Trombone Champ Beginner Tips

Welcome to our Trombone Champ Beginner Tips guide. This guide will show you how to become a Trombone Champion.

Trombone Champ Beginner Tips

Tips for beginners to become a Trombone Champion!

Get 4 S Ranks

Simply get 4 S ranks. The easiest are…

  • Warm Up
  • Ball Game
  • Trombone Skyze
  • Zarathustra

First Baboon – Trombone Champ Beginner Tips

  • In the Main Menu head on over to the Baboon section.
  • Click on the square to the left, with those 4 S ranks you can click the four corners.
  • Once you do that spam click on it while its on the ground.
  • You can fill the Cup with Toots keep doing this to unlock Cosmetics and the Blue Key.

Card Collecting

  • Spam click the candle in the bottom right comer, this will introduce you to… well forget about his name.
  • He will ask for certain cards, in reward for Cosmetics.
  • You will need at least 1 or 2 of every card to unlock all the cosmetics

Second Baboon

  • You need the “Bass Clef” card.
  • Spam clicking it will lead you to your third friend.
  • This time instead of Toots to unlock cosmetics and The Red Key, you need poop.

Final Battle – Trombone Champ Beginner Tips

Same with the “Bass Clef” card you need a “Trazom” Card, spam clicking on it will lead to 2 key holes where the Red and Blue keys are used.
Using the keys starts the final battle.
Too be able to defeat Trazom, you need…

  • 10 Hot Dog Cards
  • Babi Mask
  • You need to set Baboon Quantity to: Inferno
  • Baboon Preference to: Hamadryas
  • Both are located in settings.

“Battle” Trazom and become a Trombone Champ!

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