The Saboteur: Graphic Settings FIX

Detailed guide about how to fix graphic settings in the game.

Using the information in this guide, you can learn how to quickly change the settings and play the game.

How to FIX Graphic Settings in The Saboteur

This is a short and straightforward guide aimed at people who are not able to open the VideoSettings configuration executable and thus can’t change their graphical settings.

Configuration File Explanation

Settings changed via the “VideoSettings.exe” file are actually saved on a config file in your documents folder.

The location of the config file is:

“Your user profile\Documents\My Games\The Saboteur\Savegames\config.ini”

(If you don’t see the config.ini file, open The Saboteur and start a new game, skip or watch the opening cutscene and then immediately pause the game and save it from the menu. This will create the file for you in the folder.)

You can open this .ini with any standard text editor such as Notepad.

Once you are in the file you will see a few options, the ones you really care about are below.

ScreenWidth – this is set based on your monitor’s resolution (If you play in 1440p you need to set this to 2560, for 1080p it would be 1920)

ScreenHeight – this is obviously the other part of your resolution, you need to once again set it based on your display (if you play in 1440p you need to set it to, imagine that, 1440. For 1080p that would be 1080

RefreshRate – that is the most important thing when it comes to running this game normally. Make sure you set this to 60Hz as the game is not stable on anything higher than 60. It’s a game from 2009 after all!

The other settings such as TextureQuality, SliceQuality and etc. can be set to anything you prefer, the highest setting here would equal the number 3. So if you would like to have the best texture settings you can set your TextureQuality to 3 and etc.

For People Keen on Using the Settings GUI

If you try to run the “VideoSettings.exe” and are not able to, this is caused by some sort of missing dependency. People have reported that installing the 32-bit version of Microsoft’s Visual C++ 2008 Redistributables fixes the settings application and launches it, this wasn’t the case for me but you can try it.

You can get all the latest C++ redistributables from Microsoft’s website directly here.[]

Keep in mind that this dependency is only allegedly needed for the Settings GUI to run, not the game itself. Steam will automatically install the 2005 C++ dependencies needed for the game.

I personally suggest you follow the steps in the previous section and manually edit your config file as that will save you a lot of hassle and precious time.

Written by A Harmless Cat

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      1. ScreenWidth 1920
        ScreenHeight 1080
        TextureQuality 3
        SliceQuality 2
        ClipRange 3
        ObjectQuality 2
        RainDensity 75
        Shadows 1
        RefreshRate 60
        PostProcessing 1
        VSync 1

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