 3?) in the other side of the mezzanine/balcony overlooking Ground Floor

7th Floor left wing

  • Shoot 3 Mutant Bugs

The Great Hall Walkthrough

Room 709

  • Equip camera, grab Metal Rod, use it on articulated stairs above you
  • Now let’s get rid of Pliers, Metal Rod, they occupy too much space. Make sure to leave
  • Speedrun: Also 3 Metal Keys

6th Floor center

  • Remember that area with gates and articulated stairs? Go there
  • Enter gate at right, look up, use Metal Rod
  • Go downstairs to 4th Floor center, across to other side
  • Use Metal Rod on ceiling above, access 5th Floor center
  • Use Metal Rod on ceiling above, access 6th Floor center
  • Grab Shotgun Shells, Pistol Bullets, Upgrade Item (23/52)
  • Use Metal Rod on ceiling above, you can now discard the Metal Rod
  • Grab Revolver from the wall, go upstairs
  • On 7th Floor, grab Upgrade Item (24/52) and go down the other stairs to leave the area

Room 604

  • Grab Strong bandage
  • Desk, grab MEMORY (7/20) – Stethoscope, Adhesive Plaster, Gauze
  • Cabinet, open safe with 251, grab Locker Key
  • Equip camera, open locked locker, grab Upgrade Item (25/52)
  • Equip camera, go to bathtub, grab Shotgun Shells
  • Remove camera, read note from plant
  • Go downstairs
Room 508
  • Speedrun: Open box with 3 Metal Keys, grab Upgrade Item (37/52), Gear with Numbers

5th Floor center

  • Equip camera, duck to access backrooms area, use pliers on locked door, grab Upgrade Item (26/52), Strong Bandage
  • Go back, and upstairs, use elevator to 5th floor

Room 501

  • Equip camera, use pliers. After opening it, you can discard the pliers
  • No camera, cabinet, grab Pistol Bullets, Shotgun Shells
  • No camera, table, grab Upgrade Item (27/52), Small Alcohol
  • Camera, open briefcase with 483, grab Upgrade Item (28/52)
  • Speedrun: Open box with 3 Metal Keys. You can now discard the keys. Grab Upgrade Item (38/52)

Room 709

  • Equip camera, move up the articulated stairs

Backstage on 8th Floor

  • Move towards save clock, doors to the left
  • Grab Small Alcohol from one room
  • Grab Machine Gun Bullets and White Card from other room
  • Near the gate, red sofa, grab Shotgun Shells
  • Organize your inventory, get ready for a Boss fight
  • Save your game
  • Open door with White Card + 9568, cutscene

Piano room

  • Bossfight
  • Next to a big table, grab Simple Bandage, Machine Gun Bullets, Shotgun Shells and Pistol Bullets x2
  • On stage, grab Strong Bandage, Machine Gun Bullets, Shotgun Shells x2 and Pistol Bullets x2
  • Open door with White Card + 5527

Backstage on 8th Floor

  • Interact with baggage cart to open gate and maybe save your game
  • Go up the articulated stairs

Backstage on 9th Floor

  • At the top of stage on other side, grab MEMORY (8/20) – Sheet of Music
  • Grab Cassette Tape, Machine Gun Bullets, Backstage Key, 8th Floor Button
  • Use key on both gates in this area. You can discard the key now
  • Go out to the 9th Floor center, down the stairs, shoot one Claw Monster, enter the elevator, use 8th Floor Button

8th Floor center

  • To your left, use White Card + 1102. You can discard the White Card now.
  • Read note to the right of now-open door
  • Go up the stairs in front of statue
  • Grab Handle and read note at left of the door
  • Hug doors, look right, walk along the wall, read note on top of the lamp
  • Go behind reception desk, use Handle on cash register, grab Mezzanine 2 Key
  • Look to left, white cabinet, read note
  • Look left, black cabinet, take Adhesive Plaster
  • Open safe with 1649, grab Machine Gun Bullets, Revolver Bullets

