Mordhau – Shield Tips and Tricks

Shield Tips and Tricks Now we’ll go through some advanced shield techniques to help combat the […]

Shield Tips and Tricks

Now we’ll go through some advanced shield techniques to help combat the obvious weaknesses that come with using shields.

  • You can riposte with a kick. Something a large portion of Mordhau’s playerbase doesn’t actually know, because for whatever reason when you riposte-kick it doesn’t turn your reticule hollow as usual with ripostes. But yes – you can indeed riposte with a kick instead of a weapon attack, which is very useful when you’re using a shield, simply because it’s not expected, and also because the enemy is usually trying to get as close to you as possible so they can kick you themselves. Beat them to the punch with this nifty technique.
  • Learn to block at the last moment like you would with a weapon. Shields attract a great many newcomers at first because it’s seen as a shortcut past the “Panic-Parry” stage that everyone goes through when learning the game. But what you’re actually doing when you block, aside from everything else, is obscuring your vision. And the earlier you block, the less you can see what your opponent is doing, which means they might be winding up a perfect waterfall for all you know. Don’t just block immediately after your attack; having eyes on the enemy is extremely important.
  • Wait for the opponent’s attack to land. If you stop blocking without waiting for the audio cue of the enemy’s attack landing, then you’ll likely get punished by drag-attacks. Listen out for the impact; only then is it your time to act.
  • Pick up the Dodge perk to avoid predictability. Just as Dodge is useful against shield-users for its surprise factor and ability to break the flow of fights, so too does the perk benefit shield-users themselves. Not only can it be used in exactly the same way as mentioned above, but it’s also a last-ditch escape if you’ve messed up your timing or attack, or you’ve been disarmed. It also just makes you less predictable, which means your opponent will be forced to exercise more caution.
  • Choose your weapon very carefully. Many players pick the Short Spear for its reach and stabbing potential, but against a decent player you’ll want something more than perpetual thrusts. Likewise with the Rapier, which doesn’t even have the benefit of extended range. My weapon of choice is nearly always either the Bastard Sword (faster, cheaper) or the Messer (higher reach, more damage) because – for one-handed weapons – they have absolutely fantastic damage even against Heavy Armour, and because their Stamina Drain is very respectable, which helps you greatly in extended fights.

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