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Toilet Chronicles All Endings Guide

Welcome to our Toilet Chronicles All Endings guide. This guide will show you unlocking all the endings with explanations, tips and a video guide.

Toilet Chronicles All Endings Guide

Toilet Chronicles is a first-person horror comedy game with a mystical setting where you are trapped in a public toilet and you have to find a way out with the help of your toilet neighbor. Every choice you make will produce a different result.

What are you going to do? When you come out of the cabin you notice that the escape door isn’t there… Now you have to figure out if the guy got you or if he’s stuck with you…?

All Endings Full List

These are all the endings and how to unlock them:

  • 1 Ending: interact (F) with the hand dryer 2 times
  • 2 Ending: grab the grenade from the vent by opening it with the screwdriver > pull the pin and throw it on the ground > Stand on the grenade
  • 3 Ending: grab the grenade again and pull the pin > Put it on your toilet
  • 4 Ending: Knock on your neighbors door > grab the grenade again> pull the pin and give it to him
  • 5 Ending: kill yourself again
  • 6 Ending: peek into your neighbors stall > jump while hugging the stall > Click on I can’t be stopped
  • 7 Ending: interact (F) with the hand dryer again (requires 1 Ending)
  • 8 Ending: grab the axe by exploding the door with the grenade > chop down the stall with the yellow door that is next to your neighbors stall and grab the gnome > right click while holding it
  • 9 Ending: throw alot of items into your neighbors stall
  • 10 Ending: go outside the toilets by exploding the door and just walk over the banana peel
  • 11 Ending: explode the door again and enter the code (Blue 2, Orange 6, Pink 5, Green 9, Yellow 1 & Red 8) > walk through the door. If you want to know where to get the numbers look at the Secret Code guide
  • 12 Ending: open the door for ending #11 again and this time bring the gnome with you

Video Guide

Click to watch on Youtube

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