The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Tourist’s Survival Guide

Tourist’s Survival Guide This guide will teach you gameplay basics and some tips. Aim for the […]

Tourist’s Survival Guide

This guide will teach you gameplay basics and some tips.

  • Aim for the head
  • Reach over your head and to the left (left shoulder) to grab your backpack.
  • You have hip holsters for one handed melee weapons and guns
  • You can shake off walkers by shaking your hands


Combat is an essential part of this game. There are some basics to keep in mind when fighting. Here are a few.

  • Melee weapons have durability. To check the durability, look at your hand with the weapon in it as if you were reading something you wrote on your hand. This shows stats and durability.
  • Guns must be manually reloaded. Make sure you have the ammo necessary before wasting bullets. If not, you could be in a sticky situation.
  • (Based a little off of the last tip) Make sure to always have a spare weapon. Whether in your backpack or on your side, getting caught without a weapon can end poorly.

If you remember those tips, they can save your life. Here are a few things that can help you before getting into combat.

  • Durability on found weapons is usually not as good as weapons you craft. Crafting is essential for combat.
  • Pick up a gun to check ammo.
  • Ammo can be crafted. If you have the supplies and enjoy using guns, I encourage you to craft ammo. It’s pretty cheap as well.


Scavenging is something you have to do in this game. You will never find enough randomly generated weapons or ammo to survive. Here are the items you can find scavenging and what they all do.

– Weapons: You can find every type of weapon in the game (almost) scavenging. Guns usually won’t have ammo when you find them. Make sure that they are loaded.

– Food: Food can restore stamina when you sprint or do a lot of combat. Food will unfortunately lower max health.

– Medicine: Medicine will increase your maximum health. Also under the medicine category is bandages. Bandages will regenerate health rather than maximize it.

– Junk: Lives up to the name. Grab some every day so you can have crafting materials. Junk Boxes usually have great loot so make sure you pick them up when you can!

Scavenging leads to crafting. Crafting leads to survival. Make sure to have a full backpack of supplies (including junk) when you leave a location and return home. This will ensure you can keep killing walkers for days to come.

Filling your backpack full of junk is a great way to get crafting supplies, but the other items are useful as well. Make sure to grab a balance of everything.

Scavenging also has a limit. Not just the backpack, the bell. The watch on your right hand has a bell on it. When that timer runs out, walkers will flood the streets. From there, you are basically screwed. Don’t stay out too long. You’ll definitely die without the proper materials.

Crafting and Salvaging

There are a total of three types of items you can craft

  • Food
  • Guns and ammo
  • Melee weapons

Each weapon has their own crafting recipe. Salvage junk to be able to craft items. Without resources, you can’t craft. Without crafting, you will perish.

Workstations can be upgraded. Upgraded workstations give either new benefits or new crafting recipes.

Salvage any weapons that have just a few uses left. You get use out of the weapon and supplies back. DON’T DO THIS IF IT IS YOUR ONLY WEAPON. IT IS BETTER TO HAVE CRAPPY WEAPONS RATHER THAN NONE.

Some items can’t be salvaged. You can keep these as decoration in your bus. They add a nice touch. They usually do nothing special, they just look nice 🙂

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