9th Floor

  • Go to right wing, shoot one Claw Monster
  • Open door
  • Puzzle, align the symbols. Place top left cog “+” sign pointing to center cog, align all other cogs accordingly
  • Grab Reception Key
  • Speedrun: Take all three Gears with Numbers with you

1st Floor

  • Shoot Claw Mutant from walkway ahead of you
  • To your right, on infested area, new room is open

Meeting Room 1

  • Grab Pistol Bullets, Shotgun Shells
  • Look at frame next to safe, rotate coins until line is at the bottom
  • Equip camera, repeat for remaining coins
  • READ! On safe, grab Upgrade Item (29/52). You DON’T NEED the Coin with Combination! Leave it for extra inventory space. This is the combination for locked (Vanilla) or unlocked (Speedrun) drawer in Library Room

1st Floor right wing

  • Go around, shoot 3 Claw Mutants near the stairs to Ground Floor
  • Speedrun: Remember the Praying Nun painting which had the Encrypted Document behind, near Library? Go grab it

Ground Floor

  • Speedrun: If you have them with you, place the 3 Gear with Numbers on the Enigma Puzzle right in front of the stairs you just came from. Use the Encrypted Document on it. Code will probably be 271, but it might also be 303.
  • Save your game
  • Use reception key


  • Grab Simple Bandage, read note on reception desk
  • Equip camera, go to right side room
  • Grab Upgrade Item (30/52), Machine Gun Bullets
  • Open box, grab Administration Key, Circuit
  • Equip camera, leave room, go to other room
  • Grab Pistol bullets, Shotgun Shells, MEMORY (9/20) – MP3 Player
  • Organize inventory with Item Box next to you, why not
  • Pick up the phone, cutscene
  • Run sequence again!

Ground floor

  • Run sequence again! You have enemies across your path
  • Shoot/run by Claw Mutant on stairs behind Aquiles
  • Go up the stairs

1st Floor right wing

  • Shoot/run by 1 (or more?) Claw Mutants
  • Go up the stairs to 2nd floor

2nd Floor

  • Shoot 1 Claw Mutant on left wing, go to room 208
  • Equip camera, step into room 210
  • Running ended

3rd Floor center

  • Fix elevator

8th Floor center

  • Shoot chalice from statue, grab it from the floor
  • Unlock Administration Room

Administration Room

  • On table, grab Shotgun Shells, Machine Gun Bullets, read book
  • Cabinet to the right, grab Pistol Bullets
  • On desk, interact with monitors and picture
  • On desk, grab Upgrade Item (31/52), Pistol Bullets and Machine Gun Ammo
  • Above fireplace, place Chalice, small cutscene
  • Open safe with 35 Right, 5 Left, 30 right
  • Grab Piano Key, Small Gear, read note
  • Combine Small Gear + Metal Cube, solve puzzle
  • You can now discard the Metal Cube
  • Combine Metal Piece 4 + Modular Key
  • Open box on table, grab Upgrade Item (32/52)
  • Open box with 784, grab Coin
  • Fireplace, place Coin on Lion’s Head
  • Save, exit room

8th Floor center

  • Newly exposed area, grab Upgrade Item (33/52), read note

6th Floor left wing

  • Enter room 606, pass to room 608
  • Shoot 1 Claw Mutant outside of room 608
  • Equip camera, step into room 611, exit and enter room 610

Room 610

  • Grab MEMORY (10/20) – Stuffed Bunny (If it’s not here yet, do the piano part and then come back)
  • Open box on chair, grab Upgrade Item (34/52)

1st Floor

  • Vanilla: Remember that coin we left in the safe in Meeting Room 1? You need that combination for the Library’s locked drawer, inspect the coin but you don’t need to take it with you


