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Toilet Chronicles Secret Code

Welcome to our Toilet Chronicles Secret Code guide. Here’s a little guide to help you find numbers for a lock code on your exit door.

Toilet Chronicles Secret Code

The numbers corresponding to each color to reach one of the ends of the game.

The numbers that correspond to each color change in each game, what does not change is the way to find them. So we are going to show you where to get the number that corresponds to each color so you can get the code. Although the most common solution seems to be Blue 2, Orange 6, Pink 5, Green 9, Yellow 1 & Red 8 >, so the most common code is 265918

Solution – Toilet Chronicles Secret Code

These are the locations where you can find the number that corresponds to each color:

  • Blue Number: On a Polaroid photo card > 2
  • Orange Number: On your loading screen each time you restart the level > 6
  • Pink Number: On the wall, behind the “War criminal” poster > 5
  • Green Number: On the skull of the skeleton and on the picture he holds > 9
  • Yellow Number: On the wall of the dark toilet stall in ladies’ room > 1
  • Red Number: On the wall of the toilet stall with lots of red graffiti numbers in ladies’ room > 8

Video Guide

In case you can’t find any of the locations that we have provided you, we leave you this FoxPlay video where you can see through a gameplay where they are found:

Click to watch on Youtube

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