Total War: Three Kingdoms – Unlock Dong Faction Without Cheat

Unlock Dong Faction in 5 Turn Without Cheat and Save File

First play Ma teng faction and choose easy mode, You get 8000 gold starting

1st turn as usual fight the yellow rebel and move back to you base for replenish. Declare war with dong zhuo.

2nd turn move here and start recruit your troops.

Split hua lan li out, she is the backup.

Now you need to have diplomacy with your alliance Han sui and sell all your stuff / trade for extra money.

3rd turn. Just move closer to border for replenish. Hua lan li just afk there.

4th turn, march stand to here.

And Ai will attack you, before fight save and fight. The goal is kill their general and their army flee.

Dong wil come out to replace the dead general. Now you can kill him.

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