  • Equip camera, look and open locked box, grab Upgrade Item (35/52) and Pistol Bullets
  • Vanilla: Open the locked drawer with 25 Right, 15 Left, 20 Right, look at the picture, grab Key to a Safe
  • Vanilla: There’s a safe on the floor we opened a while ago, go to it, open locked door on safe with Key to a Safe, grab MEMORY (11/20) – Earring, read note
  • Vanilla: Equip camera, find locked safe on top of table, open it with 012345679, grab 3 Metal Keys
  • Vanilla: Do CTRL+F for “3 Metal Keys” from the start of this guide to know where to use them
  • Vanilla: After gathering the 3 Gear with Numbers, CTRL+F for “Encrypted Document” and follow instructions

8th Floor Backstage

  • Shoot 2 Claw Mutants

Piano Room

  • Shoot 1 Claw Mutant
  • Place Piano Key, play the piano
  • Select ONE number per line (I’m using “/” to facilitate reading)
  • Combination is: 0-1-1 / 2-3-5 / 8-1-3 / 2-1-3 / 4-5-5
  • Cutscene

8th Floor center

  • Shoot 2 Claw Mutants
  • Go down the new passageway, cutscene

7th Floor center

  • Here, grab Strong Bandage, Machine Gun Bullets and Black Card
  • Use Black Card + 400233, discard Black Card
  • Step into this office, open safe, grab Upgrade Item (39/52)
  • You should save your game before moving into next section

The Forest Walkthrough

Intersection, go left, grab Sphere Fragment 1

  • Walk back, go right, follow image up to windmill, grab Sphere Fragment 2
  • Go back, building to left, center door
  • Open box, grab Administration Warehouse Key, cutscene, read note
  • Open door to left when leaving, grab Sphere Fragment 3
  • Exit, resume path, see door opening and closing?
  • Go there, read note, resume path
  • Reached gate, enter building to right, chapel to your left, follow path
  • Tree falls, enter building, open toolbox with 35 Right, 15 Left, 10 Right, grab Pliers
  • Closet, grab Sphere Fragment 4
  • Run back, open gate near chapel, enter right-most building, grab MEMORY (12/20) – Helmet
  • Exit, gate to your right, unlock, go to second building, read note
  • Exit, go back, walk towards a water tower until windmill falls
  • Unlock gate near water tower, and another gate at your right near a house
  • Go back, up & down the water tower, follow path, cutscene, grab Chapel Key
  • Chapel, cutscene, enter, cutscene, open box, grab Sphere Fragment 5
  • Exit, walk through other gate you opened previously but didn’t go through
  • After windmill, enter house to right, cutscene, grab Sphere Fragment 6, read note, save game

Exit, follow rest of path, grab Sphere Fragment 7

The Underground Walkthrough

To understand name references, refer to the map of the underground in 5 – Monitoring

  • Highlighted in red is what matters for this section
  • I added red lines indicating unmarked doors, added L and R and corridor level requirements to make it easier to understand my instructions
Fobia St Dinfna Hotel Walkthrough Guide
Fobia St Dinfna Hotel Walkthrough Guide

Right Hallway Level 0

  • Grab Shotgun Shells, Pistol Bullets
  • Save game
  • Move cart, enter room at your left

Lab 01

  • Shoot 1 Claw Mutant
  • Shoot 2 Mutant Bugs behind Claw Mutant
  • Bloody desk, grab Upgrade Item (40/52)
  • Cabinets, grab Pistol Bullets, Gauze
  • Interact with button to activate other door

Left Hallway Level 0

  • Turn left, shoot 1 Mutant Bug
  • Equip camera, go through the right

2 – Data Processing

  • Shoot 1 Claw Mutant
  • Towards Item Box, grab Pistol Bullets, Simple Bandage
  • Read note, interact with computer, print and grab Card Level 1
  • Middle desk, read note
  • Red sofa, grab Gauze
  • Activate door, go back

Right Hallway Level 1

  • Shoot 1 Claw Mutant in the distance, another around the right corner
  • Shoot 2 Mutant Bugs above the fence where last Claw Mutant was

