Hunt: Showdown Stalker Beetle Locations

Welcome to our Hunt: Showdown Stalker Beetle Locations guide. Is a map that fit for a […]

Welcome to our Hunt: Showdown Stalker Beetle Locations guide. Is a map that fit for a Beetle Queen, this guide will show you stalker beetle locations in game.

Hunt: Showdown Stalker Beetle Locations

Simply enough

  • The Red Circles are Permanent Spawn.
  • The Blue Circles are Possible Wall Spawns.
  • The Green Circles are possible Cart Spawns.
Rin's Stalker beetle locations

Stillwater Bayou

Rin's Stalker beetle locations

Lawson Delta Hunt: Showdown Stalker Beetle Locations

Rin's Stalker beetle locations


Rin's Stalker beetle locations

About Hunt: Showdown

You risk losing your character and equipment at any moment in this competitive and encounter-based game that blends PvP and PvE elements. A unique experience full of tension and excitement awaits you. If you win, you get your reward in return. But remember… Even a single mistake can cause you to lose your Hunter and the equipment it carries.


In Bounty Hunt, the main PvPvE mode of the game, you can face monsters, bosses and other Hunters alone or with your team.

  • Play solo or with a 2-3 player team on maps for up to 12 players
  • Use Spirit Gaze to collect clues and track your target
  • Fight fearsome creatures and deadly monsters as well as other Hunters fighting for the same prize as you
  • Be the first to find and kill the target, get your reward
  • Reach an evacuation point before other players who want to steal your reward kill you
  • Survive today, who knows what will happen tomorrow?


Everyone is alone in this shorter game mode… Fight to be the last Hunter standing.

  • Battle up to 12 players in shorter matches where everyone plays alone
  • Collect items for equipment
  • Be the first to find and close all four slits as you race for a shrinking prize pool
  • Close the last rift and regain all your energy
  • -OR- battle to kill the first-ranked Hunter and steal your bounty
  • Survive until the final countdown to complete the mission
  • The last survivor retains their Hunter, the others lose


Get ready for the thrill of hunting with the game’s Competitions and Training modes. With these modes, which offer a completely PvE-oriented experience, you can improve your skills and increase your chances of winning prizes.

  • Explore all maps without worrying about being ambushed by other Hunters
  • Hone your skills and learn how to kill what
  • Complete Training objectives that test your speed, strength and sniping skills
  • Follow in the footsteps of the famous Hunters who fought before you


Level up gradually with your Blood Might, which allows you to level up your hunters. Even if your Hunter dies, the experience gained is transferred to Blood Might and accumulates over time and unlocks new weapons and features for other Hunters.

By enabling the hunter to see the unseen, Soul Gaze helps you follow clues with a spiritual light and marks players with rewards.

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