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The Riftbreaker Base Building Walkthrough

Welcome to our The Riftbreaker Base Building Walkthrough guide. This guide will show you how to build a base in The Riftbreaker.

The Riftbreaker Base Building Walkthrough

How to Build

  • First open the develop menu (CTRL).
  • Then click a Category of structure from the very first row (Z-N hotkeys).
  • Then click a specific structure from the 2nd row.
  • Finally click in the build-able area you want to place the structure (blue squares on the primary video game area).

Starting a Base

The primary step to creating an appropriate base revolves around discovering 2 or 3 spots of Carbonium Ore which is the standard resource needed for structure. Positioning an HQ, some automated Carbonium mines, plus some fundamental power structures will start your base well, followed by some walls and defensive turrets close to your buildings. Don’t forget to link everything with power nodes!

  • Discover 2 or 3 spots of Carbonium by checking out the immediate location around your drop-in point.
  • Search for natural barriers such as cliffs, ravines, lava/water and other liquids, and so on as opponents can not traverse these.
  • Select an appropriate area to place your HQ structure.
  • When this structure is positioned, it can not be moved and need to be defended AT ALL COSTS.
  • If it is damaged then Mr Riggs will have no location to re-spawn. If you die while there is no HQ on the map it is “game over”.
  • Try to block off natural choke points close-by with walls and a couple of turrets.

Powering your Base – The Riftbreaker Base Building Walkthrough

One of the most crucial elements to a base is power! Constantly ensuring you have enough power can be tough and it is an excellent difficulty finest overcome by going up the innovation chain to gain access to significantly powerful energy production structures.

The power chain: (HQ1) Solar/Wind > (HQ2) Geothermal/Biomas > (HQ2) Nuclear > (HQ3) Gas > (HQ4) Fusion.

( HQ1) Solar/Wind

  • To begin, develop Solar Power plants and Energy storage in a rough ratio of 3:1. And develop LOTS of them. This must power your base through the beginning of the video game and into early tech.
  • Wind power plants are not as powerful however do not require energy storage. They are best utilized for powering small groups of turrets in a remote location, or a few mines away from the base as an option to using solar + storage.
  • Try to observe how much power your base is using throughout the night time when Solar panels are not producing and you’re depending on your storage. Compensate as required.

( HQ2) Geothermal/Biomass

  • This needs updating the HQ to level 2 and then building a Communications Hub to open the Research screen (Hotkey: O).
  • You can research “Renewable Energy” to get to several structures which will improve your power situation over simply using Solar and Wind.
  • Now you get access to Geothermal Power Plants (which can only be built on Thermal vents however supply big amounts of power for the early-game).
  • You also get access to the Biomass structure ‘chains’.
  • Animal Biomass plants can produce power from biomass gathered from defeated aliens.
  • The Plant Biomass chain is remarkably proficient at this point:.
  • Develop a Flora Cultivator in open space (guarantee that the highlighted area when putting it is mostly clear of obstructions as it needs empty squares to plant foliage).
  • Build 4 Flora Collectors beside it (1 cultivator has 4 drones for planting, each collector has 1 drone for collecting).
  • Build 4 Biomass Power Plants which need to be sustained by the 4 Flora Collectors. This will supply you a net energy gain of 150.
  • These can be further upgraded by looking into Renewable Energy level 2 and level 3 – which permits Solar, Wind, Geothermal, and Biomass plants to all be updated, DOUBLING the energy gain you obtain from them at each level.

Updating buildings

For a single building:.

  • Enter into building mode (CTRL).
  • Left-click an existing structure.
  • Select the “upgrade” icon.

or for multiple structures:.

  • Go into structure mode (CTRL).
  • Navigate to the Utilities tab.
  • Click the “Upgrade” icon.
  • Click on each structure you wish to update in turn.

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