The Surge 2 – New Weapons How to Get?

New Weapons How to Get? The Surge 2 has over 80 different weapons, so how do […]

New Weapons How to Get?

The Surge 2 has over 80 different weapons, so how do you get them? Simple: pry them from the cold, dead hands of your foes!

Get New Weapons From Killing Enemies and Taking Their Limbs

Just like acquiring schematics, weapons are gained by dismembering an enemy’s weapon-holding arm: typically their right arm. It doesn’t have to be armored, as long as they are holding a weapon you want you go for it (though, if it is armored and with a piece of gear you don’t have it’s a two-for-one special).

Brutalize your enemy, save up your battery, then hack off the arm when able. Unlike schematics, weapons can be used immediately, and in later level zones they will drop in higher tiers, meaning they are easier to keep upgraded. This system promotes trying new weapons as they drop, seeing as sometimes a new weapon is stronger than the one you used to acquire it. All weapons can be equipped on the spot by hold a hotkey, or compared against what you are currently wearing without going into your gear menu, but for only as long as the prompt remains available.

There are some weapons tied to bosses: human bosses will drop their weapon if you take their arm off, so focus on the limb the entire boss fight (boss armor is scaled to match the boss’s health) if you want what they are carrying. There are also a few tucked away in surprise locations, so dig your nose into every corner of the map.

Now go forth, and complete your collection of dazzling murder-tools via hacking, slashing, or punching. I’m not here to judge.

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