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Wayward Strand Achievements 100%

Welcome to our Wayward Strand achievements topic. In this Wayward Strand guide, we’ll show you how to get all the achievements available in the game. But we would like to point out that this guide is under construction and will be constantly updated.

Wayward Strand Achievements Guide

Each day in the game has different achievements. We’ve broken down these achievements by day below. You can reach the desired achievement of the day you want by clicking on it.

Chapter 1: Day 1 Achievements

1. Not a Missus

When you talk to Esther for the first time, she will ask you to not call her Missus. By calling her Esther instead, you’ll get this achievement.

2. The Real VIP

Speak with Ida about the items in her room and asking about the bear. (Thanks Carithlee!)

3. N/A

Chapter 2: Day 2 Achievements

1. The Cleaner

Help Joe box up Mr Falk’s belongings. Note that you can sneak his crest into your bag and give it to Mr Falk’s friend (I’m not sure if you can choose other characters but I gave it to Ida). You’ll need to run into Joe for him to give you this task though. I met him at the Lower Floor elevator at around 12:10 pm.

2. Framed!
You’ll need to enter Dr Shen and your mum’s shared office to get this one. Dr Shen has to be the only one there (?). For me, I found her alone in the office at around 2:40 pm. When Casey talks about her mum having a photo of her on her mum’s desk, I followed that comment up with “It’s from ages ago”. I got the achievement during this conversation.

3. N/A

Chapter 3: Day 3 Achievements

1. Media Mogul

[Untested] In the morning (around 8:30 am until around 8:50 am), Ted will read the newspaper to Mr Pruess in the Dining Area. Make sure you are there for all three days’ worth of reading to get this achievement. / This achievement might also be linked to the TV Room. Haven’t seen a time when there are people in there yet though!

Wayward Strand Achievements Guide
Wayward Strand Achievements Guide

2. Daredevil

If you follow Ted when he says he has a secret to show you, you should have unlocked the old section of the airship. If you revisit the place at around 11 am, Ted should be having his lunch and will be sitting on the edge of the gap in this section of the airship. Join him there and you’ll get this achievement.

3. Vile or Vial?

Unfortunately, I can’t for the life of me remember how I got this.

4. Creature of Habit

Make sure you order the same type of soup for all three days to get this achievement.

Wayward Strand Achievements Guide
Wayward Strand Achievements Guide

5. On the Beat

You’ll need to secure an interview with Dr Shen for this one. Once the appointment time comes around (3pm), make sure to be near the Nurses’ Station and follow Dr Shen from the station to her office right after (note that Ted will ask you to go with him; you can’t). Conduct the interview and you’ll get this achievement.

6. Full Up

Try to refilling Tomi’s watering can on day 3. It was already full. (Thanks Carithlee!)

7. Hair of the Herr

[Bug?] I’m pretty positive you should get this if you help Mr Pruess tidy up his hair by getting him his mirror and comb. You can spot him by the piano in the Dining Area, waiting, at around 11:30 am. Make sure to keep him company to trigger the option to help him.

8. Bourguignon

If you’re around the dumbwaiter in the dining area around 11-11:30 on day 3, you’ll hear Devin say that he finished the beef for the VIP. If you ask him about it, you can have the beef instead, which pops the achievement. (Thanks Carithlee!)

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