Time Wasters How to get More XP

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Have you ever been killed by enemies because you didn’t have enough health or didn’t do enough damage? This is probably because you are not gaining enough xp. But of course there are ways to gain much more xp. We explained these ways for you in our Time Wasters How to get More XP guide! Check it out without wasting time!

Time Wasters How to get More XP

Welcome to our Time Wasters How to get More XP guide. This guide will show you how to get xp more efficiently.

1# Gold Bugs

Ways to get More XP

These semi-enemies seem like they’re there just to annoy you cause they steal xp, but that’s not the truth. As a matter of fact, they’re actually vaults. What they do is collect xp and multiplies it, that being said, we don’t know how much it multiplies the xp. But what we do know is that it multiplies it more than 1.0x. When killing the gold bug, it drops all of the money it collected.

So when should you kill it? You should kill it while the first boss is active or after the first boss, kill it too early and you barely make any xp.

2# Upgrading Powerups

Time Wasters How to get More XP
Time Wasters How to get More XP

Upgrading Powerups isn’t the best way to get more xp, since you need a lot of Space Cubes in order to make a noticeable difference when getting xp. Upgrading Gold Powerups should be done only after you upgraded the Captain Powerups (You dont have to upgrade all of them).

There are 3 Gold Powerups.

  • Gold Find: Get more xp/gold when picking them up (Possibly the best gold upgrade)
  • Asteroid Gold: Get more xp/gold from asteroids (A mid upgrade)
  • SS Gold Bug Vault: Increases the vault’s pickup multiplier (The best gold upgrade)

The powerups you should upgrade are Gold Find and SS Gold Bug Vault. Asteroid Gold is kinda mid, since asteroids don’t give a lot of gold to begin with. And also another thing with Space Cubes, there is no point upgrading planets. Maybe you can upgrade their first powerups, but their later powerups are not needed to upgraded.

3# Enemy Swarms

Time Wasters How to get More XP
Time Wasters How to get More XP

Enemy Swarms can give you a ton of xp/gold, they’re incredibly good in early game. Enemy Swarms as i like to call them, are when ships surround you after a certain amount of waves, the first ones spawning at wave 5.
-Red ships are incredibly weak in terms of defense. They’ve got low health and spawn mostly in large groups which is why they’re so good for earning xp/gold.
-White ships on the other hand are better in terms of defense. They’re the stronger versions of the red ships, meaning they’re harder to farm for xp/gold, but they still give the same amount as the red ships.

4# Asteroids

Ways to get More XP

This is one of the least efficient ways of earning xp/gold, Why? First, asteroids drop a little amount of gold. Second, they’re pointless after the first boss or second boss. But they are still good at giving xp at very early game.

5# Bosses

Time Wasters How to get More XP
Time Wasters How to get More XP

This is pretty self explanatory, you get xp once you kill the bosses. You don’t get a lot xp from them, but atleast you get space cubes so you can use that to upgrade powerups.

6# Planet/Gold Refinary

Ways to get More XP

This is again, one of the least effective ways to earn xp. Well, atleast when it’s not upgraded. If it’s fully upgraded, it can make a difference, but it isn’t much. You can either stay in the planet’s zone and get slightly more gold or collect the vault it offers once in a while.

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