TRIANGLE STRATEGY Sprite Blur How to deal?

Welcome to our TRIANGLE STRATEGY Sprite Blur How to deal guide. This guide will show you […]

Welcome to our TRIANGLE STRATEGY Sprite Blur How to deal guide. This guide will show you two solutions to deal with blurry sprites on the go. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the TRIANGLE STRATEGY game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our TRIANGLE STRATEGY guide.

TRIANGLE STRATEGY Sprite Blur How to deal?

Two solutions to deal with sprites blurring in motion.

To Start Sprite Blur How to deal

You’ve probably noticed sprites for characters looking grainy and blurry when they animate. This is due to Unreal Engine 4’s temporal AA not being suited for sprite-based games. Here you’ll find two fixes for this problem.

First, find and open the game’s Engine.ini file. On Windows, this can be found in

%USERPROFILE%DocumentsMy GamesTRIANGLE_STRATEGYSteamConfigWindowsNoEditor

On Linux or the Steam Deck, This folder structure with the file should be in


Once you’ve opened Engine.ini, paste one of the following sets of variables at the bottom and save the file. Don’t mix these two fixes together, or the map screen will look broken.

Performance-Intensive FIX


You can replace the “150” number with any percentage scaling you want. At 150, that means the game renders at 150% of your monitor’s resolution. Setting it between 125 to 200 is reccommended, with higher numbers having a bigger performance impact.

Low-Performance FIX



Three mighty powers have long waged war on the great continent of Norzelia.

This land bears a long and scarred history that includes the Saltiron War, a war that erupted over control of salt and iron resources. A balance of power has been achieved between the Holy State of Hyzante, which controls the salt, the Grand Dutchy of Aesfrost, a land of iron clad in frost and snow, and the forested Kingdom of Glenbook, which lies nestled between the other two powers.

However, a certain incident shakes the balance between these three powers, which then begins to crumble away…

The player’s sense of justice will be tested in the face of convictions.

Various actions and choices within the game will build up to form your conviction, based on three sets of values – Utility, Morality, and Liberty.This will affect your path through the story and which allied units will join your cause.


Important decisions that will decide the fate of the protagonist and his allies will be determined through a vote using the Scales of Conviction.For the player to assert their own opinion, they must convince their allies. Choices with a profound impact on the destinies of the group will likewise have a major impact on the story.

Highly strategic battles

It will be crucial to use the terrain and differences in elevation to position yourself advantageously.Enjoy satisfying and challenging battles and strategy with great depth: with the ability to select from characters with uniquely different traits in your party formation, and gameplay systems that allow flanking the enemy to perform follow-up attacks or using your allies’ abilities to coordinate attacks.

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