Omega Strikers Tips and Strategies

Welcome to our Omega Strikers Tips and Strategies guide. This is just a list of basic […]

Welcome to our Omega Strikers Tips and Strategies guide. This is just a list of basic tips and strategies that hopefully will help new players or players trying different characters.

Omega Strikers Tips and Strategies

Before you start, we personally believe character can be categorized into 3 types for the moment. These types are Poker, Bruiser and Controllers. We will have separate tips for each type below the general tips but here is a summary of what puts a character in this category. Some characters can fall into multiple categories such as Dubu who is all 3. (This is a personal assessment/categorization and their may be a more official terminology somewhere)


Pokers: We also call them Harassers or Precision characters. They damage their opponents often and usually from range. These characters can constantly harass their opponents by suddenly redirecting the ball, stunning them to mess up a shot, or finishing them when they are low health near an edge. These characters tend to score goals by hitting the ball around the goalie. These are characters that require good aim to play properly but are very rewarding and can make plays from seemingly nowhere.

Bruisers: Bullies or Brawlers. They deal heavy damage quickly, usually from close range, and can knock at anyone who gets near an edge, even when they are full stagger(health). They push the front line and create massive pressure on the enemy team by hitting both them and the ball in one shot. They tend to score goals by pushing through the goalie and staying in their face. These characters are pretty straightforward to play but a skilled player can make them a nightmare to deal with.

Controllers: PITA’s or Supporters. They use buffs, debuffs, AoE’s and summoned objects to control the field and their opponents. They attack and defend in a multitude of ways, usually involving temporarily placed objects. They are complex characters that can be summarized as preventing the opponent from doing their job. These characters are complicated and varied which allows a good player to easily score on the enemy while a bad player will destroy their own team by accident.

General Tips – Omega Strikers Tips and Strategies

  • Try to aim your hits up or down as well as forward. This can throw off the opponents and make an opening for your teammates. This is especially true for goalies.
  • If you are a goalie, try to pass to a teammate and never pass to an opponent.
  • If you are a forward, try to stand in an open space and NEVER stand in the goal.
  • Attack enemies if they get near the edge as it might push them out. This includes attacking the goalie if they get too close to their own goal.
  • Don’t focus on knocking enemies out, unless you have a team that you trust to keep the ball out of the goal and it’s part of your strategy.
  • When at or near the goal, play chicken with the ball. Wait until after the enemy hits it to hit it back because the cooldown means that if the enemy hits first, they probably won’t get a chance to hit again if you time it right.

About General Tips

  • Only the goalie should be in the goal. Forwards should be on whatever side of the field the ball is. If it’s on your side, get on your side but not in the goal. If it’s on the opposing side, get on their side, in their goal if you can.
  • Be wary of getting near the edge, especially around Bruisers or when you’re at low stagger. They’ll knock you out if you’re careless.
  • Use your abilities when the ball is in the enemy goal. They can massively harass the goalie while hitting the ball and may even KO the goalie
  • You don’t necessarily have to keep pushing forward in the enemy goal. If you see an open spot and your ally is ready for a pass, pass it and let them finish the shot. This will almost always catch the goalie off-guard.
  • Strike first and strike hard. Levels exist in this game and they are surprisingly important. If you can get your levels up fast while denying your opponent levels, you can easily gain a major advantage in speed, KO ability, cooldown reductions and various other things based on your abilities. Snowballing definitely exists but it mostly stops once both teams hit level 10. Use that early snowball to secure victory.


  • Remember to use your movement abilities(spacebar) when you are on one side of the goal and the ball is about to go into the other side.
  • If the enemy is pushing you hard and has the ball in your face, play chicken with the ball and aim away from the enemy(up or down) or, if you are someone like Asher or Dubu, use your special to push the ball out, defend the goal and damage the enemy all in one move.
  • If someone is harassing you in the goal when the ball is nowhere near, don’t be afraid to hit them while keeping a safe distance from the edge of you goal. Try to KO them in your goal if you can.
  • Stay in your goal. Don’t run out to chase the ball, let it come to the goal. The most skilled of skilled players can chase and get back in time but if you aren’t them, stay in the goal.

Forwards – Omega Strikers Tips and Strategies

  • Push the ball forward and follow the ball(indirectly). Go to the side the ball goes. If it’s on your side, go to your side. If it’s on their side, go to their side. Don’t get in your own goal, trust your goalie but help them out if, and only if, the goalie is being pushed hard and you KNOW how to help with your character without hindering them.
  • Keep enemies on their toes with sudden pokes and KO’s when they get near the edge. If they are scared to get near the edge then you can control where they move.
  • The same abilities a goalie would use to protect the goal can be used by forwards to push the ball past the goalie. Remember your abilities exist when you’re in the goal and use them in addition to your basic strike.
  • Stay out of the goal. Trust your goalie and actually push the enemy. Even if you goalie is bad, trust them so they can improve and maybe they’ll surprise you. Keeping pressure on the enemy keeps the pressure off your goalie which helps them a lot more than puppy-dog-guarding the goal and hoping for a lucky score.


  • Keep the ball out of the opponents reach. If they are about to hit it and you can knock it out of the way, do so. If you can’t knock it out of the way, wait for them to hit it then hit again to change direction so they never have control over it’s direction.
  • Support your bruisers. If you see your Bruiser going for someone, poke them so that your Bruiser can finish them off or if your Bruiser just barely doesn’t get them, finish them off for your Bruiser.
  • Harass the goalie. Pokes here and there on the goalie will frustrate them and if you time your poke, then the goal will miss the save.
  • Even if you are ranged, you can still play close. Use your strike to knock it forward then your abilities to knock it in for an easy setup and finish.

Bruisers – Omega Strikers Tips and Strategies

  • Punish any enemy that gets near the edge. Most Bruisers can one-hit KO anyone who chases a ball to the edge or any goalie that goes too deeply into their goal.
  • Chase the ball unless you are chasing an easy KO. Try to be on top of it as much as possible because you can use your abilities whenever an enemy gets close to strike back in order to both keep the ball pushing forward and hurt the enemy.
  • When trading with the goalie, throw out abilities to really throw them off. Bruisers are the best at bullying the goalie and can easily win trades with non-bruiser goalies.
  • If you aren’t chasing the ball, bully an opponent. Damage them or try to knock them out. Keep them pressured so that they make mistakes and you can capitalize off of those mistakes.


  • Know your Controller. Every Controller is different and plays very differently. Some should be constantly harassing the enemy while some should be laying traps to catch the ball and send it back.
  • Damage abilities can be used to knock out as well as push the ball and they are generally very very good at knockouts if the enemy makes a mistake. For example, Era’s Tornado can be randomly sent towards the goalie at any and all times to keep them out of the way and possibly KO them if they mess up.
  • Non-Damage/Light Damage AoE abilities should be placed in front of the enemy goal when the ball is in the goal. The same way a goalie would use these abilities to make a save when the enemy is pressuring them, a forward can use these abilities to create massive pressure on the goalie to the extent that it can be impossible to defend against.
  • Be a PITA. Controllers are really, really good at it. Random AoE damage and knockbacks and catches and KO’s and slows and shrinks and save and just generally making the opponent angry is a Controllers specialty. They have an unstoppable bag of tricks that will happen and the enemy will have to deal with them every time they show up. Don’t be afraid to just focus on another forward with all your debuff abilities. Being a PITA to cause enemy tilting is a valid strategy.

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