5 – Monitoring

  • Look at the map at the left wall, familiarize yourself with the area
  • Lockers to left of map, grab Simple Bandage
  • Coffee machine to right of map, grab Small Alcohol
  • Crate at back, grab Shotgun Shells
  • Desk, interact with flatscreen monitors
  • Desk, grab Pistol Bullets, interact with CRT monitor
  • Generate access and grab USB Flash Drive from the computer tower
  • Activate door to left of computer

2 – Data Processing

  • Use USB Flash Drive in computer, generate code
  • Upon error, click “Yes”, small cutscene
  • Go to unlocked door, on the back, grab Adhesive Plaster
  • Equip camera, grab Screwdriver

7 – Research

  • Middle, grab Shotgun Shells, read note
  • Drawers, grab Shotgun Shells, Adhesive Plaster, Small Alcohol
  • Left of crazy door, use screwdriver, solve puzzle
  • Inside new room, left, take Machine Gun Bullets, Shotgun Shells
  • Middle, take A19 Server

2 – Data Processing

  • Place A19 Server into slot, small cutscene
  • Interact with computer, print Card Level 2, discard Card Level 1
  • Grab Card Level 2 AND USB Flash Drive

Left Hallway Level 2

Turn left, pull cart out so it doesn’t block passageway between Labs

4 – Lab 02

  • Equip camera, open box in front of you, grab Revolver Bullets and Upgrade Item (41/52)
  • Go right, white cabinet, grab Upgrade Item (42/52) and Machine Gun Bullets
  • Cabinets under sink, grab Inventory Expansion (11/13)
  • Along the right, read note
  • Refrigerators, grab Shotgun Shells, Strong Bandage
  • Above the safe, interact with clocks: 8 – 11 – 4 – Pull lever


  • Open safe with 25 Right, 8 Left, 36 Right, grab Energy Redirector
  • Go inside windowed area, grab Energizer, Upgrade Item (43/52)
  • Go save your game

6 – Lab 03

  • READ!
  • Enter it through Lab 02, equip camera to pass the locked Lab 02 door
  • You have a Claw Mutant to your immediate left, rush in towards laying Claw Mutant to avoid being hit
  • Shoot said 2 Claw Mutants
  • Podium, read note
  • Equip camera, grab MEMORY (13/20) – Old Photo from podium, look right, grab Upgrade Item (44/52)
  • Use USB Flash Drive in computer, interact and generate Level 3 Access
  • Grab USB Flash Drive, go through next door
  • Running sequence incoming!

2 – Data Processing

  • Running sequence incoming!
  • Leave Lab 03, you are forced into a path
  • Aquiles spawns, run by him
  • In front of 5 – Monitoring, 2 Claw Mutants
  • Right after door to Right Hallway Level 0, 1 Claw Mutant
  • In front of 3 – Lab 01, 1 Claw Mutant
  • In Left Hallway Level 0, 1 Claw Mutant
  • You are safe when inside 2 – Data Processing
  • Place USB Flash Drive, print and grab Card Level 3, you can now discard Card Level 2
  • Item Box, keep at least 2 free slots in your inventory (Can drop Energizer, Energy Redirector)
  • Save your game, leave through other door, turn left

1 – Universal Transporter

  • Small room to the right, with 1 Claw Mutant inside
  • Drawers, grab Pistol Bullets
  • Open safe with 39 Right, 31 Left, 19 Right
  • Grab Performance Drink (Heals 100HP)
  • Go back towards Right Hallway Level 0, cutscene

8 – Staircase Underground 2

  • Go all the way down
  • Grab Upgrade Item (45/52)
  • Go up and through only open door


  • Equip camera, take all 3 Cell Keys
  • Equip camera, desk, take Machine Gun Ammo, read file
  • Open all cells
  • VII: Grab Upgrade Item (46/52)
  • V: Grab MEMORY (14/20) – Rose
  • IV: Grab Diary from brick wall
  • Lockers, grab 1 or 2 items (Can’t remember)

