Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion Walkthrough & Achievements Guide

Welcome to our Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion Walkthrough & Achievements Guide. A guide to unlock all the achievements: Base & Secret achievements…

Update on 04.20.2022

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Walkthrough & Achievements Guide

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is a single-player experience puzzle video game where you take control of a turnip. After failing to pay taxes and getting forced out from your home, you need to go on an impressive mission to pay back your enormous debt to Mayor Onion.

This will involve entering dungeons loaded with puzzles, enemies and unusual treasures to repay your debt. Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is readily available on Nintendo Switch, Mac, and PC. Have a look at our suggestions to get assist in the game.

Walkthrough Video Guide

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All the Achievements

  • Tax evader: You committed tax evasion!
  • Heartless: You tore up a love letter.
  • Most wanted: You ripped up a wanted poster.
  • Murderer: You brutally murdered Jerry and ripped up his rent
  • Dumpster diver: You ripped up a receipt in the trash
  • Contractor: You tore up someone’s 1099.
  • Simp: You shredded slayQueen32’s autograph.
  • Computer wiz: You broke some computer software
  • Book worm: You ripped a lame book in half
  • Savvy shopper: You destroyed a receipt for seeds
  • Adventurer: You grew your own Soil Sword! (Check Solutions)
  • Anarchist: You destroyed every single tax document
  • Hat wearer: You obtained your first hat
  • Fashionista: You found all the hats
  • Tank: You grew all the heart fruits!

Secret Achievements – Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion Walkthrough & Achievements Guide

  • Draft dodger: You tore up Matt’s draft letter
  • The messenger: You ripped up Matt’s MIA notice
  • Waifu: You destroyed a waifu
  • Petitioner: You destroyed FlipFlop’s last chance
  • Devil: You destroyed a vandalized wanted poster
  • Estate agent: You destroyed someone else’s deed
  • Gravedigger: You ripped up a letter to the dead
  • Doomsdayers: You tore up a nuclear hazard information sheet
  • News boy: You ripped up an old newspaper
  • Liz: You read and ripped up part of a diary
  • Teacher: You destroyed the book that taught everyone how to speak
  • Tyrant: You destroyed words written by a tyrant
  • Turnipchino: You ripped up a letter from your dad
  • Home owner: You ripped up your own deed
  • Criminal: You got a dirty shovel (Check Solutions)
  • Turnip Boy: You committed tax evasion (Check Solutions)
  • Taxation with representation: You prevented universal taxation (Check Solutions)
  • Winner: You obtained a chunk of gold that makes you feel good (Check Solutions)
  • Destroyer of the world: Get nuked kiddo (Check Solutions)
  • Conductor: (Check Solutions)
  • Passenger: (Check Solutions)
  • ???: (Check Solutions)


  • Tax evader: rip up the2st tax bill
  • Heartless: Veggieville > northeast corner > grow the plant behind the blueberry > give the flower to the strawberry
  • Most wanted: Weapon Woods > 1st to 2nd area > upper left corner of carrot’s area
  • Murderer: Weapon Woods > Kill the snail > return the money to the blueberry
  • Dumpster diver: Layer Lane > 1st area > interact with the barrel (left corner)
  • Contractor: Layer Lane > Barn > Talk to the contractor (outside > upper left)
  • Simp: Unmissable
  • Computer wiz: Give slayQueen32 the tier 3 sub > Talk to the vegetable (Belch) again)
  • Book worm: Bustling Barn > upper left most room > rip up the book
  • Savvy shopper: Plain Plains > outside of the Forsaken Farmhouse > carrot patch > rip the receipt
  • Adventurer: Weapon Woods > water the sword plant (upper right section)
  • Anarchist: Check Documents
  • Hat wearer: Check hats
  • Fashionista: Check hats
  • Tank: Check Heart Fruit

More Solutions

  • Draft dodger: rip up Matt’s draft letter (Forsaken Farmhouse > room at the bottom, where the baby cherry)
  • The messenger: Forsaken Farmhouse > before boss room > rip Matt’s MIA notice up
  • Waifu: Destroy a waifu
  • Petitioner: Holly’s phone is in Rocky Ramp, but get it from Forgotten Forest
  • Devil: tree north of the first house you’ll find in Forgotten Forest
  • Estate agent: Complete Forgotten Forest > Acorn on the stump (northeast of Annie’s lab) > give it to estate agent (layer lane) > talk to the Acorn again
  • Gravedigger: Grim Graveyard > 3rd room > northwestern grave
  • Doomsdayers: Unmissable
  • News boy: Bomb Bunker > Kitchen > North > 1st room to the right, on the bed
  • Liz: Bomb Bunker > 2nd bedroom > on the bed
  • Teacher: Mysterious Mafia Base on the table in the library
  • Tyrant: Unmissable
  • Turnipchino: Mysterious Mafia Base
  • Home owner: Beat the game
  • Criminal: Complete the maze of Grim Graveyard
  • Turnip Boy: Berat Corrupt onion
  • Taxation with representation: Beat God Onion boss
  • Winner: In the top right near Bustlin Barn, simply pick it up.
  • Destroyer of the world: Descend the ladder all the way down in the Mafia Hideout and go to the backmost room > Hitthe nuclear bomb three times
  • Conductor: Beat the Conductor on the Limitless Line for the first time
  • Passenger: After beating the game, get on the Limitless Line and lose
  • ???: Board the Limitless Line and play through until you come across a character simply named ???


When you restart the game, you can explore the world to get any remaining collectibles in the world. If you have been following the walkthrough, you’ll already have everything except for the final Heart Fruit. That can be found in the cave in Rocky Ramp south of Veggieville. This cave will finally be open. It will contain the final Heart Fruit, giving you the final achievement.

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