Cells corridor

  • Move forward, enter room to right
  • Grab Shotgun Shells, Pistol Bullets
  • Take from Items Box the Metal Object, Energizer, Energy Redirector
  • Exit, move forward
  • Unfinished brick wall, equip camera, go through it and grab Inventory Expansion (12/13), Upgrade Item (47/52) and MEMORY (15/20) – Wrist Watch
  • Return, keep moving forward
  • Open door with Card Level 3 + 852369

1 – Universal Transporter (Lower level)

  • Grab Underground Transport (UT) Lab Access Card from Claw Mutant
  • Solve computer puzzle by clicking on the middle numbers: 499
  • Small cutscene
  • Go into Universal Transporter area, to the right
  • Use by order: Metal Object, Energy Redirector, Energizer
  • After cutscene, step into pod and RUN!
  • RUN, avoid obstacles, at the end, open door, grab MEMORY (16/20) – Fireplace Key

Cells corridor

  • Shoot 2 Claw Mutants, one on corridor, one on doorway of Prison

8 – Staircase Underground 2

  • Go all the way up where Aquiles was hit, grab MEMORY (17/20) – Gas Mask
  • Go down and through one of the unused doors

10 – Underground 2

  • Save your game
  • It’s a maze, but only two short dead ends, so it’s easy by yourself
  • Explore ALL paths, but beware of the mutant bugs!
  • EXCLUDING the 3 rooms you’ll come across, you have to:
  • Grab 4 Upgrade Items (48 to 51/52)
  • Shoot 7 Mutant Bugs
  • Activate 6 buttons

Middle Room

  • Shoot 1 Claw Mutant
  • Grab Pistol Bullets, Gauze and Machine Gun Bullets
  • Equip camera, go to other section of the room, open freezer, WITH CAMERA grab Plasmodium Compound
  • Unequip camera, grab Simple Bandage
  • Open box, grab Revolver Bullets, Upgrade Item (52/52)

Top Room

  • Shoot 2 Claw Mutants
  • Table across entrance, grab Pistol Bullets
  • Tray cart, grab Shotgun Shells
  • Microscope, grab MEMORY (18/20) – Petri Plate
  • Freezer, grab Batrachotoxin Compound

Bottom Room

  • Shoot 2 Claw Mutants
  • First section of room, grab Adhesive Plaster, Machine Gun Bullets, read note
  • Second section of room, grab Shotgun Shells
  • On refrigerator, grab M Cells + Cycles
  • On the mixing machine, grab Gas 320 MTH Empty Tubes
  • Place all 4 items inside the machine
  • On panel, insert the values: 30, 20, 5
  • Press red button, take Gas 320 MTH Compound A, place second Gas 320 MTH Empty Tube
  • On panel, insert the values: 80, 15, 5
  • Press red button, take Gas 320 MTH Compound B
  • Exit this area and go back all the way upstairs

7 – Research

  • Right door, equip camera, grab Inventory Expansion (13/13), Gauze

5 – Monitoring

  • Interact with computer, press “Unlock Manually”
  • Go to now-open big gate room

11 – Underground 3

  • Left side, read note
  • Right side, grab MEMORY (19/20) – Glasses
  • Go downstairs, left side, grab absurd quantity of ammo + other supplies + one Gas Mask
  • Forward to the right, open rooms and apply Gas Compounds
  • Go back, organize your inventory
  • Prioritize using, by order: Revolver > Shotgun > SMG > Pistol
  • Take all your heals
  • Save your game
  • Bossfight

The Mine Walkthrough


  • Grab Gas Mask, read note
  • Go left, grab MEMORY (20/20) – Ore
  • Cutscene after cutscene, and a WALK FORWARD tedious section later, you should select HAND to get two achievements instead of just one

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